Tuesday, July 22

to do list for 7/22/08

well yesterday was a pretty long day for us so we are gonna take it easy today and just watch tv and read books and just stay inside i have a lot of organizing i would like to do today since we were gone most of yesterday i did not get it done but i am pretty hopefully i can get it done today well here's a short list cause i am still doing yesterdays list also lol!

  • dishes done!!
  • kitchen counters done!!
  • 1 load of clothes done!!
  • yesterdays list
  • b-fast we ate good this morning kyle helped me make some eggs and i made some biscuits good homemade ones to!! and then we also had bacon yummy!!
  • lunch watermelon and tomatoes for the kids and i had cereal
  • dinner leftovers and yogurt
  • make some tea and koolaid done!!
  • make some cookies or brownies today (yummy) done yummy i love brownies!!

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