Wednesday, June 24

WW There's noting like a good old fashion sink bath hehe

he loves taking a bath in the sink and yes those tomatoes are from our tiny garden ;)
such a cutie!

oh i love that baby boy!!!

hehe ;)
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Tuesday, June 23

dentists dentists dentists

wow am i glad i have noting else to do this week, Monday cody had to get a baby root canal done its not really a root canal but its pretty much what it is my poor little dude, he did great thou there was one time he was in pain ;( and had to be given another shot but once that kicked in he was fine and had a heavy tongue for a long time (lol thats what he called it) but today hes doing great you would have never thought he just had some major work done yesterday!! and today kyle had to go and actually get a tooth pulled and a space maintainer put in which was pretty scary for me he did great when the dentist was done i asked kyle if he wanted to see his tooth and hes all what mom they took my tooth out already hahaha i was pretty happy about that cause i would hate for him to have been in any pain!! both boys still have to get more stuff done kyles going back on the first to get 2 of his teeth capped cause the filling are bad now and Cody's got to go back on the 15Th and get another baby root canal done ;( but at least we found an awesome dentist office one thing we never found in Oklahoma so for that i am very very grateful!!

in other news chads out to sea again ;( for about 2 weeks and that really sucks hes gonna miss the independence day fest on base they are doing it this weekend so i guess its just me and the kids going bummer on that!!

we went to the beach and chad and kyle fished on Sunday and they saw a bunch of sand sharks chad said he saw one that was pretty big really close man how scary is that, they were not even that far out we went at high tide and about an hour before sunset and it was so nice out there the water was calmer then i have ever seen it!! well i guess i need to go and get some stuff around the house done i just wanted to update the blog since its been awhile ;)

Monday, June 15

great giveaway going on at PPDiva's blog

PPDiva has an awesome giveaway going on, on her blog its for a 100 giftcard to home depot and if you have a husband like mine this is an awesome giveaway!!! go to her blog and check the give away out and check her blog out to shes really cool and our youngest baby's were born the same day just a few hours apart ;)

Friday, June 12

a couple new pictures!

isn't this Elvis hair bow the coolest!!!
hehehe Kaylee is so silly!!

my attempt at a new kids picture ;)

my cute little hippy hehehe ;)

look at his pretty eyes!

darn my kids teeth!!

well i took 4 of the kiddos to the dentist this week kk and cody went Tuesday and i LOVE their dentist but am sad to report Cody's has to get 2 caps and then 3 fillings ;( and kk needs 2 caps ;( so thats pretty uncool we brush twice a day everyday so really how does this happen??) and then on to kyle and Cheyenne kyle is not doing well either he actually has an infected tooth thats gonna have to be pulled ;( and that was one that was filled in stupid Oklahoma and all the other fillings he had in Oklahoma are bad now and will have to be redone just another reason to dislike that crappy place! but Cheyennes teeth are perfect as usual! so yeah to that but i hate that the other 3 kiddos have to get a lot of stuff done it makes me sad!!

in other news my dishwasher is finally fixed so thats some good news!!! well later guys i need to clean up a bit!

Wednesday, June 10

Wow I've been gone awhile lol

so i am just sitting here waiting on maintenance to get here and fix or replace my dishwasher they are not late yet but they will be in 1 minute lol they were suppose to come between 8-11 and ummm no they are not here yet!!! very annoying!! i think the thing that annoys me the most is pest control is coming today also to spray for spiders and stuff and they were suppose to come between 8-11 and they are not here also yet so whats up with that crap??? but anyways i cleaned my butt off yesterday so they house looks pretty awesome, well as awesome as it can look for a house with 5 kids under 8 lol!

I took Cody and Kaylee to the dentist yesterday and i love the place i took them to!! I was so happy with the dentist and hygienist and that NEVER happens i have never really liked any of the dentists my kids have been to cause they were all rude and have crazy rules like you are not allowed to go back with your kid and i just think that's wrong!! but this guys awesome and so is his staff there i go back again tomorrow for Cheyenne and kyle while its annoying i have to go back there this soon i am okay with it since it was such a nice place!! other then that we have not been doing all that much chads out to sea for about a week give or take a day so i am sure i will be blogging again hes been home early alot so i have not really had the time to well later guys I'll be back later with new pictures ;)

my sweet boy (wordless Wednesday)

here's cody one of the sweetest boys you will ever meet for mothers day he got me 3 roses ;) and they have been dead in there vase for awhile now so yesterday i put them on a table on the porch and he got them and planted them for me lol check out the super cute pictures below
here's a picture i took today of them ;)

and here's a cool picture i took last night of them i wonder how long they will last lol ;)
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