Tuesday, July 15


well yesterday was a great day a little long but still great we started the day by looking at washers at the nex and i found a few i liked but they will not deliver till the 26th and its 60 bucks to deliver and 20 to haul away the old so i am pretty annoyed by that so i am gonna check sears out today cause a friend told me they had free delivery and haul away but if the price is alot more it will not be worth it since the nex has no tax and pretty good prices but i want it now ya no waiting a week and a half is just not cool!!! but after that we got Cody some new crocs cause his are so worn out but hey hes wore them for a year every day!!!! and i had planned to get Cheyenne some but she got an attitude about something so she had to put them back sadly!! we went to walmart after that cause i need some more fleece and scissor sharpeners cause that fleece really dulls the scissors!! and then after that we went to the no dough dinner at the uso and me and kyle and kk really liked it but Cheyenne and Cody were not happy lol it was green beans and egg noodles with a beef steak kinda stew on top?? and dinner rolls and salad and then tons of desserts that Cheyenne and Cody did like lol i really think they no dough dinners are neat its so cool that they are free i wish they still did them weekly but i suppose anytime is good ;) oh yeah i almost forgot we also got Cheyennes hair cut at walmart and its short!!! but she loves it!! I'll post some pictures in a minute ;)

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