Wednesday, October 29

2 weeks old now!

so Caleb had is 2 week check up yesterday and is in the 90% for height and 95% for weight and 75% for his head ;) he weighs 9.2 lbs now and is still 22inches long! he is still doing great and eating all the time and just being the cutest baby ever ;)
Caleb says hi ;)

how he pretty much looks all day ;)

Sunday, October 26

a few new pictures

i just think this picture is so cute ;)
and another view ;)

little Caleb sleeping funny ;)

so cute!!

October updates

yeah i am a little late getting this out but better late then never right ;)

so October has been an awesome month for us as a family as baby Caleb is here now and so is chad ;) so anyways on to the updates

me and chad are doing awesome he came home from a 5 mt deployment 10/6 and has been off work ever since and that's been great its so nice having help again in case you are wondering why so many days its cause first he took leave cause they just got home and then he got to take baby leave and he will not have to go back to work till the 31st so we still have a few more days ;)

Cheyenne is doing great and getting so tall and mature and she LOVES her new baby brother and has been a great help with kk ;)

kyle is also doing great hes still not getting any taller lol but man is he smart!!! and he also is in love with the new baby brother and a pretty good helper around the house when bribed lol and he loves playing football out in the yard now that chads back to play with him ;)

Cody is doing good and loves having dad back home and really loves riding in chads truck and he is still enjoying going to school everyday and he loves holding Caleb its really cute!!

kk is just the sweetest ever and has had many many changes she is now fully potty trained poo and pee its just weird it finally clicked with her and shes done awesome!! she also got her first set of shots last week and while it was sad i guess it was finally the time and she enjoyed the 2 huge suckers chad got her lol!!

and on to baby Caleb well what really can i say except that hes perfect in every single way ;) he is such a great baby and hardly ever cries hes just so sweet and cuddly ;) hes a big boy thou and eats about 23 hrs a day lol!!

well i guess that's all i have got right now I'll post a few new pictures in a little bit ;)

Thursday, October 16

baby Caleb

my beautiful baby boy Caleb he was born 10/14/08 at 6:14am and weighed 8lbs 15.4oz and was 22 inches long and he was 2 weeks early!!
his big ole monster feet and toes ;)

me and baby Caleb

cody just loves holding him!!

Daddy's Home!!!

here's a picture of Chads ship comming back home ;)
and here's a super cute picture of kk and daddy she was so happy to see him and still will not let him go far!!
another cute one of daddy and kk
and another sadly this is all i got from homecoming cause my camera is messed up but thankfully i can just steal chads now hahahaha
and here's the hamster chad promised the kids upon his arrival home lol Cheyenne named him biff ;)

Tuesday, October 7

taking a break..

I'll be back next week chads home now so we are busy having fun and playing with all the kiddos ;)

Sunday, October 5

i was tagged...

so i was tagged by the penny pinching diva to tell 7 random things about me and then to tag 7 people so lets see.....

1. i am a total germ freak i actually start freaking out when i find out someone is near me or my kids and they are sick i have actually gone as far as not being friends with people that would bring there sick kids over lol but ironically i am horrible about cleaning well for the most part anyways lol

2. if i do my to do list on my blog i get all or most of it done because i feel like someone is going to see my list and be all disappointed if its not done lol but if i have a lot to do and i do not do a list oh well cause all that will get done is the kitchen its really kinda sad but i guess good at the same time that i have someone/thing to be accountable to??

3. my grandma died when i was 18 and had just graduated high school and i lived with her so i was faced with moving in with my mom which i did not wanna do cause her husband was a jerk-off so i was probably gonna find a cheap apartment or trailer to rent but in the mean time me and Tonya my step-sister were driving around and saw the navy & army recruiting office and she was all lets go pretend we want to join hehehe and i swear the last thing i remember was him saying so do you wanna join the navy and i was all OK why not hahaha and 1 week yeah 1 week later i was in boot camp!!!!

4. i take a ton of vitamin's everyday i take 2 prenatals, 2 omega 3-6-9, 2 bee pollen, and 2 calcium and i give the kids 2 -4 (depends on what i have on hand) complete, and 2 omega 3-6-9 well i can't take cody into taking the omega ones yet but Cheyenne and kyle take them cause it makes them smarter hehe and kk just takes them cause they do ;)

5. as long as my health stays good me and chad just plan to leave our family size up to god so we may just have 5 (once i have this baby) or we may have like 10 who knows!!

6. i try so hard to eat and cook healthy for me and my family but it seems i just can't quit eating out once a week and i have tried so so hard to give up soda but it seems like my only destressing outlet and the times i have gave it up i was not a nice person to be around!!!

7. me and chad have been thru 6 5-6 mt deployments and countless weeks and months of workups leading to the stupid deployments and even after 8 years of being a navy wife i still hate it and i count the days till he gets out and we can have a real non military life!!!!

OK my 7 to tag will be

1. kim cause she has 4 boys and keeps me on track with my to do lists

2. jeni cause she has been there lots for me during this crappy deployment!!

3. michelle cause i have known her awhile now i feel sorry for her cause she still lives in Oklahoma hehe j/k

4. Chrystal cause i have just met her and would like to read her 7 things ;)

5. jennifer cause she is my friend from way way back!!

6. kristin cause she has 5 little kiddos and finds the greatest deals ever i love reading about her shopping adventures i wish i could save as much as her!!!

7. the happy housewife cause i love reading her blog there is always something on there that i enjoy!

Saturday, October 4

my poor little bug....

my poor poor Kaylee bug most definitely has some kinda tummy bug cause she has had some crazy diarrhea thats been shooting out of her diapers and making a huge mess in the house!! but her poopy mess has gotten the house clean and she is finally starting to feel a little better thankful!! we are not doing anything much today but cuddling with kk and playing with her since she is not feeling 100% well i guess we are doing a lot of cleaning to today but thats really about it! tonight we are gonna have our movie night (at home of course) every weekend we do a movie night where we pick a movie and make some popcorn and have a soda yep i give them a soda just a sprite so they are not bouncing off the walls with caffeine but everyone loves it including me cause it an hour and half i know i get to just chill and not worry about cleaning or doing this or that!! well i need to go and check on kk later guys!

Friday, October 3

just chilling..

so its been a few days since i have blogged so i figured i better get on here today and write something cause come next week i am sure i will be super busy and not have anytime to get on the computer!!! so anyways noting new really has been going on to be honest! yesterday i did a ton of running around and got my grocery shopping done and i got an awesome deal on a bassinet that's in perfect condition, and a very nice infant car seat i also went into belly buttons (a kids thrift store) and got a few baby boy sleepers that were just super cute and about 5 pairs of newborn socks and i got kk a cool wooden potty i will have to take a picture of it later cause its pretty neat!! shes not really feeling well right now she has a low grade fever and has been saying her ear hurts so i am thinking she might have her first ear infection ;( i went to walmart earlier today and got her some homeopathic ear drops and some Tylenol and hopefully that will clear it up if not i guess i will have to take her in Monday ;( Cody is doing great now if you were wondering he has a follow up apt on Wednesday but i know that will go great cause he just fine now i am so happy his eye healed up good cause his eyes are just to pretty to have them get damaged ;) other then all that we have been trying to get this messy house a little clean cause chad will be here very soon but it seems every time i get real motivated i have to sit down for a fer minutes because of this or that but that's OK chad will need something to do when he gets home hahaha well i guess that's all i have right now later guys!