Friday, August 29

not what i expected...

well i have to say i am pretty surprised with my Dr's apt today i was expecting to go in and let them have a listen to my heart and say everything is wonderful and then be on my merry little way but as it turns out i go in and they do my blood pressure in both arms and that was all good so i was happy about that but then i had to have an EKG which was new and kinda weird and my test for that came back as borderline so while it was not abnormal it was still not normal so that was not cool and then a few minutes later the cardiologist came in and and asked me like 10 million questions and then listened to my heart from the front and back and on the sides of my neck and made me hold my breath and then he told be that the murmur was loud and not what a normal pregnancy related murmur should sound like and he noticed i had shortness of breath and asked about that and then he said i have to come back and get an echo cardiogram on my heart which is an ultrasound so they can look at my hearth valves and see how everything looks so on Tuesday i go back and get that done so please pray for me!

on a light note i had an appointment with my midwife thursday and that went great i am only measuring 1 week early now and my weight is good and the baby heartbeat was great so the only baby related complaint i have is heartburn lol....

Wednesday, August 27

no bake cookie recipe...

well since 2 people asked for the recipe i figured i should post it ;) i got this out of an older 1970s fundraiser cookbook but you can find about a million variations on but here's the one i love ;)

  • 2 cups white sugar (oh yeah real healthy lol)
  • 3 tablespoons unsweetened cocoa powder
  • 1/2 cup margarine
  • 1/2 cup milk
  • 1 pinch of salt
  • 3 cups of quick cooking oats
  • 1/2 cup peanut butter
  • 1 teaspoon of vanilla extract


  • in a heavy saucepan (i use a large cast iron one) bring cocoa, margarine, milk, and salt to a rapid boil for 2 minutes
  • add quick cooking oats, peanut butter, and vanilla; mix well
  • working quickly, drop by the teaspoons (or however big you want them) onto wax paper and let cool

some tips make sure its just 2 minutes you let them boil anything over can cause them to burn and anything under can make them take a whole day to cool and dry out!! and once it starts boiling its very helpful if you have everything measured out and ready to go or you are gonna burn them cause these things are done fast also its good to have you wax paper out and waiting for you cause they can dry out in the pan if you are to slow!! enjoy ;)


oh yeah my kids are crazy, but thats why i love them so much ;)

i did not get everything done yesterday but i did get a lot done that i wanted to done and i will work on the rest today i am also gonna clean the fridge and freezer out cause i am gonna go to the store tomorrow and i want the fridge clean first a soda exploded in the freezer grrr and the fridge just needs cleaning its been awhile!!! i wanted to go to the store today but the kids get out early today and i would rather just go with kk cause that way i will have less people asking for things ya no!!!! kk will ask but she is happy with anything i can just give her something already in the cart and she is pleased lol ;) my mom is gonna be down today at some point hopefully before it gets to late cause i do not want the kids staying up late cause that equals grouchiness and no one likes that!!! well i guess that's all i got for now guys ttyl ;)

Tuesday, August 26

today is the day to quit being lazy!!

so here's my quit being lazy list!!!

  • dishes done with the 1st round but there will be more later as usual!!
  • sweep and mop floor
  • clean counters and stove done!!
  • dinner by 6:30 done we had hamburger helper i was feeling lazy lol

living room

  • clean table done!!
  • vacuum rugs thank you Cheyenne ;)
  • fold and put away all clean clothes off the couch done!!
  • spot clean couch
  • tidy up my sewing desk
  • clean TV screen


  • have kids clean there rooms before dinner time done!!
  • clean toy room if we have time done yeah!!!
  • clean my desk and dresser tops done!!
  • put new sheets on my bed and make it
  • sweep my floor
  • vacuum my rug and kyles thanks Cheyenne!!
  • clean fronts of TVs


  • just a general tidy of both ( i will deep clean another day)


  • help kids with homework done!!
  • bedtime by 8:30
  • have a snack sitting on my clean (lol) counter for when we get back home from school done we had oatmeal cookies and milk/juice
  • take movies back to the library done!! and the late charge was not to bad either cause she took off 3 bucks for the late DVD since they were closed 3 days for the storm so yeah!!!
  • 2 loads of laundry from start to finish done and i am working on my 3rd load now wooo hooo!!
  • clean up a little outside (from storm) if i have time no need the wonderful lawn guys hooked me up lol!!

up way to early again!!


well i guess this is just my new thing to wake up super early yesterday it was around 5am i woke up to but i fought it yesterday and just layed in bed but today i just got up i figured why not lol its actually kinda nice and peaceful right now with everyone asleep i should be cleaning but i really doubt that's gonna happen hahaha but i am doing a list today and cleaning cause well the house needs its the past week it seems all i do is cook clean the kitchen eat and eat some more and then play tetris attack lol but there are a million other things i do also but it seems cleaning has just taken the back burner or something!! yesterday i made a menu plan for the next 2 weeks and i made a shopping list for it i have been so lazy and bad with chad being gone and with this pregnancy but i am just so tired of 6 o'clock rolling around and me scrambling around trying to figure out what to cook so i think this will help me to quit stressing out so much about that at least that lol my mom will be coming down either tonight or tomorrow and me and the kids are really looking fwd to that shes mostly coming down cause i have my appointment with the cardiologist on Friday but she is coming early to and staying the weekend also just to chill with us and its gonna be so nice to get out of our pretty boring routine!!! i am also really looking fwd to going to the cardiologist to erase all fears not that have been stressing much over it but at the sometime it is a little stressful ya no!! well i guess that's all i got for now i am off to do my list now!!

Monday, August 25

our day so far..

silly silly girl!!

so i did the crazy paranoid parent thing today and brought Cody to the Dr over a cough but it sounded so croupy like that i really thought he needed to get it checked out and i was thinking he should stay home from school and not pass it on but the Dr did this and that and said he was cool and did not need to stay home from school so i guess hes going today and hes happy about that he loves going he said story time is boring and takes sooooo long and he really wishes his teacher would read faster hahahaha i thought that was pretty funny!! he really cracks me up he also told me the other day he was mad at daddy cause he made us leave Oklahoma and if we don't go back hes gonna go on an adventure back to Oklahoma and i said oh yeah do you know how to get there and he said yes i am making a map now and then he proceeded to make that map so i told him good luck and that i would sure miss him and he just started laughing and said he was just joking but he does miss Oklahoma hehe!! as far as today goes the only thing i really have planned is to go the library i have a few movies and books that need to be returned they were actually due Thursday and with the storm they did not get turned in and there was a DVD i could not renew online so that really sucks since there is a 1 dollar late charge for everyday late!!! and to top it off i never even watched it so that sucks!! but oh well!! well i guess that's all i got for now later guys..

Sunday, August 24


well yesterday was a pretty lazy day all we did was sit around the house and clean and cook i made some super yummy no-bake chocolate oatmeal cookies Michelle came over and we started talking about fudge and cookies and all kinds of other yummy things so i had to make them they were on my mind for hours lol!!! we did leave once to go to food lion and got wic stuff i really needed to get it, i needed it before the storm but i wanted to wait till it was over just in case the power went out but thankfully it never went out well i guess that's not true cause i woke in the middle of the night the day before yesterday to the power coming back on but i don't think it was out long, we were really blessed to keep power on cause most people around us lost power and had it on and off for 2-3 days!! i am not really sure what we are gonna do today i wanted to go to church but Cody woke up with a nasty cough so i guess we are gonna have to stay home i hope hes better by tomorrow cause i can't bring him to school with that cough i think maybe i had the ac to low last night so if that's the case he should be good by tomorrow but i guess we will just have to wait and see!! well that's all i got right now later guys...

Friday, August 22

a few pictures...

our back porch..
the drain ditch in our backyard..
and more of it..
well here are a few pictures of my backyard thats a drain ditch that is very very full!!!
another view of it..

still raining...

well yesterday was real windy and rainy but it was not to bad today is pretty much the same as yesterday still windy and rainy there are lots of small tree limbs and lots of Palm limbs and finally all the rotten oranges from our tree fell to the ground woo hoo lol!! i have seen a lot of people driving around today on base and i really have to wonder why??? cause its still ugly and unsafe!! our Florida room is soooooo wet everything in there is soaked including the 2 rugs i will probably have to throw them out in fact i should now so they do not mold but there is a lot of stuff in there that i had to bring in from outside! the drain ditch in our back yard is so full i am actually wondering when it is gonna overflow i;ll have to go out there in a few and take a picture of it!! we never lost power so that is awesome but a lot of my friends on base did so that's crazy i did hear a loud crash last night and when i looked outside it was so dark across the road so i figured they lost power.. well i guess that's all i got right now i might take some pictures later of the mess..

Thursday, August 21

its finally getting ugly...

well all 3 kids are out of school today thank goodness but in reality i would not have brought them anyways!!! things are finally starting to get ugly outside there are plam limbs and small limbs all over the ground now there are a few on my van hehehe i would say the only thing i am kinda worried about right now is the swing set its a pretty small one and i worry that is may fly away and knock into something and if that happens am i responsible???? now thats a scary thought!! my bird feeder almost went flying i forgot to get it out of the tree so i ran out there and got it pretty much just in time lol!! i would love to go look at the beach right now i bet the waves are huge!! but that would be pretty unsafe so me and the kiddos are staying home till the weather is good!! well i guess i am gonna go cause i have some stuff i need to do I'll write later if i have power later guys!!

Wednesday, August 20

so far so good...

well i woke up this morning and saw that they are thinking that fay will stay a tropical storm and not turn into a hurricane so that's awesome!! but as with all storms its still possible that it could change and become a hurricane but as of right now i am a lot less worried!! now all i really have to worry about is losing power which while its not that big of a deal its still gonna stink cause all the food i have in the deep freeze and just the regular fridge but i would much rather lose power then get a hurricane and have to leave and find a place to stay!! Cheyenne and kyle are still out of school today but so far Cody has to go but the lady at his school told me to call at 1130 and see if they were still opened he goes from 1230-330 i really hope they cancel it cause i have a lot of Dr's. appointments this month and he is only allowed to miss 3 days a month due to the vpk funding and if he miss's more then he will get kicked out of the school and that really sucks so i have not decided what to do yet...well i guess that's all i got right now i am gonna try to clean clean clean to keep me busy and so i will not have lot of stuff piled up if we do lose power but anyways until next time later guys!

Tuesday, August 19


well what sucks is they think that tropical storm fay is gonna turn into a hurricane and hit jax and i live near the beach like with in a mile so that's pretty scary i really hope they are just freaking out cause there has not been a storm in a long time around here but if not i just really hope we do not have to evacuate cause i have no clue where i will go cause i have no money for a hotel but oh well i am sure everything will work out and things will be cool hopefully we will just get a bunch of rain and that's that!!! but just in case i went to foodlion and got a bunch of water i have enough canned food and cereal to keep us full so i did not worry about food, foodlion was packed thou i was surprised cause usually no one is there its not the nicest store lol but today they were making some money!!! the kids are out of school tomorrow and Thursday because of the storm and are pretty excited about that lol!! well anyways i need to go and get some stuff done around here just in case we lose power later guys!!


man i really hope that the tropical storm fay does not hit us that will be very stressful i have no clue where we will go if we have to evacuate housing! yesterday i cleaned up all the toys and stuff and put in the storage room and the house i can not wait till this is all over cause i am getting rid of a lot of stuff i guess having it all spread out i did not realize how much junk i have collected but yeah next week we are getting rid of some stuff so watch our curb!!! i have a small desk chad was gonna repaint it and started it but never finished if someone wants it its yours it does however have a small amount of water damage on the feet of it cause it was left outside under the car port but still caught a little rain! also a radio flyer trike pretty rusty but still rides great! and many other things but if you want them 2 just let me know!! i still can't believe they are on the news right now talking about the storm and around 5 i think they are gonna decide if school will be in session i hope its not cause man that will be really hard to get them in and out if its raining hard!!

well in other news kk and Cody had a wic appointment today and you no how fun those are haha we were there from 10am-12pm but hey i am just so grateful i was out at noon cause that gave me enough time to get Cody to school i was worried he was gonna be late for his 2ND day!! i really need to get some cleaning down today i did a lot yesterday but there is still so much today and it seems my days are going by soooooooooo fast now that the kids are in school!! well i guess i need to go for now and play with kk she is pretty lonely without her sister and brothers!!! later guys..

Monday, August 18

codys first day of school!!

funny picture of Cody ;)
he had to go potty so i took a picture of him washing his hands haha
yep its Cody ;)
we walked to school today but it look like a storms comming and we will not be doing that the rest of the week!!
Cody right before we went in ;)
he was happy hehe
silly boy!
hehehehe the faces he makes!!!!

cheyenne and kyles first day of school pictures ;)

hehehehe this picture of kyle just makes me laugh!!
thats kyle with all his junk ready for school!!
another funny shot of kyle ;)
Cheyennes come get it over with mom look ;)
kk had to get in on the fun to hehe
and here's her pose ;)

to do list for 8/18/08

  • clean my room
  • have kids clean there rooms before bed
  • everyone work together and get the playroom clean
  • dishes
  • 1 load of laundry
  • vitamin's
  • lunch
  • dinner by 6:30
  • have Cheyenne vacuum all the rugs
  • homework with kids (if they have it)
  • bed by 8:30
  • sweep and mop kitchen floor

school days...

well i just dropped Cheyenne and kyle off at school ;( they were pretty excited thou i feel sorry for Cheyenne thou cause i she has a ton of stuff to bring in her class room with her when they let them in but she will be OK i got to give most of kyle stuff to his teacher cause she was right outside the door and had a table!! and to make matters even more awesome it did not rain on us YEAH!!! i was so worried it was gonna rain and that would have made bringing all that stuff in even harder it did rain all night and it started raining when we were driving home but thats OK ;) now i am just hopeing it does not rain when i take Cody it cause it would be a lot easier to walk but we will have to wait to see about that!! Cody is in the pm class so he goes from 12:30-3:30 and get this if i am one yes one minute late picking him up i have to pay 15 bucks is that not the stupidest thing you have ever heard i mean i can see 5 or 10 minutes but one??? and its all computerized i will swipe a card on there computer i mean what if there is a line do i just get screwed with 15 bucks?? oh well i guess i will just try to be early everyday which will be hard since i get Cheyenne and kyle at 3:00 but it will be cool and hes so excited about going and it really is just like 2 blocks away so i can't complain to much!! well i guess thats all i got for now i will post more later when everyone is home and i will try to get some pictures up to! later guys!

Saturday, August 16

to do list for today


so yeah i have to clean today i have not done much in a few days partly cause i have not been sleeping good and i have just been so tired but i am gonna start some coffee and get to work cause its not looking good here i plan to get back to doing my lists on Monday but today it would be to overwhelming to even write everything i have to do!!!


well i did not really feel like blogging yesterday so sorry if anyone came to look and you just got old posts lol but we really did not do anything all that great anyways i just cleaned up a little tiny bit i have a ton to do today!! and we went to the store cause i had to buy some bottled water cause i broke my Brita water pitcher and i don't have the money to replace it right now so bottled water will have to do! but yeah thats about it.. ya no another thing has really been bugging me is Cheyenne's birthday was the 12th and anyone that reads my blog knows that and i even emailed my family and chads an email saying Cheyenne's birthday is today please send her an email it would make her day i did this on the 12th lol and my mom called and brother called and quite a few people on my side wrote her a cute little letter but not one of chads family wrote or called or sent a card in the mail ok ok scratch that Mary chads mom did and Cheyenne was so happy to have gotten a card and a little bit of cash she sent hers early ;) but still it shocks me that we lived there for 3 years of Cheyennes life and thats it maybe i am taking it to personal but crap write a email it takes 5 seconds and it will let Cheyenne know you still care its not like she has anyone here it just me and her brothers and sister no daddy right now no cousins no aunts or uncles or grandparents ect just me but anyways i am gonna go....

Thursday, August 14

our day...

wow talk about a stressful day it all started last night with me not being able to sleep good at all and then waking up at 7am with a monster headache that even now at 2pm its still there a little!! so anyways at 10am we had kyles 1st grade orientation with Mrs. cooper and since Cheyenne had her last year i knew what to expect there and that was just her saying her name and giving the parents a pack of papers to bring back Monday we were out of there by 10:05 lol so i ran into a friend and we we let our kids play at the new park the school got this year and boy did they need that new park!! so finally 11am rolled around and we went to Cheyennes orientation with Mrs. mcallister and it went well Cheyenne seemed to really like her and there were a few girls in the class cheyenne really liked so thats awesome, she is excited about going on Monday so that makes me feel really good!! and after that we went back home and ate lunch and then got ready to go to Cody orientation at 1pm and it was raining pretty hard at this point and my stupid breaks in the van are really pissing me off and kinda locking up again and being loud and i am having a horrible time trying to park but finally get my van in a place and we get in and the lady wants me to come back in 30 minutes i am sooooooooo screaming in my head haha but we left and came back at 130 and its still raining but not as bad and we get to meet Cody's teacher and all the kids got to play with toys in the classroom so it was cool i have a ton of papers to fill out this weekend but its cool it will give me something to do since it looks like the rain is never gonna end and we will be stuck inside!! its finally looking a little better outside and i think we are gonna go to the commissary cause tomarrow they will be super packed cause its payday!! i have to get a few things for Cheyennes class and then a few food items mostly the pantry is very stocked but i need butter and sugar and a few things for there lunch boxes well i am outta here later guys!

Wednesday, August 13

attack of the chocolate monster lol

here's kk running from me cause she did not want me to take her picture notice the dirty hands lol
oh yeah shes looking good with all that chocolate on her hahaha
such are cute happy chocolate smile hahaha
this is her it was not me mom face haha
where she was wiping her hands off at and the screwdrivers well ya got me there lol
shes still eating in this one ;)
oh yeah thats my k-bug ;)
her running some more
yes thats me in the back chasing her with my camera hahaha

Tuesday, August 12

birthday cake pictures ;)

Cheyenne liked her cake and kyle made a mess lol!!
this is them "sneaking" icing off the cake naughty naughty!!
just eating the cake..
this is right before she blew the candles out ;)
and they are all out one blow with the help of 3 other kids hahaha she was not happy thou so we had to do it twice haha
a cute shot of Cody ;)
and theres my k-bug ;)
yes kyle is actually crazy lol

happy birthday cheyenne

here's a picture of my mom and Cheyenne when she was about 2 mts old!
and here's a picture of Cheyenne when she was 4mt old and meeting her daddy for the first time he was out to sea when she was born so this is the very first time he held her and saw her in person it was a great day!!
and here's a picture of chad and Cheyenne "bonding" i always have liked this picture she was about 4mts old and he had just got home a few weeks before
and here's a picture of Cheyenne and bugar she was about 5 mts old and bugar well he was about a year old and missed all my love lol and was always jumping in front of the camera
and here's one of chad feeding Cheyenne when she was around 5-6mts old ;)
and this is a picture from today of Cheyenne lol ;)
here's another old one of me and Cheyenne she was about 3 years old
and another one of Cheyenne and me when she was about 1 mt old
and here's Cheyenne and daddy when she was about 4 mts old
and here is Cheyennes first Halloween when she was about 2 mts old ;)

well sorry the quality of these pictures are not the greatest but i do not have a scanner and i just took pictures of old pictures with my camera ;)
well since today is Cheyennes official birthday i thought i would write a post just about her ;) well Cheyenne is 8 years old today and boy has the time flown by i remember like it was just yesterday when i was in the Portsmouth naval hospital walking and walking and walking cause i was not ready to be admitted to the hospital and finally i told my mom forget this i am going home to sleep it was around midnight so we drove all the way back to my house in Norfolk which was about 25 or 30 minutes away and i was so happy to be home i got to lay down on my bed scratch that my air bed (yuck) cause i was going to stay with my mom after i had Cheyenne so everything was in storage so i got on my air bed and fell asleep for oh i don't know 20 minutes and knew it was time to go back to the hospital so me and my mom drove there but we forgot my id and the gate guard was like is this an emergency i am like duh its almost 2am and i am about to have a freaking baby lol so she let us in (thankfully) and they admitted me this time and then around 6am i had Cheyenne i remember being so worried she was gonna have red hair cause chad had red hair as a baby that the first thing i asked was when they said her head was out was what color is her hair hahahaha but it was not red it was dark black and she had a ton of it and she was beautiful!!! so fast forward to today 8 years later she is the most helpful little girl around she does the dishes with me and sometimes for me lol she vacuums the house she does laundry with me i have to put the soap in but she does everything else pretty much!! she also always helps with Kaylee one day she will be an awesome mother and wife!! lets see what else about Cheyenne oh yeah she just started getting into all the tween type stuff and really likes Hannah Montana, Taylor swift, and high school musical, we have watched high school musical everyday for about a week now (WoW) chad bought me that movie a few years ago cause he just knew i would love it cause it was a musical and i have to admit it was hard to pretend i loved it hahahaha but now i actually do like it Cheyenne is making me young i guess cause i also like Hannah Montana (shhh)

well we celebrated Cheyennes birthday last week and we had a great day!! for her birthday she got about 5 Hannah Montana shirts and some Hannah PJ's and also a Hannah cd lol, then she got a Taylor swift cd, the newest kids bob cd, and nims island on dvd (it was really good to), and lets see she also got some puppy that barks and wags its tail, 2 small baby dolls, a teddy bear that prays, and a big lip stick tube that was filled with jewelry and makeup and i also have 2 pairs of shoes for her that will be here tomorrow one is a pair of Hannah Montana crocs and a pair of Reebok tennis shoes (both she needed cause she has huge feet lol size 6 already)

Monday, August 11

daily chores (8-11-08)

  • b-fast Cinnamon rolls yummy!!
  • dishes done!!
  • brush teeth done!!
  • tidy up my room and make my bed done!!
  • have kids make there beds done!!
  • 1 load of laundry done!!
  • garden work/outside time for kiddos done and i still have a lot to do!!
  • lunch hot dogs and raisins
  • dishes done!!
  • counters done!!
  • tidy up living room/fl room done!!
  • go to the library nope but i have to go tomorrow!!
  • have Cheyenne vacuum all the rugs done!!
  • sweep kitchen, living room, hallway, bedrooms done!!
  • have kids clean there rooms done!!
  • dinner done!
  • brush teeth/baths done!!
  • mop kitchen floor
  • bed by 8:30 it was around 9pm..

Sunday, August 10

baby sea turtles..

wow that's a lot huh!!

so i was just thinking today that i never posted pictures or wrote about the baby sea turtles we saw last week a friend told me they were letting the baby's go into the ocean so we went up to the beach and watch like 300 and something (i think) baby's go into the ocean it was really neat to watch the little guys going so fast to the water they kids were a little disappointed they did not get to touch them but they were still really excited to see they running for the water!!