Tuesday, September 30

to do list for 9/30/08

i know its been awhile but i have a few thing i have to get done so what the heck lol!!

  • have Cheyenne and kyle pick a bathroom and clean it finally got this done 10/5/08
  • dishes done
  • dinner done
  • have Cheyenne vacuum all rugs done finally 10/5/08
  • have kids clean there rooms before bed kyles and Cody's are done but Cheyenne's in a mess 10/5/08
  • clean my room before bed done finally 10/5/08
  • sweep kitchen floor done
  • 1 load of laundry done
  • fold the mountain of diapers on my couch done 10/1/08
  • make a shopping list for tomorrow done
  • price bassinets and car seats done and got a great deal on both!!

Cody's finally getting better!

well i sent cody back to school today and he was really happy to go back he really enjoys the 3 hours he is there during the week he has a few best friends and he thinks his teacher is just the bestest one in the world lol but yeah he is doing so much better now yesterday i took him to an actual eye doctor and he said that he still has a very small scratch but it should be gone by today or wed at the latest i still can't believe he got poked in the eye with a fork thats just crazy!! but thankfully no real damage was done and hopefully him and kyle learned a horrible lesson!! other then all the stuff with cody we have not really done much but just rest and sit around the house we did go to the park for a little bit on Sunday cause the kids really needed to get out and cody was feeling pretty good and i am glad we went cause he had a good time and my friend Michelle was actually there with her 2 youngest daughters so that was fun seeing them there as its been awhile since i have seen them! well i guess thats all I've got today later guys!

Saturday, September 27

update on cody

well Cody is doing tons better today thankfully we had to go back to the er today to get his eye checked out again cause i could not get a stupid referral from tricare to see an eye Dr but that's OK we were seen pretty fast thankfully since i had Cheyenne and kyle and kk also with me today!! but the scratch was soooooooooo much smaller yesterday it was the size of about half his eye or all the color it was freaky looking yesterday but today it was just like a speck of sand but since its still not fully healed i have to go back on Monday to the er or to an eye Dr maybe Monday i will have my referral from tricare and i hope so cause i would rater not go back to the germ filled er ya no!! even thou they are all nice and fast there i think an eye place would be better and have less germs! but hes doing great and keeping his eye open today but its still pretty red and sore and the both of us are super tired cause we did not really sleep last night ;( but hopefully we will tonight!!! well later guys!

Friday, September 26

forks and 4 years are not a good combo!!

well Cody has finally feel asleep so i figured i would write a quick blog to fill everyone in this morning Cody and kyle were have a fork fight?? and Cody got jabbed in the eye with kyle fork and was screaming like crazy and Cody is not really one to cry and scream etc etc!! so i new it must be bad but i could not get him a Dr's appointment cause i am sure they were booked with crazy parent wanting to get meds for there kids snotty noses lol but anyways i took him to the er and they had to numb his eye and then they put a dye in his eye and turned all the lights off and put a black light on his eye it was crazy and you should have seen the scratch that, that fork left wow!! so the Dr said he has a corneal abrasion and he has to have antibiotic ointment on his eye 4-8 times a day and he gave him tylenol with codeine for pain he told me that everytime he blinks or opens his eye its gonna be very painful and i a suppose to go back tomorrow to make sure its healing and as long as its healing he should be good in a few days and hope that's the case cause i feel so sorry for the little guy!! well i better go and get the other kids fed cause i have just been sitting with Cody all day later guys!

Thursday, September 25

happy dance..

oh man i have to say i am so happy and relieved right now i just got home from getting the van fixed at brakes4less off beach blvd and its driving like a dream now not one little tiny squeak no jerking me forward when i first press the brake and no noting just the sweet sweet sound of silence i am so happy its done and over with now they had to replace the front calipers that was what was actually making it jerk forward when i would press on the brakes and then they replaced all the pads even thou the front 2 were new it was still cheaper to get all 4 done cause the back 2 ended up being not so great one was cracked and he said it was the back brakes that were causing the squeaking and i believe him cause thats where i was hearing it from the most but the total ended up being almost 300 but man it was so worth it i have a 3 year warranty and its driving great when i came on base today i said to the gate guard do ya hear that and looked at me funny and was like no and i said yeah me neither i just had the brakes fixed and we laughed and i was on my merry little way ;)

i also had a Dr's appointment this morning that went well i am measuring at 35 weeks which is what i am so thats good everything is all caught up now hehe cause before i was measuring 3 weeks early they heartbeat was in the 140s which is very normal for my boys and i think boys in general that actually how i new he was a boy before i was told he was a boy hahaha and now i just need to clean my house i have a ton to do i have been being lazy to much this week and my house is paying for it big time i am just gonna do a little now and then when Cheyenne and kyle get home we are all gonna get to work they are great helpers when bribed hahaha well thats all i got right now later guys!

Wednesday, September 24

that was a close one

well the money is still not in the account yet but thats OK i have been really tired today and it would have been stressful sitting in the brake place while waiting to get it done and then rushing back here to get cody in school or get Cheyenne and kyle from school things are always crazy when its early release day at there school i actually almost was late i was laying on the bed watching lady and the tramp with kk and i fell asleep but thankfully i have an alarm on my cell phone that went off and i woke up but pressed the snooze button cause i was just gonna lay there for a few more minutes and then it went off again and it was 127 and they get out at 130 so i grabbed kk and we ran out and of course she had stinky pants but we still left and got there right as kyle was walking out thank goodness to cause i have never been late and would never want to be i would feel bad ya no! but now we are home and just chilling for a little bit till its time to get cody i think we are gonna go to McDonald's for dinner tonight since they have the 49 and 59 cent burgers tonight cause i really don't feel like cooking i just want to sleep maybe i should make some coffee or something but then again i don't think so cause its so hot out OK thats a lie its actually really nice out but i can just see coffee making me sooooooooooo hot so i will just have to pass on that for now well later guys...

Tuesday, September 23

feeling better!!

so yesterday my brakes started acting really really bad and i have to say i really don't like having to drive the van with the way they sound at all but i still have to get Cheyenne and kyle from school today and there is no way i am walking cause i would probably go in labor hahaha but i did walk cody to school and i will walk to pick him up but i was stressing and stressing about what i was gonna do cause we are broke of course and payday is still over a week away but then chad calls and we talk and hes all i can transfer you the money for the brakes and i am all say what why do you have money and he just laughs and say member so and so well he bought my gun and gave me the money today so he has 500 bucks i mean is that an answer to a prayer or what but i probably won't have the money in the bank till tomarrow or Thursday i hope tomarrow!! so after that i called brakes4less cause i am going somewhere this time and getting a warranty etc etc and i tell the guy whats up and he tells me what he thinks the problem is and said if its what he thinks it is and i am pretty sure it is its only gonna be 250 ok ok that's a lot but not much when it comes to my piece of mind and the fact that my brakes are gonna work right finally i am so freaking excited now driving will not get me all pissed off or annoyed etc etc well after i get them fixed so thank you thank you thank you god and thank you to the guy that bought chads gun and thank you chad for sending the cash lol!!

Monday, September 22

not much going on today..

well i am not really doing anything today i am pretty tired and its a rainy day so after i drop cody off at school i am gonna try really hard to get kk to take a nap so i can take a nap haha but if not i guess i will just pop in a movie and we will just chill for a few hours till its time to get Cheyenne and kyle after we get them is when the day really starts lol cause then i have to rush to get cody and then we we come home do homework and clean up some and Cheyenne has a bunch to clean in her room!! after that is time to make dinner and all that stuff but yeah other then the regular dailys we are just gonna chill as much as possible cause like i said before i am soooooooo tired!! later guys!

more ice cream eating contest pictures ;)

theres kk eating hers hahahaha
kk and her friend getting ready for the contest hahaha
and here's Cheyenne and kyle getting started hahaha
a shot of the whole line of kids there was more on the other side to
kyle with a crazy smile hahaha look at he ice cream in Cheyennes hair ;)
i like this on of Cheyenne lol!!
Cheyenne was mad at me at this point cause she did not want me to take any more pictures of her dirty face hahaha!!

Sunday, September 21

racing time and ice cream contest ;)

here's kyle winning the race oh yeah go kyle!!
see he beat Cheyenne and some other older girl hahaha
he was pretty happy he won lol
and here's cody and Maddi trying to win the ice cream eating contest hahahaha
another shot it was so funny

face painting time ;)

here's kyle and his awesome shark ;)
and kk with her pretty heart that she just had to keep touching before it dried lol!!
Cheyenne with her butterfly ;)
and cody also with an awesome shark hehe
and a better picture of kk actually smiling ;)

Saturday, September 20

what a fun day!

so we got to go to the family fun day thingie on base and it was really fun well at first i was thinking man this is gonna be lame cause it was a lot different then last years they had more things last year and it was kinda bigger but they did some fun games this year they had musical chairs and a walking man game and guitar hero and then the funnest one of all the ice cream eating contest it was so so funny they had 2-5 year olds first and kk and Cody were in that one and Cody was not happy about not being able to use his hands he barely even ate his ice cream cause he did not wanna get all dirty and kk just licked hers she thought it was funny then they had the 6-9 year old contest which Cheyenne and kyle were both in and they were both totally excited about it and had been looking fwd to the contest since they heard it announced and boy did they have fun eating the ice cream with no hands it was so funny to watch that age do it kyle was really really getting down on his ice cream but there were a couple really big kids in that age group so he really did not have a chance to win lol but him and Cheyenne sure tried Cheyenne did great also she had stinking ice cream all in her hair and face it was so funny!!! but after that we went home cause we were there a little over 3 hrs which was long enough for kyle to get a sun burn ;( but not to bad of one thankfully i figured we were cool since it was not sunny hardly at all but oh well kk got her first burn to but just a tiny one on her nose well i guess i better go i will post some pictures in a little bit ;)

more pictures

here's kyle flying off my bed
yeah i am this cool lol ;)
pretty pretty girl
yeah i know i am pretty so so pretty
and here's cool cody!!!

what me and kk do when everyones at school lol

after the library a few days ago me and kk had to stop at baskin robbins and as you can see it was good lol!!
yeah she made a mess but its a cute mess!!
so pretty hehehe
we played in the hose for a little bit to clean up some before we went in the house
she was having fun tossing the water all over the place!!

some pictures from sesame street live

my little cutie Cody!!
Cody and kk showing off there Elmo toy
kk looking at me and probably thinking wow this is loud she kept trying to tell me something but we were in the very very front and i could here noting but the show it was LOUD!! but fun ;)
that's Cody dancing in the green bummer its blurry but its still cute!
one of some of the charters i wish i could have gotten one of cookie monster hugging the kids but oh well!

weekend to do list ;)

well i have decided its time to get back to doing my to do lists cause i get so much more done when i do them!! so here we go!

* tidy up my room whats cool is i did this, this morning but what sucks is its a mess already grrr!!
* have kids clean there rooms
* clean both bathrooms kyle did this for me today and he did a great job!! i even put up fresh clean towels and put the bathroom rugs back in my bathroom so they both looks great!
* dishes i had 2 loads since i did not do them yesterday or the day before i hope to never let that happen again!!
* 1 load of laundry
* wash and brush kk's hair
* upload pictures on blogger and myspace yeah i finally did this!!
* have fun we had a great time today and hopefully tomorrow will be just as good!!


well i had big plans today to go to the youth center and do there family day thing but it ended up raining yesterday afternoon and all night long and today is all windy and rainy looking so i am kinda afraid they are gonna cancel it i hope not thou i hope it clears up so we can still go and have fun and get out of the house!! last night we all stayed up pretty late and watched shark boy and lava girl it was our first time watching it and we all thought it was cute kk fell asleep before we even turned it on lol she was so tired yesterday i am not really sure why cause we did not do anything more then we usually do but maybe all the stuff we do and no nap is taking a toll on her cause she was pretty crabby yesterday i tried to get her to take a nap yesterday but she wanted none of that!! well i am gonna do a to do list today and i am gonna add pictures i finally uploaded them to the computer last night yeah!!! later guys!

Friday, September 19

not much going on...

well today is Friday and for that i am most thankful cause its been a long somewhat stressful week but to be honest it really has not been that bad i think mostly i am just annoyed cause email is down on chads ship it really ruins my day not to get anything from him and i guess its gonna be down for the next couple days to so whoo hoo for that lol!! but since it will be the weekend I'm not to worried about it we are out in about a lot my plans for this weekend are to go to the free family fun day at the youth center on base and pretty much right across the street from me we went last year and it was a lot of fun they had little games for the kids to do and win prizes and free hot dogs and drinks and snow cones and a cool playgroup that normally only the daycare kids get to go to so we will have a fun and busy day Saturday ;) and then Sunday i am gonna try to make it to church cause its been 2 weeks now that we have not been!! and after that we will probably come home and have lunch and then either go to the library or the beach i think our beach days are gonna be over soon cause yesterday it started cooling off some but not a ton or anything its still hot but there is a nice breeze which is pretty cool!!

not to sure what i am gonna do today i think i am just gonna chill at home and clean up a little bit and maybe watch a movie with the kiddos they have space chimps at the beach tonight and we may go to that but it starts so late and really i would rather not leave the house cause here i can just lounge and not really worry about anything and we have ton of cool movies i personally thought space chimps sucked anyways! well i am gonna go and clean up a little in the kitchen and then get Cody ready for school later guys!

Thursday, September 18

we had fun

well me and Cody and kk just got back from sesame street live on base its like a military themed one and it was really fun, it was actually a little emotional when Elmo was talking about how much he missed his daddy when he had to be away but it helped when his mommy read a book that his daddy used to read to him it really made me tear up some but i suppose that's not that uncommon cause it seems i am very emotion this pregnancy almost to a ridiculous point lol!! but like i said it was a lot of fun kyle was even there with his class we did not get to sit with him but we did get to say hey to him and wave a lot and then we told him bye when he was leaving poor Cheyenne did not get to go it was just the kindergartner's and 1st graders at there school that got to go but she did not really care but to be honest i really think she would have liked it cause it was not all babyish like i figured it would be!!

but anyways i got all my cloth diapers in over the weekend for baby Caleb and i have never cloth diapered a new born before i always just started in the 6Mt's and up range and omg these diapers are just the cutest things ever they are so tiny and just cute i love love love them and am so thankfully to the army or maybe air force?? wife/ momma that gave them to me at such am awesome deal i posted an ISO newborn diapers on natural momma barter which is a yahoo group and she responded and yeah i have a whole stash of newborn diapers for the price of like 3 large packs of pampers and we all know how fast those go in the newborn breastfeeding poo stage lol!! well i guess thats all i have got right now later guys!

Tuesday, September 16

been a long day

well thats not really true its been pretty fast actually but i have done a lot after i dropped the kids off at school i had a wic appointment that was amazingly very fast and easy i was there for maybe 25 minutes and thats a record cause usually its always 2 hours and if i am lucky maybe a little longer but when i got the checks cody was like thats it we are going and i said yeah pretty awesome huh and he said yeah that was fast and i have to say it was super fast!! so yeah next we went to foodlion and spent my 3 checks that expire Thursday and their was no one there so cody is all talking to the cashier (a guy about 20-22) and showing him his transformer and the guys all oh yeah check this out and showed him his transformer tattoo and Cody's eyes got huge and he was all mom i want a transformer tattoo!!! and then they were talking about optimus prime and cody says what about g i Joe do you like them and he was all oh yeah i love g i Joe and cody was laughing and then asked about Zelda and the guy was like you know Zelda and kk goes i know Mario hahaha and then she yelled out girls are awesome it was so funny and the guy says what about boys are they awesome to and she got a nasty look on her face and said as mean as possible NO!! it was funny!! but now we are home and just chilling about to eat lunch and then i will be taking cody to school and after that its back to the house to tidy up some the kitchen is a mess i did not feel like cleaning it last night but i will for sure do it after i take cody to school cause it makes the house house seem messy since its the first room you walk in but the rest of the house is pretty clean still so thats awesome!!! well later guys!

Monday, September 15

our weekend

well i normally don't brag (to much lol) but i have to say i am sooo proud of myself and the kids right now cause we cleaned the whole house last night OK OK i did not mop the kitchen floor or vacumme the living room rug but all 4 bedrooms are clean and both bathrooms and just everything else and it just looks good for a change so thats awesome!! now if i can just keep it clean i am gonna try but we will just have to see lol!! so today i am gonna try to keep everything picked up and keep the kids active in cleaning up after themselves!!

i think today after i take Cody to school me and kk are gonna go to the library and drop some stuff off and get some new stuff to of course then i will need to go to food lion and get some more wic stuff cause i only have 2 more days to use the checks i was so mad Friday cause i went to food lion to get the wic stuff only to find that i left my checks at home and i could not find them anywhere i was so upset cause they expire soon and there was like 4 checks that a lot of milk, cheese, and juice ya no!! but thankfully i found them they were in a bag that i had not yet put away that had snacks for kyle class and when were were cleaning yesterday i found them so yeah!! also on Friday i got a ton of maternity clothes from Jeni to use for the rest of this pregnancy so that was so awesome i am so thankful for that cause i was getting to big for all my clothes and i really hate wearing chads t shirts i just think t shirts are for boys ya no lol so thank you thank you thank you Jeni ;) well thats all i got right now i better go and make sure things are still tidy around here lol later guys!

family updates for September

so in case you were wondering i have decided to start doing monthly updates of everyone enjoy ;)

well i am doing great all my Dr's. appointments went well so that makes me happy i was starting to think this baby might have to be our last with all the stuff that was going on but thankfully that's not the case and after baby Caleb god willing we will have more ;) and chad is doing well, well as well as he can while being out to sea he pretty much hates the boat hes on i think really he just miss's us a lot and boy is he missing a lot always being gone but one day soon we will all be together again and that will be awesome!!

kyle is finally starting to like school again so that's awesome he did not really like his teacher much at all but i think since i have had a few talks with her and him things are much better he was not getting in trouble if that's what you are thinking its just that other kids were and it made him scared of her cause he is pretty sensitive to yelling and stuff since we generally don't do that much here, he really wants to join the boy scouts but i just don't know it sounds like a lot of work for me to take him here and there and i i know i would never let him do the sleepovers and such anyone reading this have a kid in boy scouts?? if so tell me how it was good or bad please lol

Cheyenne loves her teacher this year at first she was saying she was a little crazy but now shes not hahaha and i think she might be a little crazy but i really like her to shes funny and is from new york and has that whole new york accent and is loud etc etc but boy she is getting Cheyenne up to speed on her phonics and reading i was worried at the beginning of the year Cheyenne was gonna be put back in 1st grade but shes doing awesome the other day i did not even have to help her with her math homework usually have to read the questions with her well help her read them anyways but yeah shes doing great me and her watched hairspray yesterday mostly cause i have had it since it came on DVD like last year lol and never watched it and it was cute we both liked it at the end she said i bet dad would not like this hahaha i was like nahhh probably not i think when chad gets back in a few weeks yeah!! i am gonna take her to see high school musical 3 if its still playing i have never really done anything with just her so i think it will be nice!

on to Cody well Cody is just Cody and if you know him you know what that means lol hes just the sweetest boy but at the same time hes a crazy ball of energy ready to explode lol hes really enjoying school but boy them 3 hrs a day really wear him out hes ready to crash out on the couch everyday haha!! hes also growing a lot right now hes pretty much the same size as kyle they wear the same shirts and have the same waist size but kyle a little taller and kyle wears a size 1 shoe and Cody's in a 13 lol so i often wonder if Cody's gonna be huge or if kyles just a late bloomer!

and my little Kaylee shes just so silly and aways making us laugh she tells me everyday i sure miss my daddy bear and my grandma bear (my mom) i asked her the other day what the first thing she was gonna do when she saw her daddy bear was and she giggled and said punch him in the nose (they always play fight lol) and then she laughed some more! also just the other day as i was putting a clean diaper on her i say lets go sit on the potty and go pee pee and she says no i wanna pee in my diaper so i say no big girls go pee on the potty and she storms off saying I'm a baby and i pee in my diaper so potty training her is gonna be fun hahaha

Sunday, September 14

yeah yeah..

i know i know its be awhile but hey i have been just kinda out of it and sitting around and doing a lot of thinking, thinking about cleaning that is hahaha ok well yesterday i actually got motivated and cleaned a lot with the kids and today i am hoping and praying i get the rest done!! i think today we are gonna go to the beach and probably the library to cause we need to do something to pass the time faster i am for real going crazy waiting for these last weeks to go by before chad gets home they seem never ending but in reality they are fast approaching and once Monday rolls around it will be Friday before i know it cause the week goes by fast when the kids are in school cause i am so busy so i am looking fwd to that big time!! yesterday was a pretty good day thou we cleaned ALOT and the house looks pretty good and the kids (and me lol) played in the sprinkler for awhile it was hot of course!! and we got donuts from krispy kream yummy!! that seems to be our Saturday treat we go and get one dozen of hot glazed and one dozen of chocolate glazed and we had them for b-fast today to oh yeah if only i had a fountain drink to go with it but oh well i will have to do without cause this is our broke pay day where all the bills come out so we will be doing lots of free stuff till the first lol and then chad will be home so that will be awesome!!!! boy we can't wait i still can't believe he was only home a few months (5) before they sent the stupid ship out again and sadly they will be going again before we know it i do truly hate that ship!!! but anyways lol i am gonna try really hard to post some pictures tonight cause its been awhile well until later i need to go and get some stuff done later guys ;)

Thursday, September 11



As a 1930s wife, I am
Very Superior

Take the test!

getting to work!!

so today instead of runny around the city of Jacksonville and sitting on my butt at home i am gonna get some cleaning done!! cause i just have really put it off for to long and there are some things that really need to be done but i usually sit on the computer and write chad or just sit around and play with kk or play tetris with Cody etc etc so i am gonna turn the computer off and just get to work and hopefully by the time i have to take Cody to school i will have this place looking good!! so wish me luck!!

Wednesday, September 10

just another day..

so its been a few days and i have not wrote anything mostly cause i am going thru this lazy/ bored stage and i just don't feel like doing anything but anyways.. yesterday i had my thyroid appointment and the Dr. i saw i was very shocked that the army hospital did surgery on the last cyst i had so that was a bit annoying!! but oh well whats done is done i suppose but he said the cyst i have now is to small to do anything with and that in 6 Mt's i should get another ultrasound of my thyroid to make sure it has not grown so thats cool i guess.. i have decided today i have to buy a few maternity shirts cause i only have 2 of my own shirts that fit me and its driving me insane i hate wearing chads shirts they are so boyish lol hopefully i can find a few that fit me that would be awesome lol!! other then that really there is noting new to report i think tonight sometime i am gonna add some new pictures since its been awhile! but until then later guys!

Monday, September 8

weekly menu (9/8- 9/14)

  • Monday:

Breakfast: oatmeal or grits

Lunch: hot dogs, fries, and mac'n'cheese

Dinner: spaghetti, green beans, garlic bread

  • Tuesday:

breakfast: oatmeal or grits

Lunch: leftovers

Dinner: whole chicken (crock-pot), mashed potatoes, carrots (crock-pot)

  • Wednesday:

Breakfast: oatmeal or grits

Lunch: leftovers

Dinner: chicken and dumpling (leftover chicken)

  • Thursday:

Breakfast: oatmeal or grits

Lunch: sandwich's and apples

Dinner: leftovers

  • Friday:

Breakfast: oatmeal or grits

Lunch: hot dogs and pasta

Dinner: fried chicken strips, mac'n'cheese, mixed veggies

  • Saturday:

Breakfast: eggs, bacon, biscuits

Lunch: leftovers or sandwich's

Dinner: shrimp scampi, white cheese pasta, green beans

  • Sunday:

Breakfast: eggs, sausage, toast

Lunch: veggie soup with hamburger meat

Dinner: grilled cheese sandwich's with veggie soup

pretty good weekend

well i have to say we had a pretty good weekend it was nice outside hot but nice we went to the beach on Saturday we wanted to go to the pool but it was closed so that was a bummer but the beach was fun the waves were pretty strong so the kids had a good time getting knocked around we were not far out so don't worry lol!! we actually never go far out that's just to scary of a thought for my kids to get sucked in by the ocean!! after that we came home and got cleaned up them went to the library and got some new books and movies and kyle found a single 20 dollar bill just sitting on the floor of one of the isles wow huh!! so i went to Starbucks and got a shaken black tea lemonade sweetened man they are sooooo good and the ditsy/ stoner blond was working again and when i got up to the counter to pay (drive thru) she was all hey there cutie its 3.53 it was pretty funny and kyle was sitting in the front and i she said oh look at you aren't you just the cutest little thing and he turned sooooooooo red hahahahahahahahahaha it was funny!!! after that i let the kids get McDonald's and that was the end of the 20 bucks from the library ;)

then it was off to pick up some freecycle stuff i got 10 all in one size small cloth diapers for free that was pretty awesome cause i gave or sold all my smalls when kk outgrew them cause we were thinking she was gonna be our last baby but as usual we changed our mind and missed that new baby smell hehe so this time around i think i will keep all diapers forever lol!! i pull all my baby stuff out yesterday and i have more then i thought so that's cool i got some from my neighbor that moved a few months ago and then pretty much the rest of it was from Kim another neighbor that moved lol (thanks) i do still need to get some baby socks and really that's it OK well i will probably get one new cute outfit for a picture but i will be cool till we get in 3-6 mts i think but maybe by then there will be some stuff on freecycle ;)

so i was at walmart yesterday cause i needed to get snacks for kyles class and cause i just was bored haha i was scanning the baby stuff and found a pack of Gerber onesies newborn size on sale for 2.50 so that was awesome cause they are usually 10 bucks!! but anyways on to my walmart story well maybe i should start with last Sunday when my mom was down we went to walmart cause that's just what we do haha and we were in the cat litter area and kyle and Cody were sitting on and playing on the big huge cat little bags and this rude a** man said very rudely and snappy that's not the best place for them to be so i say snapply back they'll be OK and he say fu*king bi*ch so i just say nice words and my mom says someone needs to get in a Church and she was saying all this i will be praying for you for the holy spirit to come in you ect ect and he walked off fast and did not say another word but oh my gosh right who in the world says nasty words like that to a very pregnant lady and grandma and with 4 small kids right there i have to say that's one disgruntle cat owner and i feel soooo sorry for his family but back to yesterday he was at walmart again with his wife this time and he of course did not say a word to me but when i pasted his wife she says wow do you have a lot of kids i would die and i say oh no i have more at home we love our baby's hahaha and her jaw dropped it was funny and sure i really don't have more at home but why can't people mind there own business huh???!!!

OK this is long enough later guys!

Saturday, September 6

9/6/08 to do list


  • dishes done!!
  • b-fast donuts (yummy)
  • counters and wipe front of fridge and stove (Cheyenne)
  • lunch burgers and fries
  • dinner pasta and chicken
  • sweep and mop floor well i swept but i am not feeling the mopping tonight!!

living room/ fl. room

  • clean kitchen table (Cheyenne) done!!
  • clean up all trash and toys off the floor in both rooms (kyle) done!!
  • vacuum rugs (Cheyenne) done!!
  • spot clean couch done!!
  • wipe down deep freeze (kyle) done!!
  • tidy up my sewing desk done!!
  • wipe front of TV i decided it looked clean enough lol


  • make all beds well since its bed time now i think its to late lol
  • have kids clean there rooms done finally!!!
  • clean my room done yeah!!
  • clean my desk mostly done!
  • sweep/ vacuum floors not happening tonight i will do it in the morning thou for sure!!
  • have kyle clean the hallway done!!


  • have Cheyenne clean my bathroom kyle did it ;)
  • have kyle clean hallway bathroom and Cheyenne did this one lol
  • clean both toilets (me) haha also not happening tonight but i will get to it tomorrow
  • sweep and mop both floors (me) i did this sorta lol


  • 2 loads of laundry done!!
  • make some tea done!!
  • take kids to the library or pool depending on if it stays nice well the pool was closed (bummer) but we went to the beach and it was really fun even thou it very very high tide there was like 2 ft of beach it was crazy!! then we came home and showered and went to the library we had a great day!!
  • vitamin's done!!

feeling good!

well i am thinking maybe i over reacted yesterday about hurricane Ike cause it looks like its going to the gulf now which is awesome for me but bad for my mom and other family and friends living in Pensacola!! but hopefully it will go to Texas or somewhere else lol!! well today i HAVE to clean i have been lazy/tired alot this week and last week to lol but i am feeling pretty good today so i am hopeful i can get this house clean i think i am even gonna do a list today so go me hahaha!!

Friday, September 5

Not cool!!!

man i can not believe we are probably getting another storm and this time a big mean hurricane so not freaking cool i just went and fill my gas tank up and it was almost half full yet i still paid 70 bucks and some change ahhhhh!!! i think if it looks like its gonna hit jax and they are gonna make us leave the base i am going to Pensacola and staying at my moms condo yeah its almost 6 hrs away but its cheaper then a hotel for 3 day or more depending on how bad Ike is!!! hopefully something will happen and we will not get the storm but in the mean time i will just watch the news and stress out i have already finished half of a cheese cake and all of a soda so yeah i am a little stressed!! but anyways I'm gonna clean up some and get my mind off all the crap going on later guys!!

Wednesday, September 3

tickle, tickle

this is a picture of Kaylee this time last year getting tickled by daddy ;)


ok so i just talked to the doctor and she said that i was all good so i asked her so there was noting abnormal at all besides the murmur and she said well there was 3 very small insignificant tears in my valves and i said well that sounds scary and she said no its more uncommon to not see them so i asked her if it was something i need to watch and she said no so thats cool i guess weird but cool...


well today is panning out to be a pretty boring day i am just sitting around being lazy for the most part we cleaned up alot last night before bed and then i did some more this morning after i dropped Cheyenne and kyle off at school i still need to do alot but its getting there and i think by tomorrow the house will be back to normal everything gets a little crazy and messy when we have visitors ;) kyle finally went to school today with no drama well not to much anyways last week he was saying his tummy hurt and his teacher was mean and he was crying before and at school for a little bit and that's not like kyle at all he loved school last year and he was so excited the first day!! so i talked to his teacher Friday and she said she had no idea what could be making him so upset but she was gonna make sure to go out of her way to be extra nice to him and he came home Friday happy but Tuesday rolled around and it was the same ole thing he was afraid she was gonna forget so i talked to her again and he came home happy again so that was cool and then i told him how his teacher said he was so smart ( he really is) and how she thinks hes a really good boy ect ect and he went in today without the tears and no tummy ache so hopefully everything will be all good now!! in other news i still have not heard from the Dr but i guess i wont till later today or tomorrow i hope today thou!! well i guess that's all i got i am gonna try to clean up some and mostly just chill later guys!

Tuesday, September 2

went back today..

well i had my echocardiogram today and while i did not get the results back i have to wait a day or 2 she did smile and say if it was something really bad or life threatening that i would not be able to leave so soon and then she reminded me how common the murmurs are in pregnancy so i felt good leaving!! my mom has been down so i have not really had that much computer time but she is leaving today we are gonna go to lunch and then she will be on her way ;( the kids will be pretty sad but to but they will be OK and get back to there routine pretty quick i am sure!! well i guess thats all i got for now I'll try to get back on here tonight or tomarrow and definitely when i have the actually results from the doctor!!! thanks everyone for your comments and prayers i really appreciate it!!!