Friday, July 4

my wonderful garden...

this is my green bell pepper shes not very old but one day soon she will be big and strong and giving me peppers ;)
and here's the sweet potatoes i am not sure how these will turn out but the small time i have had them planted they have gotten huge..
and here's my banana pepper i have already picked 2 peppers off of it and they were really HOT!! and its got about 5 buds growing right now!
and here's the cantaloupe its also gonna huge since i planted it the boys are very excited about this one!!
and here's some cherry tomatoes growing Cheyenne loves these and eats all the ones i pick!!
here's all the cherry tomato plants together i think next year i will space them out a little better cause they are getting huge!!
and this is a picture of all the tomatoes i picked yesterday and yes Cheyenne ate them all lol!!

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Donna said...

I love looking at gardens!
Thanks for sharing!