Monday, August 3

to do list for 8/3/09

today is gonna be a day of change i am getting back to doing my to do list and am getting back to working out i will be posting the working out and eating info in my diet blog if you care to check that out hopefully i will be able to keep this all up but no promises lol


  • dishes
  • counters
  • sweep and mop floor
  • at least 3 loads of laundry
  • put chicken in the crockpot before 10am


  • toilets
  • mop floors
  • wipe down sinks
  • clean mirrors
  • organize both cabinets


  • kids clean there room
  • clean mine
  • vacuum and sweep
  • make beds
  • clean TV screens
  • organize my desk and Cheyenne's

living room

  • fold and put away clothes
  • vacuum

working out:

  • go on a long walk for use the elliptical for 45 minutes
  • only 2 cokes


  • clip everyone's finger and toe nails
  • repaint mine,Cheyenne's and kk's
  • vitamins for everyone
  • school work for Cheyenne,kyle and cody on the computer

routine type stuff:

  • dinner at 6:30
  • baths/showers at 7:00
  • read alouds in living room as a family at 7:30
  • bedtime 8-8:30