Friday, July 11

sleeping in rocks!!

well ii have to say i feel pretty refreshed this morning we all slept in till 9am and that's pretty unheard of around here hahaha someone is usually always up between 7 or no later then 830 but never 9 so that was cool!!! and in other news i finally got my breaks fixed and man i am so thankful to have to done they were really bad it was so nice of Jeni's husband to offer and do it for me otherwise i would have had to wait quite a bit longer and paid alot more!! so now i just have to buy 2 new tires next time we get paid and my van will be perfect well sorta lol ;) i am not sure what we are gonna do today i hope to just relax around the house and do some cleaning i don't really want to go anywhere today i really would love to go to Wendy's and get a tea and spicy chicken sandwich's but i am gonna try really super hard to not spend any more money on food as i said in my July goal!! well anyways i guess that's all i got for now i will do my list in a few!! ;)

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