Thursday, July 31

bloggy giveaway ;)

OK so i have decided to join in on the bloggy giveaway lol and my only requirement is that you vote on my poll on the left side of my page and that you tell me your favorite boys name that starts with a C and then on 8/3/08 i will randomly pick a number and you will win the 10 dollars in your pay pal account if its your comment i pick you will have 24hrs to get back to me or i will pick someone else ;) if you want a 2nd chance at winning you can subscribe to my blog and that will get you in the pot to win twice ;) oh and make sure you check out other giveaways here


well today ended up being an interesting day i had my appointment first i took the kids to Jeni's house so i could have a little peace since i was gonna be there at the least an hour but probably more!! but anyways i get there and check in and go drink the yummy orange drink lol and then go back and wait for my turn to see the midwife finally i get called back and they weighted me and i have gained ALOT since my last appointment lol i have gained 22lbs now total which really is not that bad but i still have 12 weeks to go give or take a week ;) so that was a little shocking but really i don't care so then after that she took my blood pressure which was normal as usual and then she was saying (the nurse) i love your birds for those that don't know me i have swallows tattooed on my feet and i said yeah thanks i love them to and she asked where i got them and i told her and she said oh really i took care of the guy that first started that shop back when i worked at some nursing home and he was so sweet and let me tell you girl his WHOLE body was covered with tattoos and i do mean his whole body and she winked and said something about an 8 ball i was like omg hahahahahahaha but yeah that was pretty funny and after that i got to wait for my midwife and it took forever today it seemed but finally she came in and listened to my heart and said she heard a murmur and asked if i have had that in any other pregnancy and i was like uhhh no!! and now i have to go to nas jax and get an echo of my heart (ultrasound) to make sure everything is working right and that the valves are clear ect ect and that's just shocking to me and its pretty scary cause any way you look at it its your heart and that's a big deal!!!! but other then that everything sounded great with the baby and i am measuring at 32 weeks lol i always measure big with the boys thou so that's not a big deal!! and that's really it for the Dr's. appointment.....


well i have a Dr's. appointment today at 10am and its the stupid sugar test i hate drinking that nasty drink but what i hate even more is getting my blood drawn not fun!! but anyways i will be gone for most the day and am not sure if i am gonna do the routine thing today but I'll be back later to write about my wonderful appointment lol...

Wednesday, July 30


well today is panning out to be stressful already and its just 9:30am it started great me and kk woke up and played and had fun then kyle got up and started with his i want to get on the computer begging and i personally don't think kids should be on the computer i do however let kyle and Cheyenne get on about once every couple days and go to but other then that they only sit around when i get on to look at pictures or maybe a movie if i decide to put one on which is uncommon lol but anyways back to my point i told him no and he gets mad and goes in his room and pouts and pouts and i just ignore him cause if he wants to pout in his room he can do that and then about 15 minutes later he finds me in the kitchen and wants to get on the computer again i am like kyle what did i tell you earlier and he goes fine I'll never get on the computer and storms off to his room so i go about what i am doing in the kitchen and Cody comes in and says can kyle get on the computer i mean wtf I SAID NO???!!!! does that not mean anything????? but whatever my days gonna get better cause i am about to make some cookies and my cookies and can cure about anything lol and i might go to the beach or pool today so that will also be cool well we are assuming it does not storm AGAIN!! it seems it does everyday!! so yesterday when we were outside i picked so many cherry tomatoes my kids are so tired of them now to and i have like 60+ and there will be more ready in the next few days its insane how fast these things grow!!!! i am trying to figure out what to do with them now i am thinking about maybe making some pizza sauce i am thinking that could be good since it would be sweet but i don't know i may just give them away??? well that's all for now later guys..

Wednesdays routine

  • make coffee and check my email /write chad done!!
  • make breakfast/eat done we had cereal and toast
  • brush teeth done!!
  • have Cheyenne empty dishwasher done!!
  • wash dirty dishes and load in dishwasher done!!
  • general tidy of kitchen (sink, stove, counters) done!!
  • make beds (everyone do there own) done!!
  • 1 load of laundry did 2!!
  • snack and TV/computer time for about 30-45 minutes done!!
  • outside time if its nice 30-45 minutes done!!
  • make lunch done we had burgers and fries
  • wash dishes and put in dishwasher done!!
  • general tidy of kitchen again (sink, stove, counters) done!!
  • have kids read or do math worksheets 20-30 minutes we just did reading today
  • tidy up living room and Florida room done!!
  • snack TV/computer time 30-45 minutes done we had fresh tomatoes i cut them in 4s and the kids happily ate them so yeah!!
  • have kids clean there room and me clean mine done!!
  • everyone work together and clean playroom done!! yeah!!
  • have Cheyenne vacuum all the rugs as needed done!!
  • dinner done done we had leftovers and sandwich's
  • showers/baths done!!
  • have kids bring all dirty clothes to the laundry room done!!
  • brush teeth done!!
  • brush kk's hair done!!
  • TV/computer time for about 30 minutes in bed done!!
  • bedtime by 8:45 for kiddos we were really late it was 930 yikes maybe tomorrow we will be better!!
  • sweep the whole house as needed done!!
  • mop kitchen, living room, and hallway no i still did not do this ;(


  • deep clean kids bathroom done with everything but the floor i will do that tomorrow
  • make cookies done yummy!!
  • make yogurt pops done!!
  • try and go to the pool if it stays nice today well i lost my free pass so we did not go today ;(
  • organize and put away all DVDs in my room not gonna happen today but hopefully tomorrow!!

Tuesday, July 29

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Tuesdays daily routine

  • make coffee and check my email/write chad done!!
  • make breakfast/eat done we had eggs and oatmeal
  • brush teeth done!!
  • have Cheyenne empty dishwasher done!!
  • wash dirty dishes and load in dishwasher done!!
  • general tidy of kitchen (sink, stove, counters) done!!
  • make beds (everyone do there own) done!!
  • 1 load of laundry done finally it took them 2hrs to clear the drain i feel kinda bad since it was my fault but oh well i guess lol
  • snack and TV/computer time for about 30-45 minutes done we had animal crackers and milk/juice
  • outside time if its nice 30-45 minutes done and it was hot i got some garden work done to!!
  • make lunch done sandwich's pasta salad and fresh tomatoes from the garden
  • wash dishes and put in dishwasher done!!
  • general tidy of kitchen again (sink, stove, counters) done!!
  • have kids read or do math worksheets 20-30 minutes done we did math today and a little reading
  • tidy up living room and Florida room done!!
  • snack TV/computer time 30-45 minutes done we had bananas and applesauce
  • have kids clean there room and me clean mine done
  • everyone work together and clean playroom not happening today..
  • have Cheyenne vacuum all the rugs as needed done!!
  • dinner done leftovers
  • showers/baths done!!
  • have kids bring all dirty clothes to the laundry room done!!
  • brush teeth done!!
  • brush kk's hair done!!
  • TV/computer time for about 30 minutes in bed done!!
  • bedtime by 8:45 for kiddos done!!
  • sweep the whole house as needed done!!
  • mop kitchen, living room, and hallway


  • make bread done and i have to say go me cause i have been wore out and really did not want to do this today but i did and i have 4 loves now 3 for the freezer and one for the next 2 days yeah!!
  • call maintenance done they are comming between 1-3 hopefully 1 so i can wash some clothes the drain pipe is clogged i washed something i should not have and yeah it made a mess!!

something new...

so i have decided to start something new i am getting kinda tired and bored with writing the to do list off every day but i really need them cause without them i don't get half the stuff done i want to get done so i am thinking about making a daily routine and while most will be the same everyday i will add about 5 different things to each day that i just want to get done weekly like changing the cat litter out or mopping the floors ect ect and i think this way i can just copy and paste what i am gonna be doing and i can also print it out instead of coming to the computer 10 million times a day i will still keep track of everything online also when i take a break or at the end of the day thou cause it kinda keeps me accountable ya no lol!! well i am off to try this new routine out so wish me luck cause i have never been good with a routine lol!!

Monday, July 28

its been a good day

well today has been a very good day it all started with going dumpster diving haha ok its trash day and people on this navy base are so wasteful especially in the summer time cause lots of people move and throw out great stuff so i look around and almost gave up cause really noting sparked my fancy lol until i made it to officer housing a place i usually skip cause they never move and never throw good stuff away it seems but today was a new day and there was a family moving cause there was ton of bags at the curb and i took about half of them i wish i would have got them all but really i did not want to be in front of there house for 10 minutes getting all there crap ya no lol but in the bags i took i got some great stuff one was filled with cleaning supplies all pretty much full!! and all the others were filled with blankets sheets and clothes and cds i kept about half of the stuff and passed the rest on to someone else on freecycle and then at another house over in officer housing there was a black leather (fake i am sure) chair that is pretty comfy and will look nice in the Florida room so that was also cool and as an added bonus i got some kitchen curtain's on freecycle today so woo hoo for free things!!!!!! so after all the free stuff we went to the library for a little bit and then came home and ate and changed and went to the pool for about 20 minutes lol a storm came and they closed it but i got a pass to go for free next time so thats pretty neat!! well i guess thats all i got i will try to post some pictures later of my new treasures lol and of the beach yesterday ;)

Sunday, July 27


my silly kk eating chicken hehe ;)
and thats Cody always posing!! ;)

well i am not real sure what we are doing today but its gonna be something fun i am thinking about church and then maybe the zoo or pool/beach something like that and then later on if it stays nice maybe take a bike ride to the park and stay there awhile me and the kids have been getting a little bored and grumpy sitting around the house so much!! i think we are watching TV and playing video games to much i have been thinking about getting rid of 2 TVs the ones in Cheyenne and kyles rooms and just having the one in mine and the one in the living room cause i mean really who needs 4 freaking TVs that's just dumb!!! i am not doing a list today but i am gonna try to finish the list from the past 2 days since i still have not done that yet lol!! OK well i guess that's all i got talk to ya all later...

Saturday, July 26

to do list for 7/26/08

  • yesterdays list done!!! 7/27/08
  • b-fast eggs and bacon
  • go get sunblock done!!
  • help Cheyenne change the litter out of the litter box
  • wash tomatoes done finally 7/27/08!!
  • lunch chicken and fries
  • dinner we had hot dogs and sliced cheese
  • do something fun today if it stays nice out anyways well we also got some marshmellows from walmart and made some rice crispy treats and they were soooo good!! and later tonight Cheyenne is gonna dupe us all into watching the hannah Montana concert we even have 3 -d glasses lol!!


well i did not get a lot of cleaning done yesterday we went to the beach and when we go to the beach that pretty much makes us LAZY for the rest of the day haha!! so today we are gonna get a little cleaning done and then go back to the stinking store cause i forgot sunblock!!! and after we get back home we will probably eat lunch and go to the pool or beach i am not sure which yet i am banking on the pool thou cause its so much cleaner i can't believe we never went last year i was just to worried about what people thought then now i really could care less and its not just cause i am pregnant and have an excuse for having a "momma belly" lol its cause who freakin cares what others think life is just to short and can change so fast so i really don't care that i am very white any more or that i have stretch marks all over my body hahahaha in fact i kinda like them lol but yeah other then that things are going great i get a little bored and lonely alot but i guess having this blog gives me someone to talk to when i need it lol cause i am to anti-social to make friends i suppose or maybe i am just to picky no really i think i just like doing my own thing and other people just kinda cramp my style i guess humm who knows...

Friday, July 25

to do list for 7/25/08 and my day so far...

well yesterday was great i got everything i need to get done done!! and thats awesome i can finally be stress free for a few days anyways haha i am not sure what we are gonna do today i am thinking about the beach if it stays nice out anyways but we may just stay home and play in the sprinkler i don't know yet...i think i may get some sewing stared today also cause its been awhile i started making all the fleece blankets and sewing just took the back burner but i am done for now with making them and thank goodness cause my hands were getting sore lol!! well i guess thats all i got for now here's my to do list...

  • b-fast oatmeal and yogurt
  • dishes done!!
  • kitchen counters done!!
  • wash diapers done!!
  • clean my desk and dressers done 7/26/08
  • mop mop mop the house done 7/27/08
  • have Cheyenne vacuum the house done 7/26/08
  • clean the fl room today done 7/26/08
  • take my van to a car wash and vacuum it out not happening again i'll put it on my list for next week 7/27/08
  • get started on a new sewing project not only did i start one but i finished it to!! i will post a picture of kk's new dress later 7/27/08
  • lunch hamburgers, fries and apples
  • go get wic stuff done!!
  • have kids clean there room before bed done!!
  • help kids tidy up playroom before bed done!!
  • vitamin's done!!
  • dinner eggs and mac'n'cheese
  • fill out my sears rebate thingie online done finally 7/27/08

Thursday, July 24

to do list for 7/24/08

  • b-fast me and Cody made choc. chip muffins
  • dishes done!!
  • kitchen counters done!!
  • 1 load of laundry i did 2 woo hoo..
  • get my Florida licence done yeah!!
  • take break pads back i did not end up needing and get a new wiper blade done!!
  • get Cody's vbk form done and we only got lost about 5 times lol
  • lunch it was 1 by the time we were done with everything in town so we ate at chickfila
  • drop Cody's form off at the preschool done yeah he got in!!
  • hoe the garden and pull weeds and ripe tomatoes wow that took me about an hour but i am done and it looks great and i pulled over 50 tomatoes WOW!! and there will be a lot ready tomorrow also man cherry tomatoes grow fast!! i also discovered we have 2 melons growing that was a cool surprise to see!!!
  • tidy up Florida room done 7/26/08
  • have kids clean there rooms and make there bed done!!
  • tidy up my room and make my bed with new sheets done!!
  • get all trash out of my van omg!! that was so gross me and kyle got 2 walmart sacks of trash out and i found 4 juice cups!! this is now a weekly job cause that was so not cool!!
  • dinner i made some little pizzas for everyone ;)

ok last of the zoo pictures ;)

my pretty girl!
and my other pretty girl ;)

petting zoo fun!!

my big belly and then the kids eating snow cones lol

yeah the flash was on get over it lol..
ok so this one makes my arms look HUGE but they really aren't i don't think so anyways!!
not the greatest picture of kyle and Cody but thats them eating their snow cones at the zoo..
Cheyenne looking good while eating her snow cone ;)
and kk looking so cute and silly eating hers ;)

fun at the zoo's water park...

Cody at the water park when we were at the zoo earlier this week
Cheyenne at the water park
and kyle do ya notice his sweet hulk tattoo lol...
and my k-bug lookin all cute
she was having fun even thou it was soooo hot even in the water!!

silly kk and the face's she makes lol!!

this one is just so funny to me ha ha
but then again so is this one i was trying to get her to smile but she did not want to take any pictures hahahahaha
and this was just a random but funny shot i got!
this is her all dirty still from the chicken wings we ate at the USO on Monday ha ha
and this one she was just looking real pretty in i wish she was looking at me but its still super cute!!


man to say yesterday was a bad day would just be an understatement not only did i not get anything done i wanted to do i also got in some kinda crazy hormonal mood where i would go from happy to mad and then sad i actually was crying about koolaid on the floor and about kk saying she was hungry for the 4th time and lots of other things and those of you that know me well know that i am really not that much of an emotional person and like never cry unless i am watching a super sad movie or something lol but yeah yesterday was not cool and i really hope to NEVER have that kinda day again and so far so good for today i got up early cause my bed was being hogged yet again by kk, Cody and kyle and i made some coffee and just chilled on the back porch for awhile and then Cody woke up and i gave him a big hug and told him i was sorry i was being so grumpy yesterday and we we made some chocolate chip muffins and i must say they were pretty good and when Cheyenne and kyle wake up they will be very very happy cause they love them and i have not made them in awhile! well i guess that's all i got for now later guys!!

Wednesday, July 23

so annoyed.... this morning the stupid base preschool people called me saying that i have to have my vbk form in this week or they were gonna knock Cody off the list and what annoys me is just last week they called saying i needed to get everything turned in so i went in and gave them everything but the vbk form cause i do not have it yet i explained that they were doing a sign up at the beaches library on the 6th and they told me ok that will be fine just make sure i have to turned in on the 7th or 8th and i was like cool so now i have to have this week and that's just annoying i mean whats 2 freaking weeks!! so anyways i decide i will just go to the main office and get the stupid form but i call first to make sure i have everything i need cause its a pain in the butt to go anywhere in jax imo only to find out i do not and since i do not have a lease agreement or a utility bill since i live in base housing i have to get a fl licence and still i am thinking no big deal i need one anyways so i drive to the atm on base and pull a 20 so i can just use cash at the dmv and then the black clouds and storm starts so i turn on the wiper blades and the freakin driver side wiper blade is missing a piece and is about to go flying so i pull over to fix it but yeah its missing a piece so i am screwed so i drive home thinking what the crap cause they were just replaced like a week or 2 ago so now i have to wait till its nice out and then go to auto zone and try to figure out out to change it i am sure it will be easy but its just so annoying ya no!! ok well anyways enough of my rant i think i am gonna take all this annoyance and clean the house hahahaha later guys...

making yogurt..again lol

well yesterday i decided i was gonna take another stab at making yogurt last month when i tried it was VERY time consuming and the finished product was not that great well not plain anyways it was okay mixed with sugar and strawberry's and made into yogurt pops and while that was good and cool it did not replace the vanilla yogurt that i have to buy all that time so i went searching online and found a yogurt maker on amazon and got it and i finally gave it a go yesterday and this morning i flavored it with 1/2 cup of sugar and 1 tablespoon of vanilla and it is great i am so happy with the results this time and wow will i be saving money cause all of us love vanilla yogurt and the milk is free thru wic so i am very pleased ;)

Tuesday, July 22

to do list for 7/22/08

well yesterday was a pretty long day for us so we are gonna take it easy today and just watch tv and read books and just stay inside i have a lot of organizing i would like to do today since we were gone most of yesterday i did not get it done but i am pretty hopefully i can get it done today well here's a short list cause i am still doing yesterdays list also lol!

  • dishes done!!
  • kitchen counters done!!
  • 1 load of clothes done!!
  • yesterdays list
  • b-fast we ate good this morning kyle helped me make some eggs and i made some biscuits good homemade ones to!! and then we also had bacon yummy!!
  • lunch watermelon and tomatoes for the kids and i had cereal
  • dinner leftovers and yogurt
  • make some tea and koolaid done!!
  • make some cookies or brownies today (yummy) done yummy i love brownies!!

Monday, July 21

to do list for 7/21/08

  • organize and declutter my room done 7/22/08
  • have kids organize and declutter their rooms done 7/22/08
  • tidy up both bathrooms well i did mine and thats good enough for now ;) 7/22/08
  • sweep and mop kitchen floor done finally 7/23/08
  • lunch burgers and fries and sweet tea ;)
  • dinner we went to the no dough dinner at the uso tonight and it was GOOD!! they had fat boys wings with potato salad and watermelon and then they had salads and all kinda of drinks and best of all it was free!!! oh how i love the no dough dinners ;)
  • go to the beach we went to the zoo and i will post pictures tonight we stayed along time and had a good time but it was to hot even in the water park we were still hot now that's bad lol!!! but again it was fun!!
  • get all trash out of my van done 7/24/08 finally!!
  • have kids make their beds done!! 7/22/08
  • make my bed done 7/22/08
  • wash all kyles bedding done finally!!
  • tidy up Florida room with the kids
  • tidy up the playroom with the kids done 7/23/08
  • make some tea and koolade i made tea...


well i am not sure what we are gonna do today i might go to the beach but i am also thinking about taking the kids to the zoo i just really hate that bridge so we will probably just go to the beach i was thinking about the pool but that's 6 bucks and i really don't feel like going there today.. i got to talk to chad yesterday for about an hour so that was pretty awesome kk got to talk to him and she has been bragging about it ha ha Cheyenne was telling him all about the blankets she has been making and about her new short hair hehehe but it was nice to talk to him for awhile we are at the half way mark now so that's pretty cool i suppose the count down has now begun!! well i guess that's all i got right now...

Sunday, July 20

ya gotta love tree frogs!!

we found this cool little tree frog on the front porch and it really liked kyle it actually followed him for a little bit lol!!


i think it peed on poor Cody's head but don't tell him lol!!


i just love this picture of kk its so funny i love her face in it lol!!!
again such a cute and happy picture of her!!
cody being silly!!
cheyenne just lookin' cute ;)
cody's rolly poley or how ever you spell that lol friend ;)

to do list for 7/20/08

  • dishes done!!
  • kitchen counters done!!
  • make my bed and tidy up my room done!!
  • have kids make their beds and tidy there rooms done!!
  • sweep and mop kitchen floor i sweeped but did not feel like mopping
  • make some tea so i will not drink soda i just drank water..
  • tidy up both bathrooms done!!
  • have Cheyenne vacuum all rugs
  • hoe the garden done finally 7/24/08
  • clean up the yard done!!
  • water garden x's 2 done!!
  • dinner eggs and celery with peanut butter interesting huh lol
  • tidy up the playroom before bed done

to eat out or in...

well we went to church today and i am really glad since we did not make it last week Cody had a wonderful time as usual he loves going to church and kk of course would not go to her room so she was with me yet again so we went to kids church with Cheyenne and kyle and i do enjoy going to kids rock cause its cute seeing Cheyenne and kyle dancing around while they do the songs!! well after that all i could think about was going to Wendy's so i decided we were gonna run in the commissary and get from frozen fries and chicken nuggets and a watermelon and after that we went to Wendy's ahhhh i was trying to get this stuff so stay away from Wendy's but alas i failed and went anyways i guess i just have no self control and guess what kids church was guessed it self control i mean i have to stop eating out cause its to expensive and we don't have to money to do it and i pretty much have everything here i guess i am just gonna blame it on the baby in my belly making me want french fries so bad that i can't wait till i get home lol OK anyways i have a few things i would like to get done today so i am gonna do a list and try my hardest to stick to it today!! later guys!!

my new washer..

so since i know you have all been waiting to see pictures of my new and wonderful washing machine here it is lol i must say i do love it!!! no leaks and really no noise its so quite!! one draw back i suppose would be it takes forever to wash a load of clothes at least on heavy duty there is a quick wash that only takes 25 minutes but with my kids we need heavy duty lol!!

glass or plastic????

well today had another awesome start lol well miss Cheyenne thought hey climbing on kk small dresser sounds like fun and its tips over but its small so she just pushes it back but everything on top falls on the floor and guess what was up there a glass full of water and what happens it shatters fun fun i have to say i am soooooooooooo TIRED of cleaning up glass i swear it feels like its all i do part of me wants to toss it all and buy plastic but then i would have to worry about all the harmful toxins getting in our food and drinks ahhh don't get me wrong we have plastic just not a lot and we really don't use it much but i just wish we had carpet and did not have to worry about things getting broken all the time cause these floors SUCK!! OK enough of my rant later guys....

Saturday, July 19

just a few new pictures..

all the tomatoes i picked from the garden 2 days ago their were about 31 i think wow huh!!
Cheyenne was pretty happy!!
but so was kyle he likes them now to which does not please Cheyenne lol!!
Cody helping me make pancakes
another cute shot of Cody making pancakes ;)

to do list for 7/19/08

  • wash about 3 or 4 loads of clothes and blankets in my new washer lol oh i am on my 3rd load and its only 1pm lol i still have all the blankets to do also its so nice i love my new washer and since i am such a dork i will be posting pictures of it later today lol!!
  • b-fast well the boys had eggs me and kk had grits eggs and toast kk's was cinnamon toast lol and Cheyenne had oatmeal
  • library done!! and the fine was just 1.40 so that was not bad at all i was all worried for noting!! ;)
  • get Cheyenne's allergy meds done!! and i had to pay 9 bucks for that crap lol i guess i am just spoiled on the free meds on the base ;)
  • tidy up my room and make my bed
  • have kids clean there room before bed
  • have kids make beds when they wake up
  • lunch hamburger's and fries
  • dinner
  • dishes
  • sweep and mop kitchen floor tonight
  • have Cheyenne vacuum it needed tonight
  • hoe garden if its not raining


well its 730am and i am up cause the washer is suppose to be here between 8am and 10am i am hoping later cause the kids are still sleeping and we went to bed pretty late well if 1015 is late lol but i suppose it is for a 2,4,6,and 7 year old and for me i do enjoy my sleep thats for sure!! but anyways yesterday was a pretty good day i got a lot of cleaning done around here, i took Cheyenne to her eye appointment which went great her eyes are perfect but he said something about allergy's and gave me a prescription that he thought she needed to take for 3 weeks i looked it up online and it does not look to bad and she does have bad allergy's so i decided to go ahead and fill it so we went to the base pharmacy and there was only 1 person in line that was a shocker let me tell you!! but i get up there and they don't have it so i have to go to walmart or cvs and thats was just not gonna happen yesterday hopefully today after the washer gets here and i wash some clothes hehe we can go get that we will probably go to cvs thou cause it will be faster and is by the library so that makes it good!! cause we really need to go there i am scared of what my bill is gonna be i am sure it will not be to bad thou.. so yeah after that we went to the post office and mailed out something and after getting the kids back in the van i tripped on the freaking sidewalk and scraped my knee and hand and foot and yes their was blood on all 3 it was that hard when we got home and kk saw it she says aww momma you need a Dora band-aid hehehe it was cute!! this is the first time i have skinned my knee in like forever and i don't think i realized how much i use it cause man every time i bend over or get on my knees to play with the kids or do whatever it hurts yeah sure i am being a baby but it hurts!!! and also when i got home i had to dig a small piece of glass out of my hand where i cut it fun fun huh!! ok ok anyways the rest of the night was normal and thats our day lol...

Friday, July 18

blankets blankets and more blankets...

this is proud kyle with the very first blanket he has made and whats cool is he could not even tie a knot before he made this so we are all very very proud of him!!!
the other side of the blanket ;)
and this is the newest blanket i have made and i must say i am pretty impressed with this one i guess with each one i get a little better ;)
so you can see both sides of it ;)
Cheyenne posing with her second blanket and she did awesome this time to she finished this in like 30 minutes!!!
the other side of it ;)