Monday, October 29

hungery hungery hippos lol


so we have found the most awesome church ever! its called the vineyard and its like just a few miles away i love how unique and unjudgemental it is, its like there are all kinds of different people there from all kinda walks of life but they are all together worshiping Jesus and no one is thinking or saying ha ha look what they are wearing our this or that its just an awesome church and for once in my life i am not bored the music is awesome the preacher is just the coolest he talks where i can totally understand him and not get bored and wonder when in the world i can go home i just really recommend anyone looking for a cool church to check it out!! there website is and the kids love it to so that's just awesome!! well i need to go later guys!!

Friday, October 26

its batman aka kyle lol


so its been like weeks and i have not posted on here so sorry about that i have been posting alot on my myspace blog but i think i am gonna try to just stick to this one cause myspaces blog area kinda sucks cause there is no spell check and you can not really add pictures very easy! so i found out a few days ago it will be a week long till chad gets back but thankfully he will still be back before Christmas but its still so annoying i am really starting to hate the navy!! but anyways my mom is coming down in a few days and that should be pretty awesome so will be here for Halloween and hopefully for the first week of November cause there is a movie i would like to take the kids to see (the bee movie) it just looks so funny! and i am sure we will have fun with her down it will be nice to get out of our boring routine! well here's a few pictures and i will try to post some more in a couple days! ;)