Monday, January 10

to do list 1-10-11

I'm feeling pretty unmotivated and tired today so I'm not posting much today lol.. i may add to this later if i feel better!

  1. Get my printer hooked up i really need to print kk some school work since I'm homeschooling her (the waiting list at the school i want her to go to is just sooooo long i doubt she will be getting in, but that's OK i love having her home and she can go next year!)
  2. Keep up with the dishes and keep the sink clean
  3. Make some more coffee (lol i told you I'm tired today)
  4. Do 2 loads of laundry
  5. Wipe down both bathrooms
  6. Have dinner ready by 6pm (now just to figure out what to make i really need to do menu plans again life was so much easier when i had them wrote up)
  7. Put half of the Christmas stuff away (lol its a start, and i can't get the stuff that's outside right now anyways cause its rainy and cold!!)
  8. Make my bed and the kids beds with clean sheets
  9. Sweep kitchen and living room (i miss carpet)
  10. Day 1 of reading the kids a bible story every night before bed (i have said and wanted to do this for over a year now and today is the day!)
  11. Make a shopping list and menu plan for next week
  12. Clean the coffee table
  13. Vitamins for everyone
Well this ended up being pretty long lets see how much i get done thou lol...

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