Thursday, July 24


man to say yesterday was a bad day would just be an understatement not only did i not get anything done i wanted to do i also got in some kinda crazy hormonal mood where i would go from happy to mad and then sad i actually was crying about koolaid on the floor and about kk saying she was hungry for the 4th time and lots of other things and those of you that know me well know that i am really not that much of an emotional person and like never cry unless i am watching a super sad movie or something lol but yeah yesterday was not cool and i really hope to NEVER have that kinda day again and so far so good for today i got up early cause my bed was being hogged yet again by kk, Cody and kyle and i made some coffee and just chilled on the back porch for awhile and then Cody woke up and i gave him a big hug and told him i was sorry i was being so grumpy yesterday and we we made some chocolate chip muffins and i must say they were pretty good and when Cheyenne and kyle wake up they will be very very happy cause they love them and i have not made them in awhile! well i guess that's all i got for now later guys!!

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