Sunday, January 23

been busy

Well I have been pretty busy the past week or 2, I got the call that kk got in the school I wanted her in so I was super busy getting all the paperwork ready and her enrolled and she loves it there!! Its such a nice school and her teacher is just the best!! I'll probley try to start blogging again next week since things are slowing settling down, kk is just half days so it almost feels like after I drop her off its time to get her again!! and now Cheyenne is going to be starting track she made the team along with 14 other girls in all of the 3rd-5th grade so go chey chey :) she will be practicing twice a week and kyles doing wrestling 3 times a week and cody wants to play baseball so hopefully i will be getting him signed up for that soon but boy all this running around is gonna leave me BUSY!! so if i am not around you know why lol!! well later guys i need to clean up some now!!

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