Monday, July 28

its been a good day

well today has been a very good day it all started with going dumpster diving haha ok its trash day and people on this navy base are so wasteful especially in the summer time cause lots of people move and throw out great stuff so i look around and almost gave up cause really noting sparked my fancy lol until i made it to officer housing a place i usually skip cause they never move and never throw good stuff away it seems but today was a new day and there was a family moving cause there was ton of bags at the curb and i took about half of them i wish i would have got them all but really i did not want to be in front of there house for 10 minutes getting all there crap ya no lol but in the bags i took i got some great stuff one was filled with cleaning supplies all pretty much full!! and all the others were filled with blankets sheets and clothes and cds i kept about half of the stuff and passed the rest on to someone else on freecycle and then at another house over in officer housing there was a black leather (fake i am sure) chair that is pretty comfy and will look nice in the Florida room so that was also cool and as an added bonus i got some kitchen curtain's on freecycle today so woo hoo for free things!!!!!! so after all the free stuff we went to the library for a little bit and then came home and ate and changed and went to the pool for about 20 minutes lol a storm came and they closed it but i got a pass to go for free next time so thats pretty neat!! well i guess thats all i got i will try to post some pictures later of my new treasures lol and of the beach yesterday ;)

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