Monday, January 31

Menu Planning Monday :)

  • Breakfasts:

Monday-Friday: Oatmeal or cereal

Saturday & Sunday: Eggs, sausage and toast, and Egg burritos

  • Lunch's:

Monday-Friday:  Bean and cheese burritos, sandwich's, leftovers

Saturday & Sunday: sloppy joes with fries, hamburger's and mac and cheese

  • Dinners:

Monday:  Baked potatoes with leftover chili and shredded cheese or for the picky eaters leftover spaghetti

Tuesday:  Chicken and Rice with carrots and Dinner rolls

Wednesday:  Beans, fried potatoes, corn, and cornbread

Thursday:  Tacos with all the fixings

Friday:   Beef Roast (crockpot) with carrots, green beans, and mashed potatoes

Saturday:  Homemade Pizza and fried chicken strips and wings

Sunday:  Leftovers or eat out..

  • Snacks:

Pumpkin chocolate chip bread  hands down the best pumpkin bead EVER!!!
oatmeal packet cookies  i have made these 3 times now and they are great with all flavors!! i do add a few handfulls of chocolate chips thou!

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