Monday, December 7

baby mamas (put a sling on 'em)

i'm loving this cute video!!!

Daily 5

I'm going to start doing a daily 5 of stuff i need to do around the house and pictures etc etc it might end up being a weekly thing lol as i have been pretty bad about blogging these days!

5 chores i really really want to get done today
  • the kitchen (floor, counters, dishes, and the fridge cleaned out)
  • living room (vacuum and folding the mountain of laundry and putting it away)
  • hallway bathroom (mopped and wiped down and new rugs put in)
  • my desk its bad as usual!! its a major dumping ground for everything and one!!
  • have the kids clean there rooms before bed!

5 things i would like to do today

  • clip, clean and paint (the girls anyways lol) everyone's fingernails
  • read a couple chapters in my book
  • exercise for at least 30 minutes but hopefully 45-1hr if Caleb lets me!
  • write back at least 5 emails but hopefully more (i have alot of people i need to write back)
  • post some stuff on freecycle

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i really really really want to win this stroller giveaway!!!!