Sunday, July 20

to eat out or in...

well we went to church today and i am really glad since we did not make it last week Cody had a wonderful time as usual he loves going to church and kk of course would not go to her room so she was with me yet again so we went to kids church with Cheyenne and kyle and i do enjoy going to kids rock cause its cute seeing Cheyenne and kyle dancing around while they do the songs!! well after that all i could think about was going to Wendy's so i decided we were gonna run in the commissary and get from frozen fries and chicken nuggets and a watermelon and after that we went to Wendy's ahhhh i was trying to get this stuff so stay away from Wendy's but alas i failed and went anyways i guess i just have no self control and guess what kids church was guessed it self control i mean i have to stop eating out cause its to expensive and we don't have to money to do it and i pretty much have everything here i guess i am just gonna blame it on the baby in my belly making me want french fries so bad that i can't wait till i get home lol OK anyways i have a few things i would like to get done today so i am gonna do a list and try my hardest to stick to it today!! later guys!!

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