Thursday, April 30

looky looky what i made ;)

so i got in this motivated mood today and put a chicken in the crockpot and am gonna make some homemade mac'n'cheese and homemade mashed potatoes tonight and maybe even some yeast rolls but I'm not sure I'll have enough time for them lol anyways i was on the computer this morning..big surprise lol and i was looking at pillowcase dress patterns for like the hundredth time lol and i said i am gonna make this freaking dress i have been batting my eyes at them and wanting to make one for over a year now and today i am proud to say i did it and it looks awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i am so happy with how cute it turned out and it was sooooooooo easy it was less then an hour from start to finish!! so tell me how awesome you think i am lol!

Grosgrain: Art Nest Pincushion Ring GIVEAWAY!!!!

Grosgrain: Art Nest Pincushion Ring GIVEAWAY!!!!

Grosgrain: Born 2 Impress Guest GIVEAWAY!!!!

Grosgrain: Born 2 Impress Guest GIVEAWAY!!!!

Grosgrain: Simple Skirts GIVEAWAY!!!!

Grosgrain: Simple Skirts GIVEAWAY!!!!

Grosgrain: Swanki Hats GUEST GIVEAWAY!!!!

Grosgrain: Swanki Hats GUEST GIVEAWAY!!!!

Wednesday, April 29

been chilling...

i really do need to start blogging more i am not sure what my problem has been this month i think i have been depressed or something cause chad has been gone so much hes pretty much gone all week he is home on the weekends thou so thats cool but it just goes by so fast and this weekend he has duty on Sunday so thats really gonna stink! but oh well thats the navy huh...

i have been walking again i got a new stroller a few weeks ago and i LOVE it i do kinda regret not getting the double cause kk is soooooooooooooo slow i am not power walking i have to go snail speed which drives me insane but i really don't like double strollers they are hard to push and not really that cute this one on the other hand is AWESOME i will have to take a picture soon and post it on here Caleb looks totally styling in it lol!

we went to the beach over the weekend and flew kites and played in the water it was so hot out that even the water was warm last time we went the water was still ice cold so that was nice that the water is warming up the kids had a great time and to make the time there even better a lady came up to me and asked if i wanted some chips,cookies, and drinks cause she really did not want to carry them all the way back up to her car and all the stuff was unopened so i of course wanted them and boy were the kids and chad (lol) happy about all the junk food so thank you nice beach lady hehe ;)

i am not sure i posted about getting a new car or not but we did and its really nice its a ford expedition and it seats 8 and drives great unlike the piece of crap astro van that seated 7 we had before (yuck) so its nice driving something nice again i had missed my ford excursion, to be honest i like this better its got a sun roof hahaha but whats weird is its way smaller then the excursion but gets worse gas mileage it really sucks on gas i get 10 miles per gallon!!!!!!!!!! so sucky but at least i do not ever have to drive far! but again its safe and reliable and fits us all with room to grow hehe and that what we needed well i need to go the kids are complaining about being hungry so later guys!

Monday, April 27

homeschooling help....

WOW its been awhile since my last post MY BAD lol! anyways i have some questions so if you have the answers please send me a comment or email me at

so i have been thinking about homeschooling yet again i say yet again cause i have been thinking about doing it for 4 years now!! but i never do it mostly cause i am lazy and kinda enjoy the peace in the middle of the day when the kids are gone (horrible i know lol) but at the same time i totally miss them and feel like they should be here and i should be teaching them and that i hate the influences at the school from other kids and teachers ya no what i mean!! now Cheyenne REALLY struggles so i do think i should homeschool her cause she needs so much extra help but kyle is so smart its almost ridiculous how smart he is i think i would even go as far as to call him gifted! so i wonder if homeschooling is right for him i mean what if i fail at this and Cheyenne gets worse and kyle falls behind i would feel horrible!

OK anyways the real question i have is what are yalls feelings on sonlight its really expensive but i think something like this would be what i need cause it has everything mapped out and it just looks user friendly ya no so please if you have used this let me know the good and the bad please!

my goal is to save ALL money right now and i mean all i am gonna cut back on soda and no eating out cause i want to be able to afford to buy 3 curriculum's by summer (wow how can i do that pray for me its gonna be hard) i say summer cause i want start in the summer to make sure homeschooling is for me cause if i can't hack it then no harm done i can just enroll them for school when it starts again ya no?? well any advice would be cool thanks guys!

Wednesday, April 8

American Idol....

  • Danny sucked last night in my opinion i HATED his version of stand by me!! but i still really like Danny but i hope he picks a better song next week!

  • Kris did great as usual i really like kris i would say he is my favorite and i hope he wins!

  • Lil sucked again i am never impressed with her songs they all sound the same to me and i would not be upset if she left tomorrow!

  • Anoop was ok i am sure he will be on the show awhile still but i really doubt he will win

  • Scott for the love of god PLEASE send him home he is horrible i have only liked one song he has sang the entire time he has been on the show and when i say liked i really mean it was OK and i did not feel like blowing my head off when it was over! i mean its awesome hes blind and all and doing something but he sucks!!! sorry its just my opinion!

  • Allison well i love her but shes a little strange but i still really like her but the song choice was a little tacky for a 16 year old last night lol!

  • Matt well i really liked his song last night and but normally i can't stand him or his huge moley forehead lol

  • Adam well i do love Adam each and every week but i really doubt he will win maybe 2ND place??

so who did you like last night???

Tuesday, April 7

Seriously......Whats wrong with people???!!!

Ok so Saturday me and chad took the kids to the base egg hunt cause the kids wanted to go and hey why not its just down the road and its free so we get there and we are both already starting to get a little itchy from all the people everywhere ( we are a bit anti0social lol ) so anyways we find a place to stand and a guy from chads ship and his wife and daughters came come over to talk to us and actually they were pretty cool the wife was from Australia and the guy from chads boat was stationed there when he met her now that would be some cool orders!!! but anyways it was time for us to find a place with all the other hearded cows by the gate to go in the hunt cause kk's age group was about to go in and she did great and got tons of eggs I'm surprised actually cause she went in totally confused but finally got it ;) so onto the reason for my tacky title there were 2 family's standing on both sides of us (friends to go figure) anyways the one lady i swear i almost went off on was telling her probably 9 year old daughter how she needed to take better care of herself cause her hair face and knees looked horrible (she fell) so i turned and glared at the mother with a very unfriendly look and then looked at her very pretty daughter and smiled it was sad really i mean mom looked like CRAP she was not pretty and did not look nice and had no right telling anyone they needed to take care of themselves (ok sorry she was mean and mean people are ugly lol) and then when it was almost time for her daughters hunt she told her remember none of these people are your friends they are your enemies you take everything you can and then the other family on the other side of me said yeah you have to get the prize egg!!! so i said rather loudly who cares its a egg hunt who cares i said that like twice to get my point across and i think i embarrassed chad cause he said something like uhh christy some people are just stupid there is noting you can do about it lol so i told Cheyenne this is just an egg hunt and if anyone of rude or pushes you come back cause some people really have no manners and then they put there kids in front of the line which they egg hunt people said not to do so when Cheyenne tried i told her no we are not gonna cheat lol so Cheyenne got quite a few eggs and she actually got the prize egg but dropped it and that nasty Lady's kid got it grrr but really WHO CARES!!! i mean what was the prize a cheap little dollar store toy ohhh wow! so i forgot to talk about kyle and Cody's hunt kyle and Cody did great but then poor Cody dropped all but 4 eggs and was pretty sad but kyle being the awesome big brother he is gave Cody like 8 or 9 eggs i was so proud of him and then we went and looked at the fire truck we went to the back side of it and checked it out and took pictures cause there was no freaking way i was gonna wait in that huge line!! and since chad is just awesome and stuff he took us to chilies and it was so good it made the whole bad experience just go away lol

Wednesday, April 1

yummy cookies....

Caleb about to get his first cookie hehe

still waiting lol

oh if i could only get this in my mouth ;)

almost got it!

ohh here we go using both hands work hehe ;)


hehehe my baby's so cute!!

now hes figuring it out!

yeah he likes it!!

no give it back mom!!

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