Sunday, July 20

glass or plastic????

well today had another awesome start lol well miss Cheyenne thought hey climbing on kk small dresser sounds like fun and its tips over but its small so she just pushes it back but everything on top falls on the floor and guess what was up there a glass full of water and what happens it shatters fun fun i have to say i am soooooooooooo TIRED of cleaning up glass i swear it feels like its all i do part of me wants to toss it all and buy plastic but then i would have to worry about all the harmful toxins getting in our food and drinks ahhh don't get me wrong we have plastic just not a lot and we really don't use it much but i just wish we had carpet and did not have to worry about things getting broken all the time cause these floors SUCK!! OK enough of my rant later guys....

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