Monday, August 20

the start of school...

well today the kids start school! Cheyenne and kyle are ready to go but we still have some time before i have to take them in and since its like less the a mile away i do not have to leave early! back in Oklahoma if i took them we had to leave pretty early! so its really nice having the school right there i am happy about that!! i think today will be a pretty good me and the babies are gonna go to the beach for awhile, I'll have my cell if you need me (yeah like anyones gonna call, no one calls my cell but i guess only a few people have my number lol) well i guess i should go i have to do a few more things before we get out of here talk to y'all later


Tuesday, August 7


well today was yet another long day but not as long as yesterday! yesterday we had to go to the base clinic to get check ups done for Cheyenne and kyle cause in Florida you have to have one every year! and after that we had to get blue cards for their shot records and also in Florida you have to have 2 chicken pox shots to start school so we had to get one of them to no fun at all!! my poor Cheyenne and kyle they tried to give my Cody a shot to but i told them no i would come another day!! something funny Cody said as we were in the waiting room thou was mommy look a power ranger hahahaha it was a navy officer in his green flight suit it was funny i told him and he was all yeah I'm the green ranger and everyone around was laughing it was cute!! but today i tried to enroll them in school and of course i forgot something so now i have to go back tomorrow to try again!! i really wish i could just home school them that would be so much easier but oh well maybe one day!! tomorrow i also get to take stupid BO to the vet on base to get shots and micro chipped boy that's gonna be fun to do with the crew!! but i am sure it will not be to bad as long as BO don't bite anyone! in a way maybe if he does they will put him to sleep that would be cool yea i know horrible but i am so tired of him hes so annoying he digs holes everyday and just everything about him annoys me! if chad did not like him so much he would totally be in the pound!!!! well on a positive note i went to the store today and used like a million coupons and saved 22.00 wow huh i thought that was totally awesome!! well since i talked so bad about BO i will post a nice picture of him and Kaylee ;) later guys!

Thursday, August 2


so i really think this picture is so funny so i had to post it and its the last picture i took with my camera so i guess kyle broke it hahaha i still can't believe my digital camera broke and its not even a year old yet so that really stinks cause i use it everyday i do not want to go back to a regular camera and its not like i can just go out and buy another one!! oh well i guess i will just have to save for a month or 2 and go get one! but i think things are gonna get better as my mom and aunt and 2 cousins are on their way here so that should be fun! i was hoping we would be able to go to the beach and yard sales but it looks like its gonna be bad weather but hopefully we will have fun anyways! i have been getting lots of emails from chad so that has been awesome i love hearing from him i sure wish this deployment was over already but i guess its gonna be a while till that happens!! well i guess that's really all i have to say so later guys!