Tuesday, July 29

something new...

so i have decided to start something new i am getting kinda tired and bored with writing the to do list off every day but i really need them cause without them i don't get half the stuff done i want to get done so i am thinking about making a daily routine and while most will be the same everyday i will add about 5 different things to each day that i just want to get done weekly like changing the cat litter out or mopping the floors ect ect and i think this way i can just copy and paste what i am gonna be doing and i can also print it out instead of coming to the computer 10 million times a day i will still keep track of everything online also when i take a break or at the end of the day thou cause it kinda keeps me accountable ya no lol!! well i am off to try this new routine out so wish me luck cause i have never been good with a routine lol!!

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