Monday, January 31

Menu Planning Monday :)

  • Breakfasts:

Monday-Friday: Oatmeal or cereal

Saturday & Sunday: Eggs, sausage and toast, and Egg burritos

  • Lunch's:

Monday-Friday:  Bean and cheese burritos, sandwich's, leftovers

Saturday & Sunday: sloppy joes with fries, hamburger's and mac and cheese

  • Dinners:

Monday:  Baked potatoes with leftover chili and shredded cheese or for the picky eaters leftover spaghetti

Tuesday:  Chicken and Rice with carrots and Dinner rolls

Wednesday:  Beans, fried potatoes, corn, and cornbread

Thursday:  Tacos with all the fixings

Friday:   Beef Roast (crockpot) with carrots, green beans, and mashed potatoes

Saturday:  Homemade Pizza and fried chicken strips and wings

Sunday:  Leftovers or eat out..

  • Snacks:

Pumpkin chocolate chip bread  hands down the best pumpkin bead EVER!!!
oatmeal packet cookies  i have made these 3 times now and they are great with all flavors!! i do add a few handfulls of chocolate chips thou!

Saturday, January 29

I really really need to get more organized my house is so unorganized and its overwhelming i have so many stacks of paper, notebooks, books, clothes and shoes etc etc etc!!! i think i am going to try and deep clean and organize one area a day or week because with all the other chores i have to do everyday i do not think i can add more then one thing at a time right now!! And i really feel like i need to get it done now because soon we will be planing our garden and chads wanting to do a very large one so i feel like that's going to be very time consuming and I'd really like to have it done before the baby gets here which is really not that far away i think the biggest thing i need to do is actually get rid of stuff we just don't have a ton of space in this house and all our stuff makes it seem smaller and even more cluttered!! i also think i need to look around on google and see if i can find some good organizing blogs or websites, if you know some please send me an email or leave a comment with a link!!

  • dishes, kitchen counters and sink
  • sweep and mop the kitchen and living room today
  • wipe down both bathrooms
  • clean all bed sheets and make beds with clean sheets
  • 2 loads of laundry
  • have kids go thru there toy boxes and clean there rooms
  • find the rest of Caleb's cloth diapers (i can only find about half of them??)
  • deep clean and organize the computer desk (my first organizing project!)

Sunday, January 23

been busy

Well I have been pretty busy the past week or 2, I got the call that kk got in the school I wanted her in so I was super busy getting all the paperwork ready and her enrolled and she loves it there!! Its such a nice school and her teacher is just the best!! I'll probley try to start blogging again next week since things are slowing settling down, kk is just half days so it almost feels like after I drop her off its time to get her again!! and now Cheyenne is going to be starting track she made the team along with 14 other girls in all of the 3rd-5th grade so go chey chey :) she will be practicing twice a week and kyles doing wrestling 3 times a week and cody wants to play baseball so hopefully i will be getting him signed up for that soon but boy all this running around is gonna leave me BUSY!! so if i am not around you know why lol!! well later guys i need to clean up some now!!

It's A GIRL!!!

Well i guess its time i updated over here!! I sometimes forget there are people that view my blog that are not my facebook friends or friends in real life! So here ya go the newest Davis baby is a girl :) Everyone keeps saying Brady bunch kinda remarks lol and I think that's funny! :) Now just to come of with the perfect "K" name :)

Thursday, January 13

Sleepy Baby..

Caleb sleeping after church :)

Caleb sleeping in daddy's truck :)

Caleb sleeping on my phone lol :)

Caleb sleeping on cody :)

Caleb sleeping on the couch :)

Caleb and kk sleeping on our way to get the older kiddos from school! :)

Caleb sleeping in his cool chair :)

Caleb sleeping with a chip in his mouth lol

And my favorite Caleb sleeping at the kitchen table :)

Monday, January 10

The Simple Womans Daybook 1-10-11

For Today… Monday, January 10, 2011

Outside My Window… cloudy, rainy and cold 38 degrees out at the moment

I am thinking… I really need to start my daily chores and quit sitting around!

I am thankful… that none of my kids are sick and that we have a warm house!

I am remembering… my dogs that are gone i miss bugar and gustav so much :( bugar was a red min pin that got murdered by coyotes in oklahoma :( and gustav was a black and tan min pin that i got 4 years later he was a runner and got lost or picked up and no one ever returned him i miss them both so much!

I am hearing… Caleb munching on cheerios and watching Micky and kk playing with her petshops :)

I am going… to do some cleaning very soon!!

I am hoping… its not raining when its time to get the kids from school later!

On my mind… where we are going to put our garden we have a pretty big yard this year with very fertile dirt i'm pretty excited about fresh veggies!!

From the learning rooms… preschool stuff with kk and Caleb seem to be picking alot up hes so smart!

From the kitchen… Creamy basil parmesan pasta for lunch and no clue what i'm going to make for dinner yet...

One of my favorite things… mocha frappuccinos with shots of espresso :) i have not had one in weeks and really want one!

Pondering these words… if you think positive and smile you will be alot happier

A few plans for the rest of this week… drs. apt tommorw for an ultersound so very soon i will know if we are having another girl or boy so excited!! shopping on friday for grocerys and church on suday maybe at a new church..

From my picture journal…

All my boys watching a Clint Eastwood movie lol!

to do list 1-10-11

I'm feeling pretty unmotivated and tired today so I'm not posting much today lol.. i may add to this later if i feel better!

  1. Get my printer hooked up i really need to print kk some school work since I'm homeschooling her (the waiting list at the school i want her to go to is just sooooo long i doubt she will be getting in, but that's OK i love having her home and she can go next year!)
  2. Keep up with the dishes and keep the sink clean
  3. Make some more coffee (lol i told you I'm tired today)
  4. Do 2 loads of laundry
  5. Wipe down both bathrooms
  6. Have dinner ready by 6pm (now just to figure out what to make i really need to do menu plans again life was so much easier when i had them wrote up)
  7. Put half of the Christmas stuff away (lol its a start, and i can't get the stuff that's outside right now anyways cause its rainy and cold!!)
  8. Make my bed and the kids beds with clean sheets
  9. Sweep kitchen and living room (i miss carpet)
  10. Day 1 of reading the kids a bible story every night before bed (i have said and wanted to do this for over a year now and today is the day!)
  11. Make a shopping list and menu plan for next week
  12. Clean the coffee table
  13. Vitamins for everyone
Well this ended up being pretty long lets see how much i get done thou lol...

Friday, January 7

Weekend to do list 1/7 - 1/9

I figured it would be easier to do a weekend to do list since i will not be online much with chad being home and the kids all being home all day :)

  1. Take down the rest of the Christmas stuff nope still never did this uhhh
  2. Make homemade pizza
  3. Make a yummy treat (cookies or muffins)
  4. Keep the living room and kitchen neat and tidy
  5. Sweep sweep and sweep again lol
  6. Keep our bed made and have the kids keep theres made
  7. Have kids keep there room clean
  8. Help chad get rid of the giant cactus garden in the front yard! chad hauled off 540 pounds of cactus to the dump Saturday!! and guess what that was not even half of it!!! i hate cactus!!!

Thursday, January 6

A couple new pictures :)

to do list 1-6-11

Well since I did so good yesterday I'm doing another one today :)

  1. Sweep kitchen and living room
  2. Dishes
  3. 2 loads of laundry
  4. Make my bed
  5. Have the kids tidy up there rooms and make there beds
  6. Make chads lunch for Friday before i go to bed
  7. Make some kinda treat (muffins or cookies) changed my mind because i still had a dozen or so of muffins left from yesterday but we are out now so i will be doing this today!
  8. Wipe down both bathrooms (i have boys it needs to be done daily lol)
  9. Vitamins for everyone
  10. Put the rest of the Christmas stuff away never got to it lol..
I think that's good for today!! I hope everyone has a great day :)

Wednesday, January 5

to do list 1-5-11

I'm going to do a list today, something i have not done in a loooonnnnng time lol! so here we go!

  • Clean kitchen
  • Clean living room
  • Sweep my room and make my bed
  • Wipe down both bathrooms
  • Go to Winn-Dixie and get milk and eggs (only if the rain stops) I'm gonna try to go when chad gets home or in the morning after the kids go to school..
  • 2 loads of laundry
  • Have kids tidy up there rooms and make there beds!
  • Make pumpkin chocolate chip muffins
I think thats enough for day 1 of getting back to my to do lists!

Monday, January 3

it been awhile again.. my bad

well lots of new things have happened since my last post the number one thing would be we moved from the crappy house we lived in!!! and we pretty much love this house lol.. it really needs new flooring and we really need to find the water heater cause its turned up really high and made our first electric bill 500 bucks and we just can afford to live here if thats going to be what it is every month i mean 500 bucks really???!! really??!!! the water heater is the only thing we think it could be cause we have all energy efficient bulbs, HE washing machine, and keep the lights off and the heater is barely ever on and this is a triple increase from the other house with the same company :(  but other then that lol this house is really neat we have a big yard the kids can safely play in and if we ever have any extra money there is a really cool looking restaurant like 2 blocks away! the church is walking distance away and the school is awesome!! so honestly the pros to this house are great!!

and lets see we had a great Christmas and thanksgiving the kids got lots of neat-o things from us and Santa :) and we even had a fireplace for him to come down this year :) thanksgiving was fun cause my mom and brother and sister came down so that was really cool!! you really miss out on having family dinners with extended family with you are a military family and live far from "home" its really cool being so close to Pensacola right now we went down there for kyles birthday and saw alot of the family i have not seen in like 10 years!!! that was awesome!!

we are thinking about going to oklahoma to see chads family for spring break in march but we are not 100% sure yet but if we go i'm sure it will be super fun, kk does not even remember ever being there and only chads mom has seen Caleb so it will be nice to show him off and let the kids ride horses and just be free for a little bit Cheyenne and kyle really miss oklahoma!

well i guess thats all i have for now I'll try to update again soon :) i find out if baby # 6 is a girl or boy on the 11th so i'm sure i will be back then to let everyone know!