Wednesday, January 27


ughhh I'm so annoyed tonight!! stupid facebook is not working and i have a farm to harvest and plow lol and i really really need to play that stupid bouncing balls game because i have to beat Alicia's high score its driving me insane her score is higher then mine but can i can get on facebook to do this stuff ummmm no i can't!! anyways... my mom should be here soon and thats awesome!! we can't wait! but the reason she is comming kinda sucks kk's got a dentist apt in the morning and has to be sedated since she is so young i just hope everything goes smoothly and shes get everything done fast and pain free and kk is out of it the whole time i just keep thinking what if she wakes up ;( my poor princess i feel bad for her ;( and me to i am going to the dentist on Monday YUCK i sooooo hate the dentist but not as much as i hate the gyn Dr's lol OK I'm bored and i guess i am just going to go watch tv since i can't play any facebook games tonight later guys!

Tuesday, January 19

pantry challenge

well this has been way harder then i ever imagined i have cheated and slipped up alot i have gotten a few more snacks and i got yogurt and a couple cases of water we have also ate out a few times I'm going to try better this week my plan is to just not leave the house because if i stay home i can't spend money right lol!?!? so thats the plan right now! here's a rough draft of what i plan to serve this week for us ;)

  • Tuesday
dinner: frozen pizza and corn (they love corn lol)

  • Wednesday

b-fast: oatmeal/ grits

lunch: sandwiches and chips

dinner: meatballs, mac'n'cheese and green beans

  • Thursday:

b-fast: oatmeal/ grits

lunch: leftovers

dinner: spaghetti, green beans, french bread

  • Friday: (no school)

b-fast: eggs, grits and toast

lunch: chicken nuggets, fries, and corn

dinner: tatortot casserole and carrots

  • Saturday:

b-fast: chocolate chip pancakes

lunch: leftovers

dinner: roast chicken in the crockpot with carrots and potatoes

  • Sunday:

b-fast: oatmeal

lunch: leftovers

dinner: leftovers or pizza

Monday, January 11

pantry challenge

well day 2 went pretty good we had eggs, bacon and toast for breakfast and then for lunch we had hot dogs and mac and cheese then dinner we had chicken , fries, and carrots and for snacks we had strawberries, oranges and animal crackers!

day 3 (today) did not go good i had to go to the store to get snack for Cody's class for tomorrow and not only did i get Cody's class snack i got pretzel's and lemonade and cranberry juice and a book i guess the book does not count but the other things do :( oh well i said no to a ton of other things so thats a plus!

so breakfast the kids had oatmeal and i had yogurt and for lunch me, Caleb and kk went to chickfila also BAD BAD BAD cause i am not suppose to be eating out right now :( for dinner we are having a tuna casserole and carrots and i think i will make some tea :) hopefully the rest of the week will go better!!!

Saturday, January 9

Eat From The Pantry Challenge

well i have decided i am going to try this for the month of January it should not be to hard since i am starting late (1/9) but then again i usually stop by the store once or twice a week so we will see!! my plans are to still get milk, eggs, and fruit because we go thru them big time and i do not want to deprive us of foods that are good for us!! but that is all i plan to buy!!!! i will try to post every couple days what i made or what i plan on making i am sure around the end of the month i will be getting pretty creative lol!!

Here's Today's Menu


Cinnamon Toast and milk (kyle had apple juice)


I'm thinking chicken nuggets and mac and cheese


goldfish crackers and strawberries or oranges


Chinese potstickers and stirfry veggies and noodles


man its been another month since i have posted again i just don't know whats wrong with me these days lol!! honestly there is not a whole lot to report with chad being gone we really don't do much but play the wii and watch movies :) we are past the halfway point now so that's pretty exciting :) i am starting to go on a diet now which is super hard for me cause i love my junk food and fatty drinks I'm on day 3 and its not easy!! but hopefully i will stick to it and lose that 20lbs i need/want to lose before chad comes home!! i started my diet blog again if you want to follow along with (bye-bye fat) it maybe it will keep me motivated to do good lol!! well here's a few pictures for your viewing pleasures lol :)

here's little man looking pretty funny I'm sure if chad was here he would say its because he has a gators shirt on haha!!

a picture of kyle on his 8Th birthday (11-27)

cutie Cody :)

one of the out takes from the beach pictures i love kks face in this one lol!!

shes so cute!!