Thursday, November 19

has is really been 44 days???

wow thats a long time to go without blogging!!! i guess i have been doing alot of updating on facebook and i just kinda forgot about my cute little blog :( but i am going to try and post more cause i really like to go back and look at pictures and my randomness at later dates lol!

so anyways whats been going on the past 44 days....

caleb turned 1 and thats just crazy that he is that old hes actually 13mts now its just shocking really that my baby boy is getting so big my mom and sister were down when we celebrated his birthday so that was cool he was not impressed with the cake one bit thou i forced him to try the frosting and he acted like i was trying to poison him lol but i suppose thats no surprise cause he is not much of an eater he like Cheerios, pretzel's, and chicken and thats about it!!!

hummm chad is still gone :( and will be gone still for a long time and this deployment is taking forever and ever and i am very bored with it!!! but in june we move to panama city for shore duty so we are really looking foward to that i can't wait to be out of mayport most days it feels like june will never come but in the other hand its really not that far away!!! i will miss a few people from here but honestly i am not really a person that "hangs" out with people i am more of an email friend i just don't really care for social gatherings and i think party's and group outings with husbands involved are torture lol but every once in awhile i do enjoying going to the park with a friend and chatting it up or coffee at a friends house and chatting :) but thats about it! well what started as an i miss chad ended in my anti social behaviors intresting....

lets see i have discovered an awesome new website called wish upon a hero its just full of awesomeness you have to check it out and here's my profile if you want to grant my book wish lol or just add me as a friend :) but its a great site i have helped people with food, clothes, and cards and it feels great and cheyenne got so many birthday cards for her birthday last year its amazing how a card can make someone feel so good seeing them come in had me in tears and kyles getting them in now his birthday is 11/27 and honestly its just awesome i can't say enough good things about this site!!

i started working out again on monday and it sucks but its going pretty good so far and i needed to start cause i am getting to big from all the eating out we tend to do when chad is away so far i have lost 2 lbs i am sure its just water weight but i'll take it lol!! we got a wii fit and it does make working out kinda fun i love beating the kids running scores and hula hoop scores lol!!!

well i guess thats all i got today i might add a few pictures later but right now i need to go clean the kitchen and living room later guys!