Thursday, October 28

Its About Time!!

Well its been a LONG time I know!! So I figured it was time for an update!

Things are going great right now we are now living in Panama City, FL.. Chad is off the ship and on shore duty so hes home all the time and that's so awesome for our family the kids and me love having him home all the time! Right now hes home ALOT because he had surgery on the ankle he fractured LAST year!! All the kids are doing good and growing like crazy Cheyenne is 10, Kyle is about to be 9 and Cody is 6 and about as big as Kyle, little kk is in preschool this year and is just having a blast (most days lol) and baby Caleb is huge hes 2 now and seems to get bigger and smarter everyday!! and lastly I'm pregnant with baby number 6 :) and will be due May 26th, 2011 and we can't wait!! I'm not sure what my plans are for this blog but i think i am going to try and start blogging again but honestly I'm not sure i don't really have alot of time for the computer these days so we will see! so until next time later guys!

Friday, April 30

WOW!!! What a Jerk I am!!!!

I totally forgot i had this giveaway going and just went on with life.. and today i thought hey I'm going to blog and opened up blogger and bam theres the giveaway post!! CRAP!! so 2 weeks late but still on a Friday lol here's the winner...

Comment # 2 which is Heather Milburn

please send me you pay pal info within 48hrs or i will need to pick someone else :)


Saturday, April 10

2010 Ultimate Blog Party

Ultimate Blog Party 2010

A little about me hummm..... I'm a Navy wife to an awesome guy thats been in the navy 13 years now and we have 5 kids and hopefully more one day :) We cloth diaper, co-sleep, use slings, and try to eat healthy, We live in Jacksonville, fl but will be transferring to Panama City, fl this summer, so if ya live there please send me a message I'd love to meet some people there before we actually move!! i'm doing a 25 dollar pay-pal giveaway if by chance you do not have pay-pal i could do an Amazon gift card :) Good Luck

Please go here to enter $25 dollar giftcard or pp

i personally would love to win a tye-dye t shirt from making milburns

25 Dollar Giveaway :)

Ultimate Blog Party 2010

Well i have decided to join in on the giveaways that 5 minutes for moms are hosting and i am going to be giving away 25 dollars in paypal money or if you do not have paypal i can give you a 25 dollar Amazon giftcard :)

Ways you can win would be:
  1. To leave a comment on this post telling me what you would do with the money.
  2. Leave a comment on another post then come back here and leave a post letting me know.
  3. Follow my blog via google connect ( top left ) and come back here an let me know.
  4. Follow my diet blog and come back here and let me know, maybe with more follows i will stick to it this time lol! bye-bye fat
  5. Leave a link to your giveaway in a comment for another chance.

Good Luck!! I Will pick a winner on 4/16 by having my 9 year old daughter randomly picking a number out of the entry's or by using

Thursday, April 8

to do list for 4/8

Well i have finally almost finished my lists from the week lol all i have left to do is clean the bathrooms and get rid of a bag of toys i can knock that out today (i hope lol) here's a few more things I'd like to also do...

  • finish other lists
  • stick to diet
  • exercise
  • have kids clean there rooms
  • have kids clean the fl. room
woo hooo i did great!!

Wednesday, April 7

to do list for 4/7

So BIG surprise i did not do much with my to do list yesterday so today i am going to try really hard to get the LISTS finished lol.. Chad has duty today so i think i can get this done today!! (Hopefully)

  • FINISH OTHER LISTS!! done finally!!
  • stick to diet did great :)
  • exercise went on a bike ride :)
  • Lots of push ups so i can win Michelle's contest lol check it out blessed quiver i only did 37 i'm lame lol!

Tuesday, April 6

To do list for 4-6-10

Well i did not do great with my list yesterday so i am going to try to finish it up today and also do a few other things! Hopefully i can get everything done today!

  • wash my sheets done!!
  • stick to diet done!!
  • exercise we went on a bike ride :)
  • clean up (organize) the coat and shoe rack done!!
  • wash and fold diapers (before i run out lol) done!!
  • make banana muffins (before i have to throw the bananas away lol) done and it was horrible not eating them lol!!

Sunday, April 4

To do list for 4-4-10

  • kitchen counters done, and i deep cleaned the oven to!!
  • dishes done!
  • 2 loads of laundry from start to finish done!
  • sweep and mop kitchen floor done finally!!
  • sweep and mop hallways done finally!!
  • tidy up all bedrooms (kids do theres, and i will do mine) done!
  • take a walk or bike ride today we went to hanna park and walked a few hiking trails it was fun ;)
  • stick to diet done and it was hard lol!
  • get rid of at least one trash bag of toys done!!
  • tidy up both bathrooms done!!

Friday, April 2

The biggest loser...

My friend Michelle is hosting a biggest loser contest with prizes and since i am trying to diet again i figured i would join it, if you decide to join in please tell her i sent you so i get credit for it :) Right now i weight 153 and i would love to get down to 125 so i have some work to do!! since i want to get lots of points i'm posting pictures (yuck) lol so for your viewing pleasures....

Thursday, April 1

To do list for 4-1-10

  • 3 loads of laundry from start to finish done!!
  • all beds made done!!
  • dishes done, now just to keep them that way!!
  • kitchen counters done!!
  • sweep and mop kitchen done!!
  • tidy up toy room done, we even organized to!!
  • have kids clean there room done!!
  • tidy up bathrooms done!!
  • stick to diet i had a bowl of ice cream but nothing else bad...
  • exercise at least 30 minutes done!!

its been awhile..

Well hello everyone its been way to long yet again!! Sorry i have been so bad with updating it seems i do most my updating on facebook these days! But since chad is back know i wanted to update about that, he got back home 2 weeks ago and it was GREAT!! We had tons of fun going the park and playing football, OK i did not play football but it was fun to watch ;) Today is his first day back at work and he has duty so that is a super bummer!! But at least he will be home early in the morning unfortunately he will have duty on Easter so we will be celebrating on Saturday. We are also starting a new diet, well sorta anyways we are going to be giving up all sodas, coffee, sweets and junk food (including fast food) for 30 days and working out everyday for 30 days I'm hoping to see some results cause i really NEED to lose 20 pounds and getting into a healthier eating routine should help! well that's all i have for now later guys..

Wednesday, January 27


ughhh I'm so annoyed tonight!! stupid facebook is not working and i have a farm to harvest and plow lol and i really really need to play that stupid bouncing balls game because i have to beat Alicia's high score its driving me insane her score is higher then mine but can i can get on facebook to do this stuff ummmm no i can't!! anyways... my mom should be here soon and thats awesome!! we can't wait! but the reason she is comming kinda sucks kk's got a dentist apt in the morning and has to be sedated since she is so young i just hope everything goes smoothly and shes get everything done fast and pain free and kk is out of it the whole time i just keep thinking what if she wakes up ;( my poor princess i feel bad for her ;( and me to i am going to the dentist on Monday YUCK i sooooo hate the dentist but not as much as i hate the gyn Dr's lol OK I'm bored and i guess i am just going to go watch tv since i can't play any facebook games tonight later guys!

Tuesday, January 19

pantry challenge

well this has been way harder then i ever imagined i have cheated and slipped up alot i have gotten a few more snacks and i got yogurt and a couple cases of water we have also ate out a few times I'm going to try better this week my plan is to just not leave the house because if i stay home i can't spend money right lol!?!? so thats the plan right now! here's a rough draft of what i plan to serve this week for us ;)

  • Tuesday
dinner: frozen pizza and corn (they love corn lol)

  • Wednesday

b-fast: oatmeal/ grits

lunch: sandwiches and chips

dinner: meatballs, mac'n'cheese and green beans

  • Thursday:

b-fast: oatmeal/ grits

lunch: leftovers

dinner: spaghetti, green beans, french bread

  • Friday: (no school)

b-fast: eggs, grits and toast

lunch: chicken nuggets, fries, and corn

dinner: tatortot casserole and carrots

  • Saturday:

b-fast: chocolate chip pancakes

lunch: leftovers

dinner: roast chicken in the crockpot with carrots and potatoes

  • Sunday:

b-fast: oatmeal

lunch: leftovers

dinner: leftovers or pizza

Monday, January 11

pantry challenge

well day 2 went pretty good we had eggs, bacon and toast for breakfast and then for lunch we had hot dogs and mac and cheese then dinner we had chicken , fries, and carrots and for snacks we had strawberries, oranges and animal crackers!

day 3 (today) did not go good i had to go to the store to get snack for Cody's class for tomorrow and not only did i get Cody's class snack i got pretzel's and lemonade and cranberry juice and a book i guess the book does not count but the other things do :( oh well i said no to a ton of other things so thats a plus!

so breakfast the kids had oatmeal and i had yogurt and for lunch me, Caleb and kk went to chickfila also BAD BAD BAD cause i am not suppose to be eating out right now :( for dinner we are having a tuna casserole and carrots and i think i will make some tea :) hopefully the rest of the week will go better!!!

Saturday, January 9

Eat From The Pantry Challenge

well i have decided i am going to try this for the month of January it should not be to hard since i am starting late (1/9) but then again i usually stop by the store once or twice a week so we will see!! my plans are to still get milk, eggs, and fruit because we go thru them big time and i do not want to deprive us of foods that are good for us!! but that is all i plan to buy!!!! i will try to post every couple days what i made or what i plan on making i am sure around the end of the month i will be getting pretty creative lol!!

Here's Today's Menu


Cinnamon Toast and milk (kyle had apple juice)


I'm thinking chicken nuggets and mac and cheese


goldfish crackers and strawberries or oranges


Chinese potstickers and stirfry veggies and noodles


man its been another month since i have posted again i just don't know whats wrong with me these days lol!! honestly there is not a whole lot to report with chad being gone we really don't do much but play the wii and watch movies :) we are past the halfway point now so that's pretty exciting :) i am starting to go on a diet now which is super hard for me cause i love my junk food and fatty drinks I'm on day 3 and its not easy!! but hopefully i will stick to it and lose that 20lbs i need/want to lose before chad comes home!! i started my diet blog again if you want to follow along with (bye-bye fat) it maybe it will keep me motivated to do good lol!! well here's a few pictures for your viewing pleasures lol :)

here's little man looking pretty funny I'm sure if chad was here he would say its because he has a gators shirt on haha!!

a picture of kyle on his 8Th birthday (11-27)

cutie Cody :)

one of the out takes from the beach pictures i love kks face in this one lol!!

shes so cute!!