Thursday, September 13

Wednesday, September 5

so its been awhile

so my new plain is to write weekly i think that is doable but we will see lol! anyways this has been a pretty good week i got a new digital camera in the mail and its awesome so much better then my older broken one lol! so thank you Lynne chads step mom and dad are awesome i must say!! so chads been gone about a month now and that totally sucks but we are all kinda getting used to it i guess Cody and kk sure miss him, but they enjoy watching there daddy movies we have on the computer i really wish i would have done a better job on them the sound sucks on 3 of the 5 of them but the 2 that are good are actually great! so that's cool! in other news i have scored some cool freecycle things i got some clothes for kk and then a feather top mattress pad for kyles bed and today i am suppose to pick up a TV stand and boy i need that cause kyles is really about to fall apart i am not real sure whats keeping it together! my mom was in the hospital for a few days, that was pretty scary but i think everything is all good now so that's awesome! that's really all that's been going down over here i am suppose to go to a support group meeting tonight for the wives that also have husbands on chads ship but i am not sure i am gonna go they are usually kinda lame lol but since i really don't know anyone from the ship i think i might but then again maybe not haha well anyways i guess i am outta here later guys!