Thursday, July 3

Dr.'s appointment today..

well i am 24 weeks along now and i am measuring 27 weeks lol its funny cause with both boys i also measured big ;) the heartbeat sounded great every ones in fact hahaha the midwife put the dropper thingie on everyone cause they wanted to hear there hearts its was funny/cute kk was just a giggling at the sound of her heart hehe i have gained 14lbs now which is still pretty good i am all belly for sure i can still wear most my pants and a few shirts most are to short now lol i was bad yesterday and bought 3 new summer shirts that are kinda like maternity shirts but there not lol and i also got a pair of shorts and i was pretty impressed i only had to get a 10 woo hoo (yeah i should have got maternity but the nex does not have a good selection and i was not going somewhere else) i also got a super cute new bathing suit that I LOVE i may even have to take some pictures of me in it and put on here lol!! ok i kinda doubt i will do that but ya never know i do love looking at myself hahaha my next appointment is July 31st and i have to do the sugar test fun fun huh i was surprised that i do not have to fast for it cause i am pretty sure that i did for the other 4 but hey that's a good thing fasting sucks!! well i guess that's all i got baby related besides this horrible heartburn (something i did not have with the others!!) well until nest month later guys

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