Wednesday, July 16

yesterday was fun...

so i am being lazy and not cleaning at all right now we went to the pool for about an hour and a half and with 4 kids it really does feel like 4 hours haha but we had a good time and Cody is continuing to do great and kk was having a blast and of course Cheyenne and kyle had lots of fun!! but anyways lol yesterday we had an awesome day we went to the mall to check the washers out at sears and the one i had decided to get was there and a little cheaper i did however have to pay tax but they had free delivery and haul away and installation so really it was the same price well it would have been if i would not have gotten the warranty but there is no way i will ever buy a large appliance without one again cause out washer now only lasted 2 1/2 years and that's just not cool!! so anyways i got the Bosch front loader it had the best ratings and with a 5 year warranty i am very very pleased and they will be here this Saturday sometime so i am super excited i will however have to get new laundry soap so that sucks cause i just got one new on and then the other one i have is still half full but oh well i will have a new washer soon and thats gonna be super awesome cause it has been getting really annoying have to clean and mop the floor with every load of clothes we do!! but anyways after that we went to chuckie cheese and the kids had a blast it was kk's first time going well first time since shes older and can enjoy it so was having so much fun as were Cheyenne and kyle and Cody it was just cool we will have to go again sometime soon ;) and then theres more lol we went to walmart and i got an oil change and 2 new tires with them all balanced and wow what a difference its like driving a new van i can't believe how much just tires changed it!! so after that we were of course ready to go home and we stayed up way to late but we got a lot done on our blankets we are making Cheyenne has almost finished hers and kyle got one side done and that's saying a lot cause he could not tie before we started so it was a little stressful at first but once we got going it was cool i was only about to get one side of mine tied cause i had to keep cutting theres and helping them some i think tonight after we are done cleaning and we work on them again i will be able to finish at least 2 more sides one short and one long and then i will just have the last long one to do tomorrow well that's my goal anyways cause i really want to get this one finished and take a break from all this knot tying and starting sewing some more ;) well i guess that's all i got right now later guys!!

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