Saturday, January 29

I really really need to get more organized my house is so unorganized and its overwhelming i have so many stacks of paper, notebooks, books, clothes and shoes etc etc etc!!! i think i am going to try and deep clean and organize one area a day or week because with all the other chores i have to do everyday i do not think i can add more then one thing at a time right now!! And i really feel like i need to get it done now because soon we will be planing our garden and chads wanting to do a very large one so i feel like that's going to be very time consuming and I'd really like to have it done before the baby gets here which is really not that far away i think the biggest thing i need to do is actually get rid of stuff we just don't have a ton of space in this house and all our stuff makes it seem smaller and even more cluttered!! i also think i need to look around on google and see if i can find some good organizing blogs or websites, if you know some please send me an email or leave a comment with a link!!

  • dishes, kitchen counters and sink
  • sweep and mop the kitchen and living room today
  • wipe down both bathrooms
  • clean all bed sheets and make beds with clean sheets
  • 2 loads of laundry
  • have kids go thru there toy boxes and clean there rooms
  • find the rest of Caleb's cloth diapers (i can only find about half of them??)
  • deep clean and organize the computer desk (my first organizing project!)

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