Wednesday, February 13

its been awhile!!!

well its been awhile since i have posted on here and shame on me for that but i have been writing on myspace cause it seems a bit easier for me but i am gonna try yet again to update this blog weekly for the people that don't have myspace ;) well things have been going very very well for our family we have been spending a lot of time together having fun we go on bike rides pretty much everyday and we have all really been loving that well Cody falls a lot cause his bikes messed up but i think for his birthday (2-27) we are gonna get him a new bike! and kk loves her bike trailer its a little hard on the legs when Cody gets in with her but not bad at all with just her!! we went to the zoo over the weekend and had a great time it was Cody and kk's first time ever going to a zoo so they were very happy and Cheyennes first time going since she was 3!! but little kyle just went last month or so on a field trip but he was still pretty excited to be there i took some cute pictures of them there that i will upload tonight so be sure to check them out! also in other news me and chad got matching tattoos well sorta matching i got his name on my wrist and he got mine on his ;) well it is time for me to go get Cheyenne and kyle from school so i better go and talk to you all later ;)