Tuesday, March 18

8 weeks now....

so i have decided i am just gonna copy and paste my myspace blogs over here from now one since most people go this one anyways ;)

well i am 8 weeks along today and today i am feeling really great but 2 days ago i really was thinking i might just die!!! i threw up like twice a record for me lol and had been sooooooooooo tired but today and yesterday have really been nice and i really really hope things continue to stay nice like this cause being tired and puking all day is no fun!!!! i have an apt comming up next wednesday so that should be fun (yeah right lol) i can’t stand the first appts with the pap and all the dumb little tests and such but oh well life will go on and at least i got my blood work done already cause that is never fun either!! in other news kk is getting so big she pee-peed in the potty 2 times yesterday yep 2 times that was awesome i think it was just luck but we are totally gonna work on it now and with her being so smart i am sure she will pick it right up!! Cody is doing well also just being Cody which is rough and tough which i think some people just don’t understand i mean really i can’t help it if your kids a wimp and can’t handle little Cody i think that’s kinda why i really don’t let people come over any more cause i really don’t want to punish Cody for something i do not think is wrong ya no???? but hey that just me ;) Cheyenne is finally starting to read really good i was kinda worried about her for awhile she is awesome in math but reading she was not but now thanks to www.starfall.com she is doing great!!! i had to go get her some new shoes the other day cause the ones i got her for Christmas and then lost one in february!!! anyways we found them and they are now to small guess what size she is in now...............................................5 WOW huh i was in shock that’s huge!!! but she had a lot more choice’s wearing a size 5 but the downfall for me was they were like 60 bucks!!! but oh well i am sure she will wear these for a long time i mean how much bigger can her foot get i think i wore a 5 in 5th grade not 1st!!! but anyways kyle is always like right behind her school wise hes a little smarty paints!!! but hes kinda taking after me and on the small side lol but i am sure he will start to grow one of these days ;) well i better go and clean while i am feeling good talk to you all later ;)