Tuesday, April 29

4-29-08 to do list

well i really i really have some crap i have to get done around here so i am gonna try real hard to stay motivated today and get it done!!

  1. dishes done!!
  2. kitchen counters
  3. sweep kitchen floor
  4. clean all the paper trash off my floor (the kids were doing crafts in here yesterday) done!!
  5. sweep my floor
  6. vacuum my rug
  7. clean the macaroni off Cody's floor (kk made a mess last night) done!!
  8. mop kitchen floor tonight
  9. 3 loads of laundry done!!
  10. make a menu for the next 2 weeks
  11. make a shopping list
  12. cancel netflix done!!
  13. get the att rebate paper mailed off before i wait to long and don't get it!!
  14. have kids clean there room when they get home
  15. help kids with there homework
  16. make some tea done!!
  17. have dinner ready by 6:30
  18. clean kitchen table done!!
  19. tidy up both bathrooms (mirrors,sinks,floors)
  20. clean my desk
  21. clean both of my dressers

Monday, April 28

feeling pretty lazy!!!

i am making today's to do list VERY short cause i am just not feeling like cleaning ya no so here's a few things for me!!

  1. clean kitchen counters done and boy it was a stinking job!!!
  2. dishes i have one load in the dishwasher about to come out and another about to go in whew!! DONE!!!!
  3. 2 loads of laundry done!!
  4. help the kids with homework done!!
  5. take all my vitamins and give the kids there and remind chad about his! done!!
  6. have dinner ready by 6:30 done!!

Saturday, April 26

4-26-08 to do list

  1. dishes
  2. 2 loads of laundry
  3. eat all meals at home or pack stuff to bring with us
  4. take library stuff back done!!
  5. get some free stuff from cvs before the deals are over (4/27)
  6. HAVE FUN we are having lots of fun we went to the library and the beach!! ;)

just chilling...

well i think today we are gonna have a "family fun day" really weekend i am sure cause chad will be leaving soon so we need to make good and fun memory's for the kiddos i think we will probably go to the zoo and maybe the beach to and i am sure rake leaves chad is obsessed with raking leaves and thats good i suppose cause we have soooooooooooo many!! and now we have even more cause they cleaned our roof off!! i do not think i am gonna do much cleaning this weekend just the basic stuff i have to do and thats about it! we also need to go to the library and drop some movies and books off and get more or else i am gonna get another fine when we went last weekend i had to pay 17 bucks wow huh i really really need to make sure that never happens again!! and since cvs is right next door i think i will run in there also and get some free stuff fun fun!!!

Friday, April 25

4-25-08 to do list

  1. dishes done!!
  2. clean and clear kitchen counters
  3. sweep kitchen floor done!!
  4. make my bed done!!
  5. clean my desk
  6. clean my dressers
  7. have kids clean there room when they get home from school done!!
  8. take all my vitamin's and give kids there and remind chad about his done!!
  9. 2 loads of laundry done!!
  10. clean both bathroom toilet's
  11. have dinner ready by 6:30 it was ready at 7 but hey we were at a party till like 6 and 30 minutes is a little fast even for me lol!!
  12. help kids with homework if they have any they did not have any!
  13. help Cody clean his room done we all worked together and finished it pretty quick!!
  14. vacuum living room, Florida room, and Cody's room
  15. watch one of my netflex movies so i can send it back and cancel it (it seems wasteful when we have cable)
  16. make tea again done!!
  17. get rid of a walmart bag of Cody's clothes (he has way to much!!) done and i am gonna have Cheyenne drop them off to Bianka tomorrow ;)
  18. wrap Gavin's gift (we are going to a party today) done! and me and the kids had a great time to!!


boy am i glad its Friday this has been a long week!! i am really ready for summer break! i am actually looking forward to next school year since i am planing on homeschooling Cheyenne and kyle boy is it gonna be a new chapter in our life and so different but totally cool i hope ;) i am still gonna send Cody off to preschool for 3 hrs a day just cause he REALLY wants to go but for kindergarten i am gonna homeschool him to!! i really don't have to much planned today we are gonna go to a party after school for an hour or so and then come back home and chill chad has duty so i am sure it will make for a boring night! but that's OK at least he will be home early Saturday! what really sucks right now i that first leave just started so that means its so close to chad leaving i really wish we could spend his leave here just together it sucks we have to drive all the way down to Pensacola for part of it its really gonna be a pain in the butt cause we will have to wait till Cheyenne and kyle get our of school Friday and then that will put us there LATE so really we will only have Saturday to spend with chads family cause Sunday we will have to leave to get the kids back to school on Monday so that's 12 hrs of driving in what 2 days boy that sounds like a load of fun and stress and money for that super cheap diesel gas lol but oh well at least i will get to see my mom for a little bit... well i better go and make my to do list fun fun...

Thursday, April 24

4-24-08 to do list

I'm gonna keep it short and simple today...i think lol

  1. dishes done!!
  2. kitchen counters done!!
  3. clean both bath room sinks done!!
  4. clean both bathroom toilets not gonna happen today maybe tomorrow lol..
  5. clean both bathroom mirrors done!!
  6. sweep both bathroom floors done and i mopped mine!!
  7. clean my bathroom shower i did half and had to take a break so i will finish it tomorrow!
  8. wash bathroom rugs done!!
  9. have kids clean there rooms after school done!!
  10. 2 loads of laundry done!!
  11. make my bed done!!
  12. buy a gift for a party we re going to tomorrow done!!
  13. buy a small cheap fence to put around our tomatoes and strawberries so the stupid landscapers don't think they are weeds and try to mow them down i swear i would probably kill someone over that!!! done but we still need more fence but its enough for now!
  14. sweep kitchen floor done!!
  15. have dinner ready by 6:30 done!!
  16. make some tea (so i quit drinking soda) done and it was so good!!

Wednesday, April 23

4-23-08 to do list

  1. make bed finally got it done last night before bed i was waiting on everything to come out of the dryer ;)
  2. dishes done!!
  3. sweep kitchen floor done and did the living room to!!
  4. 2 loads of laundry done!!
  5. clean and clear kitchen counters
  6. call maintenance (our living room fan is broke) done they are coming at 4!!
  7. clean my desk
  8. do some more research on homeschooling the kids next year i did alot of research and i think i am gonna take the plunge and homeschool them next year and its really scary lol!!!
  9. PAY COMCAST!!!!!!!!!!!!!! paid finally!!!
  10. have dinner ready by 6:30 done!!
  11. help kiddos with homework done!!
  12. have a snack ready for them when we walk in the door from school (so they are not making a mess in my kitchen pulling everything out lol) done! i made vanilla pudding and peanut butter crackers ;)
  13. walk to get the kids from school nope i was lazy and drove!
  14. take all my vitamins and give the kids there's and remind chad about his done!!
  15. clean Florida room
  16. have kids clean there rooms before bed time
  17. read 3 books to kiddos before bed
  18. clip every ones finger nails

wic apt. = no fun

OK so yesterday i had a wic apt and i got there at 2:45 and i was at a new office (mayport) and it was just suppose to be a pick up but cause they did not have my file i had to do everything over ahhhhh and it was the smallest office i have ever seen and it was probably a fire hazard cause there were people sitting and standing everywhere but finally an hour later i was taken in the back to do the crap i had to do and then i went back to the tiny waiting room and waited there till 4:40 or so and then i finally got all ten million of my checks now don't get my wrong i love being on wic cause we drink a lot of milk and eat a ton of eggs and cheese and really everything little thing helps when you are trying to save money but i really think there should be an easier way and faster way they could and should do things but oh well at least i do not have to go back till July!!!

codys so silly..

today on the way home from taking kyle and Cheyenne to school Cody was sitting in the back of the van and said mom i have little hair everywhere on my arms my legs my face and even in my bugars i can't wait till daddy gets home so i can tell him cause hes gonna be so proud hahahahahahahahaha it was so funny he just cracks me up a few weeks ago is another example of his silliness we were going to bed and he was on my pillow actually he was on about 3 pillows so i pulled mine from under his head and his head hit the wall oppsss and he said mommy you broke my head and my heart hes just to funny!!!!

Tuesday, April 22

what a day...

well yesterday chad had a dermatology apt over at nas jax at 2pm and i needed to go cause last time they doped him up and i had to drive him home well this time they had to freeze off some more stuff from his ears and arms and they had to take a deeper tissue sample of one on the back of his neck cause they did not get deep enough last time so they had to dope him up again and they doctor actually told him he thought it was cancer i mean how freaking scary is that!!!! he goes back again on the 12Th but the Dr's. gonna call him sooner if the results are bad so i guess we will probley have a week of waiting for that boy this has been a stressful time for me just Friday i had to go get an ultrasound of my thyroid again cause they think its enlarged AGAIN just 2 years back i had to have half my thyroid out cause they thought it was cancer but thankfully it was not but whats scary this time is if they want/need to take this half off i have no thyroid and that means i will have to be on meds for the rest of my life and that's just not cool!! but hopefully at the end of the week we will both have good news until then its back to cleaning i suppose!!

4-22-08 to do list

well today is gonna be another stressful day unless chad comes home early i have a wic apt at 3:00 and thats when i get the kids from school but on the bright side its just down the road from the base so i do not have to drive out to the ghetto to go now lol so goal today get in touch with chad so he can get the kids or find someone to get them for me fun fun....

  1. dishes done!!
  2. make my bed done!!
  3. clean my dressers off
  4. clean my floor done!!
  5. vacuum my floor
  6. 3 loads of laundry done!!
  7. take all my vitamins and give kids there and remind chad about his done!!
  8. clean and clear all kitchen counters done!!
  9. have dinner ready by 6:30 done!!
  10. have kids clean there rooms done!!
  11. help the kids with there homework done!!
  12. PAY COMCAST (i keep forgetting)
  13. vacuum living room thanks cheyenne!!
  14. sit on the couch for 10 minutes or so and eat a yummy Mississippi mud ice sandwich (yummy this should be easy)
  15. either get in touch with chad or one of my friends to get Cheyenne and kyle so i don't stress out about missing my wic apt done!!
  16. sweep kitchen floor thanks cheyenne ;)

Monday, April 21

4-21-08 to do list

well today is gonna be a busy day so i am gonna make my to do list pretty short ;)

  1. dishes thank you chad ;)
  2. 2 loads of laundry i only did one load ;(
  3. sweep kitchen floor done!!
  4. dinner ready by 6:30 it was sadly 8 when i had dinner ready!!
  5. vacuum living room nope did happen but i will do it tomorrow~~

Saturday, April 19

Today's CVS Deals....

Well i did pretty great at cvs today i had a totally of 4 transactions at 2 different cvs stores and i got 2 mountain dews,2 Pepsi's, 5 softskin bodywash, 1 vo5 shampoo, 1 vo5 conditioner,8 large bags of m&m's and 8 boxes of mac'n'cheese all for the low price of 9 bucks out of pocket and i have 6 more dollars on my rewards card!!

mountain dew & Pepsi were 4/12 and i got 3 back in rewards so really it was like 4/9

the 5 softskin body washes were 4.99 a piece and i got 4.99 a piece back on my rewards card

the vo5 shampoo and conditioner were 66 cents a piece

the mac'n'cheese was 2/6 but i got 2 bucks back on my rewards card so really they were 4 bucks for 2 4 packs of mac'n'cheese

and last but not least i got 8 m&m's i bought 4 of them for 3.29 a piece and got 4 of them free they were B1G1 free and then i got 3 bucks back on each of the 4 i paid for on my rewards cards so really these were 29 cent a piece

so all in all i am very pleased lol all this for like 9 bucks out of pocket when it should have been about 70!!! not bad at all i must say!!!

4-19-08 to do list

  1. dishes
  2. kitchen counters done!!
  3. sweep kitchen floor
  4. mop kitchen floor (yep i already need to do this)
  5. 2 loads of laundry
  6. vacuum living room
  7. have kids tidy up there rooms done!!
  8. clean my desk off done!!
  9. clean both my dressers off done!!
  10. have dinner ready by 6:30
  11. take all my vitamin's and give kids there's and remind chad done!!
  12. go to foodlion and get more free stuff
  13. go to cvs and shop there rewards to earn some more money ;) done and did great!!
  14. change sheets on my bed done!!
  15. make my bed and have the kids make theres done!!
  16. get new ink for the printer

i'm back lol

well chad was off work yesterday and we had a lot of stuff to do i had a drs. appt. in jax for my thyroid to get checked out again they had to do another u/s and hopefully everything is cool with it i will not find out until late next week thou!! then we had to go to the post office and tag office and psd to get new id cards and boy its a relief to have all that done and over with let me tell you!!! we also went to walmart and i had a bunch of coupons i wanted to use and i did good i spent about 25 dollars and i used 15 in coupons but chad was with me and he got some 20 dollar fishing bucket and hes a sucker and got all 4 kids a 5 dollar pool toy so i spent 40 more just having them there lol but at least i had help with the monkeys today ;) after that i went into food lion and used up some GREAT coupons and only spent 1.87 out of pocket and the only reason i spent that much was cause i felt funny about getting all the stuff i got for free so i picked up 2 cantaloupes but the 4.99 bakery coupon and the 2 Gerber coupon and the 1:50 baby wipes coupon was awesome the cashier was like wow not bad for 2 bucks cause it was about 15 to start with hahahahahahahaha fun fun fun

Thursday, April 17

4-17-08 to do list

  1. finish up bathroom chores
  2. dishes done!!
  3. 2 loads of laundry
  4. take all my vitimans and give kids theres and remind chad about his
  5. have dinner ready by 6:30
  6. go to walmart and get a few things (bring cash only)
  7. fold diapers (and DO IT today lol) finally did this today to i'm on a roll!!
  8. try to get the diapers to ashley today and show her some of the different kinds there are
  9. get rid of at least a walmart bag of cheyennes toys before she gets home
  10. clean my dressers off
  11. clean my desk off
  12. finish clipping and organizing my coupons so i do not lose them done!!
  13. MOP KITCHEN FLOOR lol done!! finally go me lol!!
  14. turn in red box movie
  15. vacume playroom


so yesterday was another great day chad came home a little late but not to bad it was around 5 or so and while i did not get to get my id and new stickers for the van he did move the deep freeze in the house and thats awesome cause its so much easier to get the food i need and we freed up ALOT of space in the utility room now we can put the strollers and bikes in there and all chads fishing poles so our car port area looks so nice now we still have some more cleaning and organizing to do out there but its 100% better already i am so happy about it!! and after he did that we bagged 10 bags of leaves he did most of the work i mostly just kept him company and held the bag open lol but he won't let me do much since i am pregnant and thats a good thing i suppose!! yesterday i got a lot of cleaning done but i did not do a lot of the bathrooms so today i plan to finish that and then tidy up the whole house some and maybe weed thru Cheyennes toys she is starting to get way to much things in here room!! also i am getting rid of a kids size blue painted desk noting fancy at all i picked it up from a yard sale awhile back and really just don't like it any more so if you think you want this send me an email and its yours!

Wednesday, April 16

4-16-08 to do list

  1. dishes done!!
  2. sweep kitchen floor done!!
  3. mop kitchen floor
  4. clean both bath room sinks done!!
  5. clean both bathroom mirrors done!!
  6. sweep both bathroom floors done!!
  7. clean both bathroom toilets
  8. clean shower in my bathroom
  9. clean tub in kids bathroom
  10. clean my desk off
  11. clean my dressers off
  12. have dinner ready by 6:30 done!!
  13. walk to get the kids from school (unless chads home and we have not went to psd yet) we drove i was kinda crashed out on the bed till 137 or so and they had to be picked up at 145 but i got there right on time ;)
  14. have chad take me to get my new id and stickers for the van (please god let this happen today) nope, hopefully tomarrow!
  15. read some in my bible today
  16. help the kids with there homework done!!
  17. 2 loads of laundry done!!
  18. take all my vitamins and give the kids there and remind chad about his done!!

pretty happy...

well i am pretty happy with all that i got done yesterday i did not get it all done but i got most of it done and some more that was not on my list i really don't have much all all to do today besides the bathrooms and mopping (my least fav. thing in the world to do) but hopefully i can knock them both out this morning and then just do general tidying all day cause that would be cool!! we had a pretty great day yesterday chad came home pretty early we just chilled at home awhile then got the kids from school and went to walmart and got a few things and after that we just had to get something to eat lol so we went to o'charleys and they are pretty good and CHEAP its pretty awesome they have this deal where 2 kids eat free for every paying adult so me and chad get out food and the kids eat free i love it its about the same price as Wendy's for us but you have to remember we are a family of 6 and wendy's is about 30 bucks for us so at o'charleys we spend about 40 cause we tip real good since we feel we are getting such a good deal to begin with ya no!! well i guess i am gonna go and make my to do list later guys!

Tuesday, April 15

4-15-08 to do list

  1. do everything i did not do on yesterdays to do list!!!
  2. clean my room done!!
  3. have the kids clean there rooms done!!
  4. bring women's clothes to Bianka done!!
  5. get my new id and stickers on my van did not get to this either but chad promised we would get it done tomorrow!
  6. watch one of the netflix movies tonight so i can mail it back tomorrow
  7. take all my vitamin's and give kids there and remind chad about his done!!
  8. save save save money (as in no eating out, no buying stuff we do not need) we were bad and went out to eat but i did good when we went shopping and did not buy stuff we did not need!!
  9. walk to get the kids from school it was to cold we had to drive!
  10. have dinner ready by 630 done we went to o'charleys ;)
  11. help the kiddos with there homework done!!


i did not do well yesterday i was pretty tired for most the morning and afternoon i woke up at 3am and was never able to fall back asleep and by the time it was time to get the kids from school i was VERY tired but i walked anyways cause i was thinking hey maybe it will wake you up christy well i was wrong lol i should have just rested yesterday but i went to bed pretty early last night and kk only woke up a few times so i am feeling pretty good now i have already got some stuff done chad came home for an hour and half and i took a break but he just left so i am about to get started and get this house looking good again!! talk to you all later ;)

Monday, April 14

4-14-08 to do list!

  1. dishes done!!
  2. 2 loads of laundry done
  3. clean kids bathroom mirror
  4. clean both bathroom sinks
  5. make all the beds in the house
  6. fold diapers
  7. use leftovers for dinner tonight again lol done and what i made was really good!!
  8. take all my vitamins and give kids there and remind chad about his done!!
  9. order more vitamins for the kiddos done!!
  10. pay both cell phone bills and com cast i paid both cell phone bills but did not get to com cast yet..
  11. go thru my closet and plastic tub and get rid of the crap i never ware or don't like anymore done!! any one want them i have a 13 gallon trash bag full!!
  12. wipe kitchen counters off done!!
  13. call someone about getting my breaks fixed/replaced (any takers lol)
  14. read some in my bible today
  15. walk to get the kids from school done and i am soooo tired now!!
  16. vacuum kyles room and the playroom


well me and Cheyenne made some chocolate chip muffins the other day and she was very happy and proud of them as you can see i was just looking thru my camera and this one just made me laugh we don't make muffins often so when we do its a big deal as you can see at this point there was still 12 in the oven and the kids chad and me lol all managed to eat them all in one day hahahahahaha!!

Sunday, April 13

4-13-08 to do list

  1. dishes done!!
  2. 2 loads of laundry done!!
  3. clear all kitchen counters done!!
  4. wipe down all kitchen counters done!!
  5. sweep kitchen floor done!!
  6. clean stove done!!
  7. vacuum living room cheyenne did it ;)
  8. fold diapers
  9. eat the leftovers today so they don't go bad we ate the ones that would have gone bad tomorrow for lunch go us lol!!
  10. make all the beds in the house thank you cheyenne ;)
  11. clean my room thank you again cheyenne ;)
  12. have kids clean there room done!!
  13. vacuum the Florida room done and i cleaned the whole room and boy was it a job!!!
  14. clean both bathroom sinks
  15. clean kids bathroom mirror
  16. hang bath room rugs to dry (Cody had way to much fun in the shower this morning lol) done!!
  17. take all my vitamin's and have the kids take there and email chad a reminder done!!

beach day part 2 lol

since i did not get a chance to write about the beach yesterday i will today since chad has duty and i am bored ;)

so around noon or so we decided to walk to the beach and we got down there and of course kyle and Cody ran right to the water kyle has no fear and thats scary!! Cody thou stays close cause he don't want that yucky water in his mouth or eyes ;) and Cheyenne will stay close also unless you take her out and kk was not happy to be there she did not like the water at all i had to hold her for a long time and then finally i sat down on the edge and no matter how high she climbed on me the water still hit her so she got used to it and just sat with me and we let the water splash us and by the time we left she was having a blast another funny thing when we first got there after the water splashed her the first time she went running to the pier saying scary scary it was cute i am glad she ended up liking it thou in the end cause we will be going alot cause my ghostly self needs a tan!! well i guess thats all for the beach ;)

Saturday, April 12

beach day..

4-12-08 to do list

  1. wash dishes done!!
  2. sweep kitchen
  3. make all 3 meals at home today (no eating out) we ate all meals at home but we did go to sonics and get a drink so much better then eating out all day as we usually do on the weekends!! ;)
  4. go get the swingset and treadmill from michelles house done!!
  5. spend the day having fun with chad and the kids ;) we had a great day!!

I am legend

well i finally got to see this movie i have wanted to see it since the first previews were comming out about it last year but we just never found the time so last night we all drove to McDonald's and rented it in the red box for a buck and it was pretty freaking scary i think mainly cause in my opinion what happened in the movie could happen in real life and that makes it really scary! but all and all i thought it was a good movie that really made me think but i will NEVER watch it again cause yeah lol!!

Friday, April 11

4-11-08 to do list

  1. do the dishes!! done!!
  2. clean the counters in the kitchen done!
  3. clean the tops of my dressers
  4. clean the sinks in the bathrooms done!!
  5. clean the floor in the kids bathroom
  6. wipe kitchen table down done!
  7. get rid of the baby girls clothes done thank you Bianka!! ;)
  8. get rid of the sheets and blankets (anyone want them???) i tried freecycle with no luck a few hits but no bites lol done they are getting picked up today oh yeah!!
  9. have chad take me to get a new id and stickers for the van so i can leave the base if i want!
  10. general tidy of the whole house
  11. make my bed done!!

lazy days...

well yesterday ended up being somewhat of a lazy day cause i laid around a lot i was just wore out and not feeling well i think the stress of getting everyone dressed and ready in like 10 minutes way to early in the morning kinda pushed me over the top when we got back home i was feeling OK and i took 3 of my vitamins i take 6 a day wow huh lol i take an omega 3-6-9 (fish oil), i take the bee strong (bee pollen) and i take my prenatals (supermom vits) i actually need to order some more of the supermom ones cause i don't have that many left i also need to order more of the kids vitamins they take some called Nordic berries they are the only all natural one i have been able to get all 4 of them to take and since they are all 4 taking 2-4 a day they run out fast i think on pay day i am just gonna order like 4 bottles so i can save my self the time and shipping of ordering monthly i wish i could do a one stop shopping trip but i will have to go to 2 different online stores to get the vitamins and blah to that cause that means 2 different shipping costs! but oh well life will go on i suppose i could always just get the prenatals from the base but i hate them and would probably die from not getting enough vitamins in my body lol!!
boy yesterday i got rid of a ton of things I'm a little sad about a few things but we have soooooooooooooooooooooooo much junk outside i just could not bear to look at it all anymore i mean after all we don't even play with half of it!! and today i have 2 big paper sacks to get rid of i am not quite sure what i am gonna do with them yet i am hoping Stephanie can come look thru them well if you wants/needs them and after that give the rest to Bianka to send to this orphanage in the Dominican republic either way they will go to a good cause while i should save them in case i have a girl but i just can not stand all this clutter i still have a lot to go thru but its starting to look pretty good in here i must say!! i think today i may go thru my clothes and just get rid of the junk i do not wear or really like any more and that should get a lot out cause really there are only like 10 shirts i wear the other what 30 i could care less about!! and besides i need to make room for a few maternity things anyways i really like these motherhood shorts i got from a yard sale (thanks Ashley lol) so i think sometime soon i may have to go there and buy some more maybe some that will go to my knee cause i really hate showing my thighs not sure why?? maybe cause they are so white yeah thats probably it lol!! well since i did not do much yesterday i am gonna make my to do list a little smaller today and if i get real motivated i will add to it talk to you guys later ;)

Thursday, April 10

4-10-08 to do list

  1. have kids clean and organize there rooms done!
  2. get rid of 2 or 3 walmart sacks of toys done and more we got rid of a bunch of outside toys that no one plays with and that take up lots of space!
  3. do at least 2 loads of laundry done!
  4. mop kitchen floor (nope i did not do this yesterday lol)
  5. clean off both dressers in my room
  6. clean off my desk done!!
  7. clean both bathroom sinks done!! (4-11-08)
  8. make all beds done (4-11-08)
  9. have dinner ready by 6:30 done we had oatmeal lol
  10. soak beans before bed done!!
  11. do lots of worksheets with the kids since they stayed home from school today done!!
  12. take all my vitamin's and give the kids there's and email chad a reminder about his done!!
  13. wipe kitchen counters down and wipe the fridge down done (4-11-08)
  14. make a weekly menu for next week done! (4-11-08)

and i guess thats it now it looks like a lot but really most are pretty easy but since i have been doing these to do list my house has been stay pretty clean and thats awesome ;)

Dr. visit today lol...

well a few days ago kyle told me his foot was hurting and i just blew it off cause he gets lots of growing pains and stuff so i told him thats what it was and did not think about it again, well this morning i was waking him up for school and it was taking forever as usual and i was looking at his feet and i noticed one had a lot of "streaks" on the top of it so i made him get up at this point and i asked him which one was hurting and it was the streaky one so here i am pretty freaked out and i really never freak out about this kinda stuff so i rush and make him a Dr's. apt and its in like 20 minutes we are all still in PJ's and kk is still sleeping so we rush to get ready and get there and i look at it a little closer and in better lighting and see thats its just veins and boy do i feel pretty stupid lol but he did have one toe that had a fungal infection (ewww) in it so we got some cream for that so i suppose it was not a total loss but i still felt dumb lol!!! and to top it all off i will not be able to bring the kids to school today cause i can't leave the base till i get new base stickers and i can not do that till chad gets to come home at a normal freaking time so i can get a new id card boy that would be nice but whatever i suppose! this stupid boat is really getting on my nerves i mean we have not been here 1 year yet and its about to go out for 5 Mt's again thats just total BS!!!!!!!! i can not wait for the day chad gets out he wanted to get out this time but some interesting things came up and we had to stay in cause if he would not have been able to find a good job we would not be able to afford to live so to speak but whatever to that to! cause i suppose the navy is not all that bad we have free/cheap insurance and he have 2 paychecks a month but it is sad that chads away from the kids so much he really Miss's a lot!

in other news i finally found my camera yesterday so i can start taking some new pictures now every once in awhile i had been using my phone and it does work well but not near as good as my good camera ya no! also in other news the bee strong i ordered from super mom heath and wellness is still working awesomely lol cause i have had energy galore that past few days of starting it and a funny story about it i was telling chad how i ordered it and it was really helping with my energy ect ect and i was expecting him to make fun of me but no he said really thats cool you no my mom ex husband that i hate (yes i know the one and from story's i hate him to) well he used to always have that and i would eat it all the time cause i liked the way it tasted and i asked well did it give you energy and he said i don't know i was young but it tasted good so that pretty cool that he has heard of taking bee pollen cause before last week i never had!! well i guess i am gonna end this and make my daily to do list ;)

Wednesday, April 9

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4-9-08 to do list!

  1. dishes (yes i have more) DONE!!
  2. mop kitchen floor DID NOT GET DONE ;(
  3. take all my vitamin's and give kids there's and remind chad about his DONE!!
  4. homework with the kids right after they have an afternoon snack DONE!! thankfully ;)
  5. find chads other Nike (if been missing for awhile) DONE OH YEAH!!
  6. vacuum DONE
  7. clean and organize hall closet DONE AND BOY IT WAS A JOB!!
  8. freecycle some stuff from the over packed hall closet DONE!! GOT 1 TRASH BAG FILLED AND LISTED AND HOPEFULLY IT WILL GO SOON!!
  9. put all important papers back in small file (kk pulled half of them out ahh) DONE!
  10. walk to get the kids from school (unless its raining) DONE! it felt pretty good to!
  11. have dinner ready by 6:30 DONE!
  12. get kks social security paper mailed out today not gonna happen i am gonna need to go to the office boy thats gonna be fun lol!!
  13. do at least 2 loads of laundry from start to finish DONE!!

OK this ended up being a large list but its so early and i think i can get it done wish me luck!

good day

well yesterday ended up being a great day i got almost everything on my to do list done it really helped that i had to post if i finished it or not i think i wore myself out thou cause i was really tired but sadly did not sleep well chad came home late (they have an inspection tomorrow) and we stayed up a little bit and then went to bed and then Cody ended up in the bed and he is a bed hog!! so we all woke up a lot i really have to get Cody to start sleeping in his bed more cause when chads home we just don't have enough room when hes gone its fine thou.. i really don't see us doing much today since i am so tired i will probably still do a to do list but mostly i think i will be chilling with kk and Cody and watching Dora till Cheyenne and kyle get home then they busy part of the day will start i suppose! (homework, dinner, cleaning, baths ect ect ect) well thats all i got right now ;)

Tuesday, April 8

my to do list (4-8-08)

well i have decided to start doing a to do everyday on here to help motivate me to get stuff done i need to get done!!
  1. clean me and chads bathroom completely!! DONE!!
  2. take all my vitamin's plus give kids there's and remind chad!! DONE!!
  3. do dishes (sadly i have a lot to do right now) DONE!!
  4. put new sheets on my bed DID NOT GET DONE BUT AM DOING NOW 8AM ;)
  5. sweep the kitchen DONE!!
  6. have dinner ready by 7 DONE BY 6 GO ME!! ;)
  7. do at least 2 loads of laundry from start to finish! DONE!!

OK now looking at this list it can look kinda small or kinda big depending on what you are used to doing and for me its a little big considering its 3:30 so this is a lot to do for me in a short time but i am sure i can get this done and i am gonna get started now! wish me luck!


well i finally gave cvs a try cause really i wanted to see what all the fuss was about cause i am always reading about how people can get all kinda of stuff free and then money back ect ect ect so i went after we went to jamba juice and i spent 54 dollars i used 16 dollars in coupons i printed last night and then i received like 30 bucks back on my rewards card so really i spent 24 bucks and i got a lot here's the list

  1. 2 cvs baby wipes 80ct
  2. 5 Excedrin tension headache 24ct bottles (i had 5 $2.00 off coupons so these were free as they were on sale for $1.99 and i got $5.00 back on rewards!!

  3. huggies overnights for Cody i had a $1.00 off coupon for these

  4. huggies pull ups for lazy days for kk i had a $2.00 off coupon for these

  5. 2 Johnson's and Johnson's foam shampoos for the boys i had 2 $1.00 coupons for these

  6. 2 cvs rapid release pain relievers these were 3.99 a piece but i got 3.99 a piece for both back in rewards ;)

  7. zest bath soap 3 pack i got $1.00 dollar back in rewards for this

  8. 2 biore face products and i got $5.00 back for these in rewards!

  9. and 1 bag of m&m's for Cody and kk to share since they were so good!

i also earned 10.00 bucks for spending 25 dollars or more in baby products and thats why i got the diapers and wipes and shampoo! so i must say that is pretty awesome for 24 bucks out of pocket!!!! but then i went back to another cvs cause i really really wanted to get the softskin body wash that was 4.99 and then you get back 4.99 in rewards and the one i went to was out so we drove a few miles down the road to the other one and they were out to ahhhh so i looked around BIG MISTAKE!!!! i spent 45.61 this time and earned 12.00 dollars back so really i spent 33 or so, so still not that bad but was silly of me anyways here's my list from my 2nd cvs trip

  1. lays bbq chip $3.49

  2. lays reg chips free (b1g1f)

  3. crayola super tip markers 20ct 3.99

  4. crayola super tip markers 20ct 1.99 (these were b1g1 50% off)

  5. crayola sidewalk chalk 3.19

  6. crayola colored pencils 1.49 (also b1g1 50% off)

  7. Johnson's and Johnson's melt away stress body wash 20oz 5.00 with 2.oo back in rewards

  8. nivea face cream 7.49

  9. eucerin lotion for kks dry patches11.99 but since i spent over 15.oo in nivea and eucerin products i earned 5.oo back in rewards

  10. 2 neutrogena spf 70 for my very fair skinned husband 10.99 each and since i spent over 15.00 i earned 5.00 back in rewards

  11. Zyrtec for Cheyenne 12.99

so all and all i did pretty good cause really thats a lot of stuff for 33 or so dollars but still a little more then i wanted to spend but i am happy with all the stuff i got and i will totally keep shopping the reward earning products at cvs and now i will also start clipping coupons again cause i could have saved a lot more if i would have had more coupons!!

Jamba Juice

well i did the jamba juice free b-fast today and it was soooooooooooo good i got strawberry chunk and kk and Cody both got a free one also they got blueberry something and we loved them they are pretty expensive on a normal day thou so i doubt we will go often but we will go again cause it was good and left us feeling good to!! so if you missed out on this on that really sucks cause the 3 of us were impressed and the workers there were all so sweet and just nice you don't really get that any where now sadly so i give jamba juice 2 thumbs up ;)

Monday, April 7


well as most of you know i have been having zero energy and i mean zero and Friday as i was playing around on the computer i stumbled across a website called supermom (i have it in my links section) and on there i read about a product called bee strong its bee pollen and it talked about how it gave her more energy ect ect so i researched it and since i have no bee allergies its safe to take being pregnant and it came in today (fast shipping thank you very much) and i tried it and about an hr later i already had more energy and i actually even walked to get the kids from school today which i have not done for over a month now cause i am always to tired so i just wanted to let everyone know that if they need some more energy this it the vitamin for you!!!!!


well we got rid of the dog she ended up being a big pain in the butt with all the pooping and barking!!! and while the kids were a little sad they really don't care to much i guess its good we just kept her for a few days! i actually gave her to my neighbor and she is doing great with her she said she is not going potty in the house and not barking to much except outside so that's awesome good for her! and i am glad cause i would hate for have to go to yet another home!!

chads out to sea right now they left today ;( but will be back later on in the week so that's cool except he has duty Sunday the joys of the navy i suppose! but its all good cause while things are always harder when hes gone they are also easier to but we still miss him lots and that can never go away i suppose weather its one day or 6 Mt's!!! we all went to the flea market over the weekend boy its so fun to go there they are over priced on most things but its still fun to walk around and there fresh veggies are so good and cheap!! oh another thing we discovered yesterday was o'charleys lets 2 kids eat free with each paying adult so me and chad got our food and the kids food was free so 4 kids meals free and it was great food so that's our new place it was awesome!!

the kids had to go back to school today ;( kyle was pretty happy he was wanting to see his friends and all that fun stuff but Cheyenne wanted to stay home and sleep in and just chill and i would have rather slept in to lol but summer is not to far off thankfully!! it looks like its gonna be a nice day today the sun is shining and that's cool cause the past few days have been nasty raining off and on all day and stuff!! well i guess i am gonna go for now talk to you all later!

Thursday, April 3

our week..

well i am 10 weeks along now will be 11 on Saturday and things have still continued to go great i still get pretty tired but even that is tapering off some now i have been cleaning and cooking again thank goodness cause for awhile my house was horrible and the kids and i were living on sandwiches and cereal lol but again things are looking up!! i might even pull the Bosch mixer chad got me for Valentine's day and make some pizza crust or bread i have only used it 2 times since getting it and i have wanted this thing for YEARS so i am sure chad would be happy to see me use it considering we paid like 500 bucks for it!! but anyways! i have gained a few pounds all belly i must say all my pants are tight so i am gonna have to go buy some maternity jeans and shorts i guess since i gave everything away after i had kk cause chad did not wanna add to the family at that time but thankfully he has changed his mind and now who knows how many kidlets we will end up with!!

also in other news we got a dog its a little wiener dog shes black and tan and NOT potty trained and barks like crazy and is starting to drive me crazy but we are working with her and have gotten the indoor barking pretty much stopped by spraying her with a vinegar and water mix she does not dig the smell i guess but outside she could care less i guess cause she still barks her head off any tips would be awesome!! i am kenneling her when we leave and when she does not go potty outside and that seems to be working a lot but she still seems to poop a few times and lucky me and Cheyenne always seems to find it by either the horrible smell or from our bear feet awesome huh hahahaha OK well she is not all that bad she like to cuddle and play with the kids and the kids lover her well kk gets mad at her a lot cause she steals her little toys and Cody thinks she is a little to rough but Cheyenne and kyle just love her and chad totally loves her but hes such a dog person so i suppose that is expected!!

so its spring break here in jax, fl and the kids are having a pretty good time we played in the sprinkler yesterday well not kk she was afraid the sprinkler was gonna shoot her she would run to it and get wet and come screaming back it was so cute and funny!! i had planned to actually walk up to the beach today but it ended up not being all that nice it has lightly sprinkled a few times buy mostly just looked yucky and been full of nasty bugs (yuck) we went to Hannah park the other day and Cheyenne caught a fish she was the only one that did lol and it was a little fellow but he at least she got one!! well i guess that's all i got for now later guys!!