Tuesday, October 6

not much going on...

sorry i have not been around alot i have been been reading alot and just chilling around the house with the kids we have not really been doing much so there is not much to write about! we went to the park over the weekend and poor kk got stung by a wasp i was worried at first she might be allergic cause her poor leg got all red and puffy so we went home right away and by the time we got there it was fine and just a little puffy where she got stung so i knew she was fine but that was a little scary at first! and she wanted to go to sonics since that wasp put its poison in her haha shes so crazy!! it was happy hour so i figured why not so we all got slushies and headed home and watched monsters vs. aliens we LOVE that movie its so funny if you have not seen it yet you should go buy it or get it on netflix or something!!! well i guess thats all i got I'll try to get some new pictures posted soon i just can't find my camera to get them online! later guys!

silly kids contest

i am entering a silly kids photo contest at 5 minutes for mom and here's my entry you should go to the site and check it out its for $1,000 bucks to use towards classes and/or education material for your kids ☻

this is kyle on his 7Th birthday 11/27/08 hehehehe