Monday, June 30


i did not really clean today i have been busy being depressed and and lazy today just doing noting its been a month now since chads been gone and there is still quite a few more and i am just so bored and lonely i know that i should not be with 4 kids that occupy a lot of my time and energy but i still am i just get so bored around here doing the same old stuff i think tomarrow when we get paid i will feel better i hope its a nice day for once so i can enjoy shopping lol not that i will really spend much but just finding some good deals always cheers me up ;) well anyways I'm gonna get the kids ready for bed...

to do list for 6-30-08 and my day so far..

well i have been pretty lazy today for the most part and its noon and i am just now writing this lol i did not sleep good last night i just can't get comfy and kk keeps hogging my pillow and Cody was just all in my space last night and then i kept hearing the cats bell that i am thinking may need to come off lol!! but other then all that i slept pretty good hahaha well anyways yesterday was actually a good day i got ALOT of cleaning done and today i really don't have much to do except the floors and dailys ;) well here's my list i suppose!!

  1. finish yesterdays list (mostly floors)
  2. lunch
  3. dinner
  4. dishes
  5. kitchen counters
  6. 1 load of clothes and 1 load of diapers
  7. make some more yogurt
  8. make some koolade and coffee
  9. take all my vitamins and give kids theres
  10. go to walmart and get a few things to mail to chad and get some sewing supplies
  11. have fun!!

Sunday, June 29

my super long to do list broke down from room to room will keep adding all day today

I'm doing my list a little different today i am gonna go room by room and post more as i am done so here's list one

my room and bathroom:

  • get all clothes off my floor done!!
  • start a load of sheets and pillow cases in the washer done they are in the washer now
  • get all dishes out of my room and put in the dishwasher (not the sink) done!! and and there were so much i was able to start the dishwasher wow huh!!
  • tidy up both dressers done!!
  • tidy up my desk done!!
  • get all trash out of my room and in to a trash bag done i had a walmart bag full!!
  • make my bed with clean sheets and blankets done finally everything came out of the dryer ;)
  • have Cheyenne vacuum rug in my room done!!
  • sweep my floor and then mop it done!!
  • tidy up my bathroom mirror, sink, toilet, shower, floor done!!


  • dishes done!!
  • sweep and mop kitchen floor
  • clean kitchen counters and stove done!!
  • b-fast cereal
  • lunch sandwich's
  • dinner little steaks with cheesy potatoes and corn
  • clean sink
  • make some coffee and koolade changed my mind ;)

living room

  • vacuum done!!
  • clear and clean kitchen table
  • put all toys away done!!
  • sweep and mop areas where there is no rug
  • spot clean couch went to do it and i guess i did it earlier in the week when it was on my list and forgot lol cause it was clean!!
  • wipe TV down


  • clean the kids bathroom from top to bottom done!!
  • have kids clean and organize there room done!!
  • help kids clean the toy room
  • sweep all floors that don't have rugs
  • help Cheyenne dump and fill the litter box up with fresh litter done ewwww...
  • get chads package ready to mail out in the morning
  • go thru coupons and make a shopping list done plus we went to the store and omg was the a downpour on the way out it was so nice out when we got there and bam!! it was bad and whats funny is last time i went to the commissary last week or the week before it was pouring when we left to!!

our fun longgggg day yesterday

well we had a really great day yesterday we started our day by going to the library and getting some new books and movies and then we came home and changed clothes and went to the pool since it was free yesterday and stayed about 2 hrs and it was fun i figured it would be over crowed and stressful with all 4 kids and no chad but it was fun everyone had a life jacket and was "swimming" away it was cute and i think we will start going a couple times a week i wish a season pass was not so much money and we would go everyday but 120 for 2 Mt's just does not seem like a good deal to me cause the season is just from June-Aug and its pretty much July now so i don't know i am still thinking about it thou.. after that we came home and rested and changed and we planned to go to the freedom fest but it got rained out so that really stunk but it quit raining for the fireworks so we went to that last night on the beach and it was really fun the kids loved it and kk was a little scared but over all she loved it she amazingly fell asleep halfway thou in my lap but we had a long busy day yesterday and it was late we did not get home till about 10pm!! i am not sure what we are gonna do today i had planned on going to church and then grocery shopping but i don't know i am still really tired and wore out from yesterday but in an hour i maybe all good so i am not ruling it out yet cause we we need to go to church and i do need a few things from the store! but more than that i need to CLEAN!!!! well i guess that's all i got for now!

Saturday, June 28

to do list for 6-28-08 and my day so far..

well today is just gonna be a fun day i am not gonna worry much about cleaning today i will make a short list but that's about it cause we have a busy day in front of us we are gonna start it by going to the library and then we are gonna come home and change and hopefully go to the pool since its free today and stay there awhile and come home and change and clean up a bit and stuff and then we are going back out to the beach area for the freedom fest they are gonna have the bounce house things and other fun things for the kiddos and then tonight they are having the fireworks out at the beach and man its been years since i have seen the fireworks at the beach so i am pretty excited about that!! well anyways here's my little list ;)

  1. dishes done!!
  2. 1 load of laundry done!!
  3. general tidy of the house no this did not happen all i did was dishes and laundry and my house looks like crap i have alot to do today my list will be super long today 6/29/08
  4. go to the library done!!
  5. water garden x 2 well i did it this morning and the rain is doing it times 10 now ahhhh!!
  6. have fun ;) yeah we had a great day you can read the above post to learn more about it ;)

Friday, June 27

to do list for 6-27-08 and my day so far..

well yesterday i did not get awhole lot done i really felt like crap cause i did not sleep well the night before but i slept good last night and feel good today so that's great!! i have to sit here and wait for stupid maintenance to come today sometime between 8am-3pm ahhh that's a long stinking time and i have stuff to do today i need to take some books and movies back to the library and i need to go to the store and get a few things and i also need to get more wic stuff from the store cause we are on our last half gallon which is pretty rare for us but i have been eating alot of cereal the live active harvest nut crunch is sooooooooo good about a month ago i had 2 coupons for free boxes so when its gone i will be sad cause i am not gonna pay 3 bucks a box for that cereal even thou it is good!! but anyways here's my list for today

  1. dishes done!!
  2. kitchen counters and stove done!!
  3. make my bed and tidy my room up done!!
  4. have kids make there beds and tidy there rooms up done!!
  5. water garden x 2 i watered it once and the rain did it the 2nd time ;)
  6. put pest control stuff on garden before the ants take it over grrrr... done and boy i hate putting that stuff on there i so wanted an organic garden but the ants kept eating the tomatoes and that's just not cool!!
  7. b-fast cereal
  8. lunch leftover soup from yesterday
  9. dinner frozen pizza from food lion it was pretty cheap to with my coupon ;)
  10. go to the library not happening today i waited forever for maintenance to come today so we are just gonna go tomorrow when we can go early!
  11. go to food loin done and i got a lot of stuff for 15 bucks oh yeah!!
  12. 1 soda a day!! its been hard but i have done it so far!!
  13. have kids brush there teeth x 2 (silly i know but we have only been doing it once for some reason)
  14. make coffee and koolade done!!
  15. tidy up the toy room with the kids done!!
  16. have Cheyenne vacuum the rugs tonight
  17. clip and organize the coupons i am bringing with me to food lion done!!
  18. fold kks diapers done!!
  19. 1 load of laundry done!!
  20. brush kk's rat nest out done and that was a job to!!!
  21. clip finger and toe nails done and wow kyles fingernails grow fast!!
  22. spot clean couch (since i did not do it yesterday)

potty training results day 3

well day 3 was a bust she was not interested at all and cried for her diapers so i put the diapers back on her and we are gonna try again next week but Cody wore underwear last night to bed and for the 3rd night in a row he did not pee so that was AWESOME!!!

Thursday, June 26

more cat pictures..

i swear i can never get a good picture of this cat with his eyes open lol!!
what he does ALL day lol!!
this is his crazy quit taking pictures of me look lol!!
just chillin!

to do list for 6-26-08

  1. FINSIH kk's dress lol not gonna happen i ran out of thread so i will have to buy some more sometime this weekend ;)
  2. b-fast eggs and sausage
  3. lunch cereal and juice
  4. dinner homemade veggie soup with some hamburger meat added ;)
  5. make my bed and tidy my room up done!!
  6. have kids clean there room and make there beds done!!
  7. dishes done!!
  8. kitchen counters done!!
  9. 1 load of diapers and 1 load of clothes done!!
  10. read some in our library books
  11. make some coffee and koolade and maybe some tea ;) i made the coffee and koolade
  12. read in my bible today or listen to the cds
  13. water garden x 2 i only did it once but i think it will rain tonight so it will work out ;)
  14. put some kinda pest control on the garden (stinking ants!!) I'll do this in the morning ;)
  15. let kids play outside for awhile today we went out for a little bit but its hot out there!!!

potty training results day 2

well day 2 was not as good as day 1 but i blame the beach cause we were there awhile and then came home all tired and lazy she only wore underwear but after the beach she just peed in them and told me they were wet lol but before the beach she was still running to the potty so we are gonna keep trying and try to stick to the house till she gets better ;) on a side note thou Cody woke up dry for the 2nd night in a row and thats awesome i am so proud and happy for him and he is proud of him self to so yeah Cody!!!

more fun in the sun

this is kk taking a break and working on her tan and wearing kyles shoes lol and what gets me is i put 70 block sunscreen on my kiddos and kk has a better tan then me and i wear like 8 or 15 block NOT FAIR!!!
another cute one of cheyenne and kk at the beach ;)
this is a picture of kyle with a mouth full of sandwich cause he was afraid the seagulls were gonna take it lol if you have not seen the attack of the seagulls pictures go look and you will see why he was scared lol!!
now this picture of cheyenne just makes me laugh so i had to post it lol!!
just the cody man holding his breath lol!!

fun in the sun

this is just a really cute picture of my girls at the beach ;)
another cute one this is of Cheyenne and kyle just playing in the sand ;)
just Cody and one of his funny faces lol ;)
a funny one of k-bug swimming ;)
this is a picture of Cheyenne and kk chasing Cody cause he stole kk's surf board and no thats not me in the background i have to stay in the water when kk's in the water or she will go out to sea she has NO FEAR!!!

Wednesday, June 25

attack of the seagulls!!!

so today at the beach the seagulls were out on attack for kyle they wanted his sandwich and a few came pretty close to getting it man i can't stand them nasty nasty birds!!

side of the road goodies ;)

here's some pictures of the goodies i got off the side of the road this weekend on base ;) kk really loves the baby toy which is funny cause i got it for the baby in my belly lol and she also loves the trike its pretty nice a little rusty but not that bad and i like it a lot better then the one we used to have i put it on the curb thou and someone took it so that was cool ;)

park pictures

here are a few pictures from the park on monday ;)

potty training results day 1

well i am VERY proud of my k-bug she did great yesterday sure we went thru about 15 pairs of underwear and 2 of which had poo poo in them but she got the idea of it and every time she went a little bit in her underwear she would run to the potty ;) one time she was running so fast for the potty she ran into the wall it was so sad i felt to bad for her!! but yeah day one was great IMO!! also i decided it was time for Cody to quit wearing good-nights to bed so i limited water when it was getting late and i made him go pee before bed and i am happy to report he woke up dry!!! so oh yeah my kiddos are getting so big ;)

to do list for 6-25-08

well yesterday was a pretty good day i got a lot of organizing done that took up most of my day and chad called again and talked to me and the kids and that was cool but sadly he probably won't call again for awhile but i think emailing back in forth is just fine for me and the kids enjoy there videos but they also really enjoy talking to him his timing was pretty funny yesterday cause it was right after kk peed on the potty and she was all excited and she told him on the phone i peed i peed it was cute!! well today i am mostly gonna finish up yesterdays stuff and do the basics and maybe add a thing or 2 ;)

  1. finish yesterdays list
  2. dishes done!!
  3. spot clean couch
  4. tidy up my room and make my bed done!!
  5. have kids make there bed done!!
  6. look up washing machine rates and take notes lol
  7. b-fast oatmeal for the kids and i had spam and eggs ;)
  8. lunch we had sandwich's and sliced cheese at the beach
  9. dinner last nights leftovers plus i am making some broccoli
  10. take books and movies to library and go early enough to see if we can go to story time (I'm not sure if they will let me take Cheyenne and kyle in since they are 6 and 7 cause the flyer says 5 and under but we will see) we are gonna go tomorrow since we went to the beach today ;)
  11. have Cheyenne vacuum tonight done thanks! ;)
  12. water garden done!!

Tuesday, June 24

to do list for 6-24-08

  1. dishes done!!
  2. kitchen counters done!!
  3. have Cheyenne vacuum all the rugs done!!
  4. b-fast yogurt and oranges
  5. lunch cereal and juice
  6. dinner leftover chicken and carrots and I'm gonna make some mac'n'cheese to go with it
  7. tidy up my room done!!
  8. have kids clean there rooms before bed done!!
  9. have kids make there beds done 6/25/08 ;)
  10. make my bed done!!
  11. finish kk's dress
  12. tidy up living room done!!
  13. tidy up fl. room done 6/25/08 and wow that was a job!!
  14. take all my vitamins and give kids theres done!!
  15. make some coffee and koolade done!!
  16. go to the park for lunch not gonna happen today i am kinda feeling crappy my back and head hurts and my nose is all stuffy so we are staying in today!
  17. finish mopping (my room, Cheyennes, and kitchen)
  18. one load of laundry done!!
  19. clean kids bathroom done finally 6/25/08
  20. take apart and clean kk's car seat done just waiting on it to dry now!
  21. make some brownies tonight (if i have time) done!! yummy!!
  22. clean and organize storage room done and omg it looks great i am so glad i did it but i came to realize i have about 15 boxes of cereal WOW!!!
  23. watch a movies and relax after i get the kids to bed at 8:30 lol well i was tired last night so this did not happen maybe some other time!

my day so far...

well my handy work on the washing machine only led me to finding out that the pump is bad all hoses are in great working order and the ones that were not i replaced but its still leaking and i like i said i found the source its the pump and while i could go order the part and try to install it, it looks a little to hard and manly like for me i had a hard enough time doing the hoses so a pump no thanks!! what really bothers me is that my washer is only 3 years old i mean what the heck is that my last one actually only lasted about 4 years but that was a cheapo one this one is a whirlpool one that was double the cost of the other so i really don't get it i need to look up some ratings this time around and get one thats gonna last or maybe we are just to hard on washers we do wash alot of clothes and diapers during the week??? oh well in other news i got to talk to chad yesterday and that was cool me and all the kids got to they were so happy they really miss him!! i did not start potty training kk yesterday cause i was so busy trying to fix the washer but she has panties on now and we are going for it today!! so far so good but its only 9:30!! well stinkin maintenance came EARLY today 8:30 now they did say between 9-11 but its usually always the later but no not today it was 30 minutes early i am still in my pjs but at least i had my bra on hahaha and they were done in like 10 minutes so that was cool and now Cheyennes door can open and shut again so thats awesome and she is pretty happy about that as she is starting to like her own time some now ;) i also got kk's dress cut out and started sewing it yesterday and only stopped cause the bobbin thread ran out and i did not feel like filling another one but i will be able to finish is today and its gonna be so cute I'll post some pictures of it when i finish it ;) well since this post is sooooo long today i am gonna just make another one for my to do list ;)

Monday, June 23

to do list for 6-23-08 and my day so far ;)

well i am not really sure what we are gonna do today probably just hang out at the house and play outside and stuff! one thing i do know for sure that's gonna happen tonight is that i am setting a bed time of 8:30 cause since school got out the kids have been staying up till i go to sleep which is around 10 or 11 and of course they are all crabby and so am i when i am tucking them in so that fun is over now i may let them stay up one of two days a week later then 8:30 but for the most part no more lol!! i have also decided that today is the day i start potty training kk cause she is so ready i got another potty the other day and put it in my other bathroom and its just a plan simple potty chair not all fancy like her other one and she likes the new one better and she will run and go poot on it all day lol and yesterday she peed on it so i really think she is ready we are just gonna wear underwear today (and boy its gonna be messy i am sure lol) but we are gonna try ;) so anyways here's my list!

  1. dishes done!!
  2. kitchen counters done!!
  3. 1 load of clothes done but i sadly found out its the pump thats bad on the washer and thats to much for me to repair so i'm gonna have to get a new machine next month when we get out tax money!!
  4. make some coffee and koolade well i made the coffee this morning but never did the koolade but thats ok since its not very good for us anyways!!
  5. make my bed and tidy my room done!!
  6. have kids make there beds done!!
  7. have kids clean there rooms before bed done!!
  8. call maintenance about Cheyennes door done they are comming in the morning ;)
  9. go thru my patterns and pick something to make done!!
  10. get started on making something if i have all the material i need i got started i have most of the pattern cut out and am gonna do some more later
  11. b-fast oranges and cereal
  12. lunch sandwiches and animal crackers
  13. dinner we went to the uso and at for free woo hoo every Monday they have a no dough dinner ;) it was fried chicken, mashed potato's and gravy, corn, biscuits and an assortment of desserts it was great to!! and on the way out we some free bakery items i got some ww pita bread, some sub rolls, a cranberry pound cake, and some french bread i am really starting to love the uso!!
  14. post some clothes on freecycle done!!
  15. take the kids to the park for lunch we rode our bike there and ate and played for about 15 minutes and then the rain came so we had to go home!! but it was still fun i think we are gonna try to do this everyday (maybe lol)
  16. kids in bed by 8:30 it was around 9:15 and they were stressing me out cause they did not wanna go to bed so tomorrow we are starting earlier grrr...
  17. take all my vitamins and give kids theres done!!
  18. research how to fix a leaky washing machine (cause its getting real annoying) well i think i may have found the leak!! now i just have to find some pliers to get the hose off and them go buy some more and i so hope this is all it is cause i really don't wanna have to buy a new machine (well i do want a new one but i don't want to waste the money lol)
  19. do the mopping i did not do yesterday ahhh i got some done..

Sunday, June 22

to do list for 6-22-08 and my day so far ;)

we have had a good day so far today, we just got back from church and Cheyenne and kyle both had a great time in kids rock and Cody of course had a great time in his class i think he would stay there all day if i let him lol!! but not kk she again would not go to her class and i really really wish she would cause its hard to really pay attention when you have a 2 year old you have to tell shhh every 5 seconds but we stayed for the music and then we walked around the lobby and listened to the message so at least i can still listen but i would really rather be in there ya no but one day she will be like Cody and want to just stay so i am grateful for how co-dependent she is now lol ;) i am gonna take it easy today and just do the basics plus mop sometime today cause kk spilled some juice in my room and kyles so thats a sticky mess but i am sure they need to be mopped anyways ;) so here's my list..

  1. dishes done!!
  2. b-fast eggs and sausage
  3. lunch cereal and hot dogs
  4. dinner I've got chicken and carrots and celery cooking in the crock pot
  5. kitchen counters done!!
  6. 1 load of clothes done!!
  7. tidy up the living room done!!
  8. tidy up my room and make my bed done!!
  9. have kids clean there rooms before bed done!!
  10. fold diapers done and it was so much easier with the new inserts!!!
  11. go thru and put my coupons away done!!
  12. mop kyles room and my room
  13. mop hallway and Cheyenne's room
  14. sweep kitchen done!!
  15. have Cheyenne clean kitchen table
  16. have kids make there beds done!!
  17. set up sewing machine and sew some inserts for kks diapers done and i am so proud of myself i got 10 inserts sewn and i was able to mend all the clothes with holes that have been at the top of my closet for almost a year now (wow) i found a shirt i used to love and will now get to love again lol!!!
  18. make some cookies done and they were yummy!!

Saturday, June 21

to do list for 6-21-08 and my day so far ;)

well i think today is gonna be a great day for us we woke up around 8am and all of us in great moods and the cat let everyone pet him and love on him for a long time and then we got dressed and hit a few yard sales on base up and while all i got was 2 small baskets from the yard sales i did get a few things of the side of the road and that's always awesome we got a baby toy and a radio flyer trike and a Santa decoration I'll post some pictures of them later today or tomorrow ;)

  1. dishes done!!
  2. kitchen counters done!!
  3. 1 load of laundry i did 2 loads of clothes and 1 load of diapers ;)
  4. b-fast we had an assortment of stuff lol cereal, oatmeal b-fast cookies, soup, and bread lol
  5. lunch sandwich's and pineapple
  6. dinner pancakes & watermelon
  7. make my bed done thanks Cheyenne ;)
  8. have kids make there beds did not happen today!
  9. have Cheyenne vacuum the rugs if they need it done!!
  10. tidy up my room done!!
  11. tidy up living room done!!
  12. water garden done!!
  13. feed garden this evening nope i'll have to do this tomorrow!
  14. take all my vitamins and give kids theres done!!
  15. play in the pool or go to the beach (its really hot today!!) its about to rain so this is not gonna happen today...

our new cat remy ;)

well here are the pictures i promised yesterday of our new cat remy today he has been really happy and letting everyone pet him so the kids are very ahppy about that and so am i ;)

Friday, June 20

my baby boy ;)

so here are some pictures of my baby boys ultrasound i got last week ;)

some awesome freebies this week!!

well i got some good stuff yesterday from the uso they are giving kids a weekends supply of food all 3 meals for 2 days and it was all free each kid got there own paper bag filled with food and they were so excited opening there bags and seeing what they got it was really cute i hear they are gonna be doing this every week for the weekends and if i can get this again i totally am cause there was some good stuff and the kids were pretty happy about it! also while i was there they asked if i wanted any bread and bakery items and of course i said yes and apparently every Monday and Thursday they are given like day old bakery items and i got some stuff i would never buy cause of the price like i got some strawberry pound cake that was ooo sooo good and some pretzel bread that was pretty good to!! and just some English muffins and small loves of bread and some pita chips it was awesome i will totally come back next week and start getting some of this stuff and i encourage any other military wife in the mayport area to do so also!!! ** I just wanted to add that there are a few things missing from the picture (milk, an apple and a few oranges and a few other things)
and on to the clothes i was given 5 walmart bags of girls 2t clothes from freecycle and there were some great clothes in there Hanna Anderson, Ralph lauren, lands end, and lots of others that were super cute and i am always grateful for clothes for my kiddos and what i can't use i always pass on to someone else so this week was pretty good ;)

the random ways my baby falls asleep!!

so the past week or so my baby girl has had just such big big days that she just crashes out before we make it to bed and usually its just in the funniest places and hes a few pictures of her sleeping lol ;)

to do list for 6-20-08

well i really don't have a lot to do cause we power cleaned last night cause we got a new cat yep thats right we got a cat and so far everything is going good with him he really only likes me and Cheyenne i think the other 3 are to loud for him but he is slowly comming around them today and last night i think he had a blast running around the house checking everything out in peace the few times i woke up i heard his bell just a going lol!! well anyways hers my list and i will post some pictures later of the cat ;)

  1. clean tops of my dressers done!!
  2. tidy up desk nope maybe tomorrow lol
  3. mop kitchen, bathrooms, and hallway since i did not do it yesterday
  4. 1 load of laundry done!!
  5. b-fast the kids had peaches and oatmeal b-fast cookies and i had strawberry pound cake and milk yummy!! thank you uso!!
  6. lunch hamburgers and fries
  7. dinner we had the last of the leftovers and watermelon ;)
  8. dishes done!!
  9. have Cheyenne vacuum the rugs we did not end up needing this today so we did not do it ;)
  10. go to the store and buy a cat litter scoop (that's the only thing he did not come with) done and Cheyenne had so much fun cleaning it hahahaha (jk)
  11. make my bed done!!
  12. have kids make there beds done!!
  13. mail chads pictures out not gonna happen today but i will get them out Monday i would go tomorrow but the post office on base is closed and the off base one is always sooooo packed so Monday is good lol!!
  14. kitchen counters done!!
  15. water garden done i let the kids play in the sprinkler as it was watered so woo hoo ;)
  16. plant sweet potatoes (no i have not done this yet) go me i finally did this and i am excited to see them grow!!

Thursday, June 19

making yogurt..

well i have discovered some new things with yogurt making, plain yogurt is gross!! so i pulled the blender out and mixed the yogurt with some frozen strawberries and that was still gross so i thought maybe my yogurt is just gross and Cheyenne says put some sugar in it so i put half a cup of sugar in it and waa la its good but its thin now since i put it in the blender so now we have yogurt drinks and i could also make frozen pops with them!! and i also discovered i should buy a yogurt maker cause its really a lot of work its easy but also VERY time consuming but the end result was great and because of that i will keep making it but i will also keep my eye out for a cheap or free yogurt maker!!! ;)


well we all went outside cause i wanted to plant the sweet potatoes and the kids wanted to ride there bikes so while i was getting all my stuff out i needed i hear this horrible scream and ran out to see what was up and there's kyle face first on the sidewalk so i run over to him and help him up and all i can say is wow he was going super fast as usual and he said his pedal got stuck (he probably hit the hand brake oww) and he just fell off and because of that you can see he scraped his forehead (yes he had a helmet on!) and scraped his knee,elbow,hand, and foot wow huh!! but a big red pop cured him for the most part ;)

to do list for 6-19-08

well today i am gonna finish up what i did not do yesterday which is really only a few things and then i am gonna do a few things around here! yesterday i ended up making homemade yogurt and ditched the rest of my list and i am so happy to say this morning when i checked on it, it look great i have it on the fridge for a few hrs and then we are gonna try it and see how it tastes i am so excited about this cause i spend a lot of money on yogurt cause my kids and me really love it and with getting wic i can pretty much make it free cause here's the ingredients a gallon of milk 1/2 cup dry milk, 1/2 cup premade yogurt (but next time i can use my homemade yogurt as the starter woo hoo) and thats it and it was actually really easy a little time consuming but thats ok if it saves me money its sooooo worth it!!!

  1. dishes done!!
  2. kitchen counters done!!
  3. 1 load of laundry done!!
  4. b-fast chey and kyle had oatmeal and cody and kk had eggs and i had milk lol ;)
  5. lunch yogurt and leftovers
  6. dinner
  7. make my bed done!!
  8. have kids make there beds done!!
  9. have kids clean there rooms before bed done!!
  10. go to the library not happening today either lol!!
  11. fold diapers done!!
  12. sweep kitchen floor done!!
  13. mop kitchen floor
  14. mop hallway
  15. plant sweet potatoes

Wednesday, June 18

to do list for 6-18-08

well i have way to much to do today i pretty much only did what had to be done yesterday and noting more and thats never good in a house with 4 young kiddos but we are gonna get it done today cause its a mess i really will never understand how is can get soooooo bad in one day??? and 2 well thats just crazy talk lol!! so my list will be very long today and i am praying i get it done so we can go to the beach or play in the pool and just relax!!!!

  1. have Cheyenne vacuum all rugs this morning (so it gets done lol) done!!
  2. clean tops of my dressers
  3. clean my desk (again) done!!
  4. make my bed done!!
  5. take my shower curtain down and put a clean one up (we use cloth and they get wet and dirty fast in the summer when we take lots of showers cause the pool and beach and stuff) done!!
  6. clean both bathroom mirrors done!!
  7. clean both bathroom sinks done!!
  8. go thru medicine cabinet and get rid of half the junk in there also go thru cabinets under the bathroom sinks and organize and toss stuff i don't need
  9. DISHES done!!
  10. kitchen counters done!!
  11. b-fast oatmeal and juice
  12. lunch sandwiches and yogurt
  13. dinner easy it will be leftovers!!
  14. have kids clean there rooms done!!
  15. finish organizing the playroom with the kids done 6/19/08!!
  16. take blankets i put on freecycle yesterday to thrift store if no one emails me by 5pm
  17. have kids make there beds done!!
  18. 2 loads of laundry done!!
  19. spot clean the couch
  20. sweep kitchen, Cheyennes room and bathrooms done!!
  21. mop boys bathroom (the smell is back and whats crazy is now they have a cheap ugly shower curtain and no rugs so i guess its just the toilet and floor but at least when i clean them the smell goes away sad i had to get rid of the rugs and curtain lol!!)
  22. water garden rain's taking care of that for me woo hoo!!
  23. research sweet potatoes and squash (i have both growing in pots and its time to transplant them in the garden but i am not sure haw much space they need) done and i think i am gonna have to give the squash away cause i don't really have the space for it anyone want it??
  24. get chads pictures in a package and have ready to mail out done!!
  25. tidy up Florida room done!!
  26. tidy up living room done!!
  27. tidy up my room done!!
  28. go to the store and get wic stuff and yogurt done!!

Tuesday, June 17

to do list for 6-17-08

well today has been a good day so far we all woke up a little late and thats always nice ;) and the house is pretty clean still from yesterday, i think all we really got going today is to go to the library and turn some stuff in and get some new stuff and we may play in the sprinkler later ;)

  1. b-fast eggs and bacon ;)
  2. lunch sandwich's and chips
  3. dinner homemade pizza YUMMY!!!
  4. go to the library changed my mind and just renewed them online and then we played in the pool i think we may go to the library tomarrow or Thursday when they have story time thou!
  5. dishes done!!
  6. kitchen counters
  7. have Cheyenne vacuum the rugs (since we did not do this last night) she fell asleep early so i guess this will have to wait till tomarrow cause i don't want to do it and wake her!
  8. order some more vitamins for the kids (they are almost out) done!!
  9. water garden done!!
  10. hoe garden (man if feels like i just did this!!!) done!!
  11. make bread (and a few pizza crusts for dinner tonight) the bread is rising and i will put it in the oven and finish it in just a little bit ;)
  12. wash diapers they are in the washer now!!
  13. put blankets i am getting rid of on freecycle done!! now someone just has to come get them ;)
  14. 1 soda a day I'm gonna have to have 2 i am a little stressed Cheyenne erased all the scores on Mario ahhhhhhhhhhhhh and Cody is pretty winey right now....
  15. have kids clean there rooms before bed we are tired so we will have to do this tomarrow also!

Monday, June 16

to do list for 6-16-08

well i have a lot to do today but am not really feeling like cleaning so i am gonna keep it short and maybe add to my list as the day goes on and the coffee kicks in ;)

  1. dishes done!! i was out of spoons and we were using baby spoons for yogurt this morning lol so i am happy to have them clean now!!
  2. kitchen counters done!!
  3. 1 load of laundry done i actually did 2 loads cause i found a bunch of dirty towels..
  4. make my bed done!!
  5. have kids make there beds done!!
  6. have Cheyenne vacuum the rugs
  7. dinner hamberger helper and corn i was feeling lazy tonight lol!
  8. pull trash can back to the house done!!
  9. water the garden done!!
  10. feed cat done and really i should quit feeding that stray cat since it ruined our pool ;(
  11. tidy up the living room done!!
  12. take all my vitamins and give kids theres done!!
  13. make kk a little daddy photo album done!!
  14. tidy up my room done!!
  15. have kids clean there room before bed done!!

boy or girl.....

so i made it to nas jax and back just fine and it did not rain praise god!!!! and if you were wondering its a boy!!! but i already knew so really it was no shocker everything has been the same as with the other boys now had it been a girl i would have been shocked!! but yeah another beautiful boy ;) oh yeah don't forget to vote on the poll ;)


so today is this day i get my ultrasound and i should be all excited and stuff to see my new little baby on the screen but now i am freaking out cause i do not like driving in the rain at all and what i dislike even more is driving in the "city" so now today i have to drive in the rain to nas jax and to top it off i have only been out there twice and chad was driving so i am gonna be driving out there with my little Google map in the rain boy that's gonna be so fun OK maybe it will not rain but it rained all day yesterday and it is looking very dark and gloomy out there!!! OK anyways i suppose that's enough drama for one day I'll update my blog later with the girl/boy info ;)

Sunday, June 15

to do list for 6-15-08

well today i have to go to the store and get some kind of ant killer cause when they cut the trees down last week we have had carpenter ants everywhere outside the house and a few with come in the the side door everyday and i did not find it that big of a deal me or one of the kids with just smash them and that was that but last night as i am getting everyone in bed i go to the kitchen to fill kks water cup and there are probably 30 carpenter ants by my side door and on my counter and walls it was insane i screamed and all the kids came running and were freaking out and all i could do is sweep them and smash them cause i had no bug spray but i am getting some today and there was coupons in the paper so thats awesome!!!! but anyways here's my list for the day ;)

  1. b-fast oatmeal
  2. lunch the kids had mac'n'cheese and hot dogs and i had 2 egg salad sandwich's
  3. dinner yogurt and chicken
  4. go to the store and just get whats on my list done!!
  5. go thru the movies we got from the trash last week and get rid of the ones i don't want to keep (there are actually quite a few)
  6. 1 soda a day i did it i only had one!!!
  7. organize my coupons (they are out of control right now)
  8. fold diapers done!!
  9. 1 load of laundry i did not actually have a full load to do so i guess this will be one for tomorrow!
  10. sweep and clean outside porch nahh to wet outside to do this!
  11. get rid of a few big bulky blankets (we have way to many)
  12. have kids clean there rooms before bed well kyle did his and its bed time now so i guess Cheyennes will be done tomorrow its not to bad thou!
  13. read a few chapters in my book and kids book before bed done and kyles book is kinda boring we may have to trade it out!
  14. take all my vitamins and give kids there's
  15. tidy up my room done!!
  16. clean my bathroom done!!
  17. wash out trash can well i think the rain took care of that for me ;)
  18. blow pool back up to see if i can repair it (the stupid stray cat popped it last night grrr) its a little to wet outside to make this happen but maybe tomorrow if its dry!
  19. water garden x 2 well its been raining all day so i am not gonna have to do this!

just some pictures i took of the kids ;)

we were outside a few days ago and i was just taking a bunch of pictures so i thought i would post some on here of my little cuties!! ;)