Friday, January 7

Weekend to do list 1/7 - 1/9

I figured it would be easier to do a weekend to do list since i will not be online much with chad being home and the kids all being home all day :)

  1. Take down the rest of the Christmas stuff nope still never did this uhhh
  2. Make homemade pizza
  3. Make a yummy treat (cookies or muffins)
  4. Keep the living room and kitchen neat and tidy
  5. Sweep sweep and sweep again lol
  6. Keep our bed made and have the kids keep theres made
  7. Have kids keep there room clean
  8. Help chad get rid of the giant cactus garden in the front yard! chad hauled off 540 pounds of cactus to the dump Saturday!! and guess what that was not even half of it!!! i hate cactus!!!

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