Friday, July 4

kk in her new dress i made her ;)

this first one is just to cute she loved the dress as you can see and was very happy to take a picture of it ;)
and i love this on to cause she is biting her lower lip and just looks so darn cute!!
this is her giggling away ;)
and i guess this is the serous side of kk lol
this was her wanting me to get the back of the dress lol
and another on hahaha!!
OK so i finally finished the dress and while i did make quite a few mistakes i actually did pretty good considering this is the first real thing i have made in a few years and when i make her next one the mistakes i made on the first one should not happen again and i must say there is noting like a finished product to make you wanna get started on another one ;)


Anonymous said...

aaww its cute you did a great job..i can't even thread a

Proudmommyandnavywife said...

That dress is soo cute! I really wanna try sewing too. I think I could really get into it.