Wednesday, January 11

wow alomost a year!!!!!!

Crazyness!! I can't believe Its been almost a year!!!! Well a few updates are in order I guess!!

First being Kora :) She was born May 20th and is just a perfect spoiled princess!! I can't believe she is 7mts old now!! she is into EVERYTHING and when i say everything i really mean everything that girl never stops getting into stuff lol but shes the cutest little mess maker ever!

silly girl!
All 3 girls :)

Second being we got a new min pin from the pound he reminds me of bugar so much! we just love him so much his name is spike, he would not wear the mustache on his nose so cheyenne gave him a unibrow lol
spike and chad

Thrid would be we gave caleb a haircut!!!!


Well i guess that's all for now i'll try to update more often!! 

All the Davis's :)

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