Monday, December 7

baby mamas (put a sling on 'em)

i'm loving this cute video!!!

Daily 5

I'm going to start doing a daily 5 of stuff i need to do around the house and pictures etc etc it might end up being a weekly thing lol as i have been pretty bad about blogging these days!

5 chores i really really want to get done today
  • the kitchen (floor, counters, dishes, and the fridge cleaned out)
  • living room (vacuum and folding the mountain of laundry and putting it away)
  • hallway bathroom (mopped and wiped down and new rugs put in)
  • my desk its bad as usual!! its a major dumping ground for everything and one!!
  • have the kids clean there rooms before bed!

5 things i would like to do today

  • clip, clean and paint (the girls anyways lol) everyone's fingernails
  • read a couple chapters in my book
  • exercise for at least 30 minutes but hopefully 45-1hr if Caleb lets me!
  • write back at least 5 emails but hopefully more (i have alot of people i need to write back)
  • post some stuff on freecycle

check out this stroller giveaway!!!

i really really really want to win this stroller giveaway!!!!

Thursday, November 19

has is really been 44 days???

wow thats a long time to go without blogging!!! i guess i have been doing alot of updating on facebook and i just kinda forgot about my cute little blog :( but i am going to try and post more cause i really like to go back and look at pictures and my randomness at later dates lol!

so anyways whats been going on the past 44 days....

caleb turned 1 and thats just crazy that he is that old hes actually 13mts now its just shocking really that my baby boy is getting so big my mom and sister were down when we celebrated his birthday so that was cool he was not impressed with the cake one bit thou i forced him to try the frosting and he acted like i was trying to poison him lol but i suppose thats no surprise cause he is not much of an eater he like Cheerios, pretzel's, and chicken and thats about it!!!

hummm chad is still gone :( and will be gone still for a long time and this deployment is taking forever and ever and i am very bored with it!!! but in june we move to panama city for shore duty so we are really looking foward to that i can't wait to be out of mayport most days it feels like june will never come but in the other hand its really not that far away!!! i will miss a few people from here but honestly i am not really a person that "hangs" out with people i am more of an email friend i just don't really care for social gatherings and i think party's and group outings with husbands involved are torture lol but every once in awhile i do enjoying going to the park with a friend and chatting it up or coffee at a friends house and chatting :) but thats about it! well what started as an i miss chad ended in my anti social behaviors intresting....

lets see i have discovered an awesome new website called wish upon a hero its just full of awesomeness you have to check it out and here's my profile if you want to grant my book wish lol or just add me as a friend :) but its a great site i have helped people with food, clothes, and cards and it feels great and cheyenne got so many birthday cards for her birthday last year its amazing how a card can make someone feel so good seeing them come in had me in tears and kyles getting them in now his birthday is 11/27 and honestly its just awesome i can't say enough good things about this site!!

i started working out again on monday and it sucks but its going pretty good so far and i needed to start cause i am getting to big from all the eating out we tend to do when chad is away so far i have lost 2 lbs i am sure its just water weight but i'll take it lol!! we got a wii fit and it does make working out kinda fun i love beating the kids running scores and hula hoop scores lol!!!

well i guess thats all i got today i might add a few pictures later but right now i need to go clean the kitchen and living room later guys!

Tuesday, October 6

not much going on...

sorry i have not been around alot i have been been reading alot and just chilling around the house with the kids we have not really been doing much so there is not much to write about! we went to the park over the weekend and poor kk got stung by a wasp i was worried at first she might be allergic cause her poor leg got all red and puffy so we went home right away and by the time we got there it was fine and just a little puffy where she got stung so i knew she was fine but that was a little scary at first! and she wanted to go to sonics since that wasp put its poison in her haha shes so crazy!! it was happy hour so i figured why not so we all got slushies and headed home and watched monsters vs. aliens we LOVE that movie its so funny if you have not seen it yet you should go buy it or get it on netflix or something!!! well i guess thats all i got I'll try to get some new pictures posted soon i just can't find my camera to get them online! later guys!

silly kids contest

i am entering a silly kids photo contest at 5 minutes for mom and here's my entry you should go to the site and check it out its for $1,000 bucks to use towards classes and/or education material for your kids ☻

this is kyle on his 7Th birthday 11/27/08 hehehehe

Saturday, September 19


i am feeling pretty blah like today i don't think i am gonna get anything done except my book everything else does not sound fun today facebook is boring myspace is boring my dirty house is boring and so is going outside so i am just gonna be super lazy and lay on my bed and read all day mmmkay

Friday, September 18

silly silly kaylee

Kaylee is so silly here's something she just told me

Kaylee " mom i need a soda cause i have scarlet fever hurry momma before i get the fever more (in her I'm so sick and weak voice)"

me "hahahahahahaha"

Kaylee " scarlet fever is not funny momma give me a soda (in her mean voice)"

me "hahahahahaha then i stop and say you will be OK lets take a nap"

Kaylee "OK but can i have my soda first"

shes so silly wanting a soda what a crazy little girl!

Thursday, September 17

to do list for 9/17/09

well i just got home from foodlion i had to go get milk and soda yes i had to get the soda cause it keeps me sane i have tried to quit many times and have been successful but i am so grumpy and just pain mean i don't think its worth it so i have decided that since i am trying to lose weight i will just have one a day and its the 16oz bottles so i can drink some and save it so this is working well for me!! anyways i am gonna post a short to do list today and hopefully since its short i can get it done! later guys

  • clean my bedroom floor (pick up, and sweep)
  • make my bed
  • clean my desk (its BAD)
  • clean my dressers
  • clean the kids bathroom
  • have the kids clean there room
  • tidy up the living room
  • tidy up the kitchen
  • 2 loads of laundry (start to finish)
  • walk or work out at least 30 minutes
  • no reading my book till i finish this list (this will be a hard one lol)
  • dinner by 7pm bedtime for the kids by 830

Wednesday, September 16

Caleb walking

my sweet little Caleb walking hes 10 1/2 Mt's in these pictures doesn't he look so funny standing up
so cute!!

hahahaha this one makes me laugh everytime i see it!

oh no man down lol!
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Cheaper Than Therapy

well well well look who it is...

Cheyenne (3rd grade), kyle (2nd grade) and cody (kindergarten) on the fist day of school
pretty little kaylee ;)

and my sweet little caleb!!!

its me!! I'm back lol... so anyways I've been gone for awhile but chads been off work alot and i have been playing games on facebook in my spare time and that really left me no time for blogging lol but i hope to get back on track now! chad just left for deployment today and that was a super big ole bummer we are all pretty sad about it i mean its his 3rd deployment in 3 years!!! thats crap i tell you!! but anyways chad traded his truck in and got a smaller and much cheaper truck he had a big Chevy 2500 diesel crew cab and now hes got a Toyota Tacoma single cab its actually really cute but he does not like me to call it that hahahaha its so much cheaper so we will finally have some extra money and on tax time we are just gonna pay it off and work on getting out of debt and trading that other truck was a huge step in the right direction of getting out of debt! lets see what else is new since last time i have wrote....oh yeah cody went to the dentist and this is his 3rd time going so you would think he was used to everything but he was just having a crappy day i guess and was being a butthead and whining about everything even the water going in his mouth and guess what happened he jumped and the drill hit his lip yikes huh!! its pretty rough looking like he got punched in the mouth but i don't blame the dentist at all cause cody was just in a crabby mood we all were really cause it was chads last day in all but in a couple weeks i guess we are gonna go back and try again and hopefully we will have better results with cody and he can get tooth fixed and we can be done with the dentist for awhile... hopefully!

Monday, August 3

to do list for 8/3/09

today is gonna be a day of change i am getting back to doing my to do list and am getting back to working out i will be posting the working out and eating info in my diet blog if you care to check that out hopefully i will be able to keep this all up but no promises lol


  • dishes
  • counters
  • sweep and mop floor
  • at least 3 loads of laundry
  • put chicken in the crockpot before 10am


  • toilets
  • mop floors
  • wipe down sinks
  • clean mirrors
  • organize both cabinets


  • kids clean there room
  • clean mine
  • vacuum and sweep
  • make beds
  • clean TV screens
  • organize my desk and Cheyenne's

living room

  • fold and put away clothes
  • vacuum

working out:

  • go on a long walk for use the elliptical for 45 minutes
  • only 2 cokes


  • clip everyone's finger and toe nails
  • repaint mine,Cheyenne's and kk's
  • vitamins for everyone
  • school work for Cheyenne,kyle and cody on the computer

routine type stuff:

  • dinner at 6:30
  • baths/showers at 7:00
  • read alouds in living room as a family at 7:30
  • bedtime 8-8:30

Tuesday, July 14

I Heart Faces ~Sports/Pets~ #2

this is kyle when he was in pre school he was doing a relay race and I'm pretty sure he was the slowest runner in the world at that time lol
this is our new dog Winston the poodle he just got out of the ocean for the first time and he LOVED it!!

Thursday, July 9

little cow pokes..

my oldest and my youngest looking very cute together!
my little cowboys i got these hats from a yard sale up the road from my house for a dollar a piece and they loved them well Cody loved his and Caleb tolerated it for pictures lol
lookin cute ;)

Cheaper Than Therapy>

Wednesday, July 8

WW: family picture time and the new dog....

Cheyenne and our new dog Winston kk calls him Winnie and says hes a girl and will get very angry if you tell her any different its pretty funny lol!
this one turned out pretty good, you have no idea how hard it is to get everyone looking and smiling etc etc etc we took ALOT of pictures!!

i really love this one ;)

i like this one alot also i think its so cute how kk is kissing Caleb!

and this is another one i really like!
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Wednesday, June 24

WW There's noting like a good old fashion sink bath hehe

he loves taking a bath in the sink and yes those tomatoes are from our tiny garden ;)
such a cutie!

oh i love that baby boy!!!

hehe ;)
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Tuesday, June 23

dentists dentists dentists

wow am i glad i have noting else to do this week, Monday cody had to get a baby root canal done its not really a root canal but its pretty much what it is my poor little dude, he did great thou there was one time he was in pain ;( and had to be given another shot but once that kicked in he was fine and had a heavy tongue for a long time (lol thats what he called it) but today hes doing great you would have never thought he just had some major work done yesterday!! and today kyle had to go and actually get a tooth pulled and a space maintainer put in which was pretty scary for me he did great when the dentist was done i asked kyle if he wanted to see his tooth and hes all what mom they took my tooth out already hahaha i was pretty happy about that cause i would hate for him to have been in any pain!! both boys still have to get more stuff done kyles going back on the first to get 2 of his teeth capped cause the filling are bad now and Cody's got to go back on the 15Th and get another baby root canal done ;( but at least we found an awesome dentist office one thing we never found in Oklahoma so for that i am very very grateful!!

in other news chads out to sea again ;( for about 2 weeks and that really sucks hes gonna miss the independence day fest on base they are doing it this weekend so i guess its just me and the kids going bummer on that!!

we went to the beach and chad and kyle fished on Sunday and they saw a bunch of sand sharks chad said he saw one that was pretty big really close man how scary is that, they were not even that far out we went at high tide and about an hour before sunset and it was so nice out there the water was calmer then i have ever seen it!! well i guess i need to go and get some stuff around the house done i just wanted to update the blog since its been awhile ;)

Monday, June 15

great giveaway going on at PPDiva's blog

PPDiva has an awesome giveaway going on, on her blog its for a 100 giftcard to home depot and if you have a husband like mine this is an awesome giveaway!!! go to her blog and check the give away out and check her blog out to shes really cool and our youngest baby's were born the same day just a few hours apart ;)

Friday, June 12

a couple new pictures!

isn't this Elvis hair bow the coolest!!!
hehehe Kaylee is so silly!!

my attempt at a new kids picture ;)

my cute little hippy hehehe ;)

look at his pretty eyes!

darn my kids teeth!!

well i took 4 of the kiddos to the dentist this week kk and cody went Tuesday and i LOVE their dentist but am sad to report Cody's has to get 2 caps and then 3 fillings ;( and kk needs 2 caps ;( so thats pretty uncool we brush twice a day everyday so really how does this happen??) and then on to kyle and Cheyenne kyle is not doing well either he actually has an infected tooth thats gonna have to be pulled ;( and that was one that was filled in stupid Oklahoma and all the other fillings he had in Oklahoma are bad now and will have to be redone just another reason to dislike that crappy place! but Cheyennes teeth are perfect as usual! so yeah to that but i hate that the other 3 kiddos have to get a lot of stuff done it makes me sad!!

in other news my dishwasher is finally fixed so thats some good news!!! well later guys i need to clean up a bit!

Wednesday, June 10

Wow I've been gone awhile lol

so i am just sitting here waiting on maintenance to get here and fix or replace my dishwasher they are not late yet but they will be in 1 minute lol they were suppose to come between 8-11 and ummm no they are not here yet!!! very annoying!! i think the thing that annoys me the most is pest control is coming today also to spray for spiders and stuff and they were suppose to come between 8-11 and they are not here also yet so whats up with that crap??? but anyways i cleaned my butt off yesterday so they house looks pretty awesome, well as awesome as it can look for a house with 5 kids under 8 lol!

I took Cody and Kaylee to the dentist yesterday and i love the place i took them to!! I was so happy with the dentist and hygienist and that NEVER happens i have never really liked any of the dentists my kids have been to cause they were all rude and have crazy rules like you are not allowed to go back with your kid and i just think that's wrong!! but this guys awesome and so is his staff there i go back again tomorrow for Cheyenne and kyle while its annoying i have to go back there this soon i am okay with it since it was such a nice place!! other then that we have not been doing all that much chads out to sea for about a week give or take a day so i am sure i will be blogging again hes been home early alot so i have not really had the time to well later guys I'll be back later with new pictures ;)

my sweet boy (wordless Wednesday)

here's cody one of the sweetest boys you will ever meet for mothers day he got me 3 roses ;) and they have been dead in there vase for awhile now so yesterday i put them on a table on the porch and he got them and planted them for me lol check out the super cute pictures below
here's a picture i took today of them ;)

and here's a cool picture i took last night of them i wonder how long they will last lol ;)
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Wednesday, May 27

Monday, May 18

I Heart Faces ~Blurb Photo Book Contest~ #2

This is one of my favorite pictures of Chad and Kaylee it was when he came back from his last deployment in October 08 and she missed him so much she is a total daddy's girl and you could just see the joy in her eyes for weeks!!

"I am submitting this photo into the Blurb Book photo contest. I am granting I ♥ Faces permission to use my photo in a printed version of a book for commercial use and possibly advertising of a photo book on both the Blurb and I ♥ Faces web sites."

Thursday, May 14

I missed my Tonya ;) UPDATED W/Pictures

i have to admit i am so freaking happy right now this morning Tonya (my ex step sister lol) confirmed me as a friend on myspace see i have missed my Tonya so much we grew up together my mom and her dad were together/married from the time i was about 12 or 13 till i was 18 so we spent a big part of our life together and we always had fun i remember this one time she mooned the traffic on scenic hwy hahahaha and then i remember all the funny pictures we would take and i remember this one time i said something to her from the earphones in our little stereo and she like god is that you hahaha it was so funny i am sure it does not sound funny but it was! it has been so many years since i have been in contact with Tonya when i joined the navy in 98 i did not talk to her much and then my mom left her dad in like 99 and then my mom moved to Texas so i up until like the summer of 2007 (i think) i had not seen or talked to her but my mom moved back to Pensacola and i called mark (yuck lol) to get Tonya's number and we met up and it was awesome seeing her but sadly we only got together that one time and now its 2 years later and she is finally on myspace so i am pretty excited and shes getting married in 6 Mt's that's just so awesome!!!

Here's some old pictures of us they are kinda crappy cause i took them with my camera i really need a scanner but they are still cool ;)

here's a picture of Tonya from probably 1997 ;)
and here's on of that crazy sister of mine from 96 i think?? hahahahahaha

and here's one of me and Tonya and wally cat from 97 or 98 ;)

and another one of me and Tonya from 96 probably yes i look like a boy thanks for noticing lol!

one huge reason i love foodlion

so a few weeks ago i lost my wallet and if you know me you know i lose my wallet all the time and it just always turns up in the car or under my bed etc etc etc and i kept checking the accounts and noting was stolen form them so i just knew it was in the house but we have been taking turns being sick and i really have not had time to look for it! so yesterday i had to go to foodlion and get a few things and i went to my favorite cashier shes just really nice and cool and has a sling like mine and she always makes Caleb laugh so she sees me and says where have you been ( i usually go to foodlion twice a week but like i said we have been sick) and i was like ummm we have been sick it was weird lol so she says I've got your wallet i found it on the ground in the parking lot i was like OMG thank you so much (this foodlion is not in the nicest of places so wow thank you lord for her finding it) so yeah foodlion rocks!!


wow its been a rough couple days i really thought i was gonna die Monday and i have no idea how i got thru the day before chad came home cause that whole day is a blur we have a nasty little virus circulating in our house right now it all started on Sunday for me yes what a wonderful mothers day gift lol we did have a great day still the kids all got me some awesome little homemade gifts and then they all had some flowers and and Cheyenne had a balloon and teddy bear that kk stole like 15 minutes later haha and then we went to the beach for probably about 3 hours, haveing the big umbrella is awesome cause we can stay longer chad fished (and caught noting lol, but we did see a baby shark someone caught and that was cool) the kids had an awesome time playing in little tide pools and it was cool having them play in the pools cause i did not really have to stress out and worry about them being carried off to sea so it was really relaxing! i even let Caleb play in the tide pools and he had a blast I'll try to get some pictures posted later theres a really funny one of him tasting salt water hahaha! so after all that we went to Wendy's for dinner and then just chilled at home and watched a movie and that night is when it all started i had a really high fever that took 4 hours to break and yes i took Motrin and Tylenol and it still took that long it was crazy and then the next day(Monday) my head hurt so bad i really thought it might just explode and that was ALL DAY long finally Tuesday i was feeling a little better but i still felt like crap but at least i could get off the floor and take care of the kids and myself and then yesterday (Wednesday) chad got it and he was in bed all day with the horrible headache and fever but today he went to work so i am guessing he is doing better i think kk and Caleb and getting it now which really stinks cause i hate my babies to be in pain please pray for them and that they will not get the worst of it!!

Saturday, May 9

Any one want some free diapers..??? these are promised to someone now sorry

***these are now promised to someone thanks anyways for looking and sorry you missed them!

hey guys since i am making my own diapers now i am not really feeling the need to hoard all these diapers i have!! ( i have tons) so i am gonna get rid of the ones that need work i have 11 fuzzi bunz that all need new elastic i also have 3 or 4 others that have leaking problems you can have all of these for the cost of shipping (about 6 bucks) or if you want i will fix the elastic for 3 bucks a diaper just make me an offer it may take me a few weeks thou cause i do have 5 kids and my time is usually short! the 11 diapers with elastic issues have no leaking issues that i can remember but they have been thru 4 kids and have stains please see the pictures i also wanted to add that there are no inserts with these you can buy them from any cloth diapering website or if you wanna be super cheap you can just use rags but they will not absorb near are good as ones that are made for diapers!

they are size medium mostly but there are a few petites

see lots of staining!

Friday, May 8

i've got sewing fever!!

OK this is just a cute picture of Caleb and daddy sleeping and if you read little mans shirt it says my dads a geek hahahahaha
little man in the first ever diaper i have made

check it out pretty awesome huh its a fleece all in one

and here he is in a gator fleece all in one ;)
too cute!!
aww my baby's getting way to big!!
he is pretty mad here as he is in terrible need of a nap and he was fighting it like crazy but the diaper looks good right hehe ;)
i caught a little bit of a smile lol