Saturday, May 31

my i hate lowes rant

so yesterday i went to Lowe's to get the tomato cages and it took me an hour to not find them so i settled on stakes and ties and got to the register to pay with check since my wallet is still missing and i had my military id and the cashier said no you have to have a licence so i explained and she called the head cashier oohhh and they said no you have to have a licence or a passport i said are you for real and she said yes i am sorry and i said well not me i am just gonna go to home depot where they are not racist to the military and want my business and stormed off lol so i went to home depot and they had the tomato cages so i did not have to settle on the stupid stakes and they took my check when i told this cashier what Lowe's did she was like what??!! why would they do that and i said i don't know but i do no i will never be shopping there again and i even wrote them on their website yeah i was a little mad yesterday i am over it now but still annoyed lol!!

to do list for 5-31-08

well since its 2 already this will be short beside i have already done a ton today!!
  1. "feed" the plants done!!
  2. make all the beds in the house done!!
  3. dinner by 6:30 done by 7 hey its a weekend who cares lol
  4. have kids clean there room done!!
  5. vacuume my room and kyles and the playroom thanks cheyenne!!
  6. dishes done!!
  7. 2 loads of laundry done!!
  8. clean the kids bathroom (top to bottom)

its been a good few days!

first off i will say my mom is free and the judge cleared her record but really what kinda crap is that 3 days in the slammer for not changing her address???? and to make matter worse she is diabetic and has thyroid problems and is on blood pressure medicine and the 3 days she was there they gave her none of her medicine! i am very upset over there to say the least!!

well anyway i got a lot of shopping done and spent right at 100 bucks for the next 2 weeks and thats awesome cause i got a ton of stuff the only thing i may have to go back and get it bananas everything else we are good on i will need milk to but thats wic so its free ;) one thing that was pretty cool it yesterday i went to foodloin and spent 23 bucks and my receipt says i used 32 in coupons wow huh i was really working the sales i am pretty proud of myself cause there was a few things my pregnant self just wanted (lol) but i said no i am sticking to my budget and list so woo hoo on self control lol!! i was gonna post pictures and do the price and coupons used and all that good stuff but i really am not feeling it so you just get this measly post about it but if you checked out mrs nepsys blog i pretty much got what she got plus some more that i had coupons for!! ;)

Friday, May 30

to do list for 5-30-08

well i am gonna make my list short today cause i really don't feel like doing much and its pretty clean ;)

  1. clean the kids bathroom (top to bottom) yeah that did not happen but i am gonna put it on my list for today!
  2. take trash out (its been full since yesterday morning and we just keep stuffing it lol) done!!
  3. go to the store and find some tomato things cause my gardens growing and starting to sag and i really don't want them to get ruined!! done well sorta i did not get enough i have to go back tomarrow and get 5 more but at least they are just a little over a buck!! **i got the rest done today (5-31-08) and i also got a blister grrrr!!!
  4. go to foodlion and get a few of there sale items done and i did pretty awesome thanks to mrs nespy i'm gonna put her on my blog roll!! i'll post later what i got!

Thursday, May 29

to do list for 5-29-08

  1. get meat in crock pot done!!
  2. put meat in freezer bags when its done done!! got 14 bags so that 14 meals woo hoo!!
  3. vacuum my room thanks cheyenne!!
  4. make my bed done!!
  5. make the kids beds not gonna happen today its kinda pointless now since its almost bed time lol!!
  6. vacuum the living room...again thanks cheyenne!!
  7. clean kitchen counters
  8. call banks and cancel debt cards just in case my wallet got stolen done and i feel better now cause i was worried just in case someone stole it!!
  9. call dmv and see what i need to get a new licence (i had an OK one so this should be fun lol) well i guess i am not getting a new licence till we go back to OK which will be a long time or till i can get a certified copy of my birth certificate so thats just freakin' awesome!! **update i can get an ok one by mailing them some info and they will send me a new one out woo hoo!!!**
  10. bug chad some more about getting me a power of attorney since his truck tags expire on the 1st and i have to register it in fl cause they are OK tags (things we should have done before he left lol) well i emailed him and hopeful he will get it done soon!!
  11. spot clean the couch kk had peanut butter hands earlyer and touched my wonderful couch grrrr
  12. dishes done!!
  13. have kids fed at 6:30 (leftovers) done!!
  14. have Cheyenne clean kitchen table
  15. sweep kitchen floor done!!
  16. clean my bathroom mirror (Cody thought he needed to clean it yesterday and now you can see noting in it grr)
  17. relax and watch my TV shows tonight (greys anatomy and lost if they are new anyways) changed my mind i am ready for bed!!
  18. get in touch with my mom to find out whats going on!! finally did and shes home!!
  19. homework with the kids why oh why do i wait till the last minute but we are done!!


so a few days ago my annoying (lol) little brother called me to tell me that our moms in jail and of course i do not believe him cause he never speaks the truth he is always making up some kinda dumb crap so i am like whatever and then the next night i get an email from one of my moms friends saying that everyone needs to pray for my mom and i am like thats strange so i call her cell and she does not answer but thats not really uncommon cause she is pretty busy so i call Billy's cell to see if she is at home and he said i told you yesterday shes in jail and really i still don't believe him so i call my aunt and shes not home but my cousin (17) says she is in jail and really i think him and billy are trying to pull a fast one on me but i sorta believe it at this point but i tell him to tell my aunt to call me when she gets home and i find out it is true they put her in jail to teach her a lesson and if you are wondering what the lesson was it was to update her address when she moves cause they tried to issues her a certified letter for a court date cause bill her ex wanted the child support lowered again and its already so low really he should be happy he pays just a little over 200 for 2 kids i mean some people would be in heaven and not broke as crap but anyways!! she was suppose to meet with the judge yesterday and he did not show up what the heck is that???? so today on day 3 of being in jail she is meeting with the judge and hopefully will get out this is just the dumbest thing i have ever heard and i really just can't believe they did this to her and came to her work and arrested her really this is just insane OK well enough of my rant

Wednesday, May 28

late start

well i am getting a late start today cause i am so freaking annoyed i mean where the crap is my wallet????????????/ did someone steal it did it get throw away i have no clue i have looked everywhere and i do mean everywhere i am about ready to give up and cry and just get madder not sure which yet lol so here's my to do list for this wonderful day lol

  1. FIND MY WALLET sadly not happening today ;(
  2. chill out after 3 baths i think i have finally chilled out lol!!
  3. drink some coffee drank some hot tea instead
  4. dishes done!!
  5. kitchen counters
  6. sweep kitchen floor
  7. 2 loads of laundry done!!
  8. vacuum living room thanks cheyenne
  9. vacuum kyles room done
  10. clean train table in the playroom done!!
  11. dinner ready by 6:30 done i have chicken in the crock pot and rice in the rice cooker and made corn to go with it!
  12. homework with the kids
  13. walk to get Cheyenne and kyle from school if its not to hot anyways to annoyed and lazy to walk today lol
  14. go to bed early

Tuesday, May 27

my day..

well today has been a pretty good day i have gotten a lot done i am so thankful that Jamie let me use her fax machine to fax some paperwork for enrolling Cheyenne and kyle otherwise it would have cost me about 23 bucks to fax it all from the USO and we are pretty much always broke so that would have been really uncool!! but i wanted to go to food lion today before the sales we over they have ground beef for 99 cent a lb but i could not find my wallet ANYWHERE i still have not found it actually which is a freaking bummer cause i need my wallet i still went to food lion and got some meat i just had to write a check and thankfully my military id is always in my van so i had that!! well i need go kids are bugging me

to do list for 5-27-08

  1. dishes done!!
  2. clean counters
  3. fax papers over to connections academy (thanks Jamie!!) done thanks again!!
  4. vacuum kyle room (again)
  5. 2 loads of laundry done!!
  6. make my bed done!!
  7. make Cheyenne, kyle, and Cody's bed done!!
  8. clean both bathroom sinks done!!
  9. clean both bathroom mirrors done!!
  10. clan mirror in my room done!!
  11. fold the mountain of diapers on my couch done!!
  12. dinner ready by 6:30 done!!

Monday, May 26

So here i am am

yeah so here i am vacuuming my little heart out i have done my room kyles room and am doing Cody's room when i start getting annoyed with my vacuum at first i thought maybe the bags full but them i remember just last night i took the old very full one out so it would not be that so i decide i am gonna take it apart cause there must be something stuck in it but i decide to check the bag first to make sure i have it in right but there's no bag and its full of crap all kinds of dust and dirt and just other stuff it was nasty i had to dump it on the floor and then run get another bag and wa la my vacuum was normal again i can't believe i forgot that bag!!!!!!

to do list for 5-26-08

  1. have kyle clean up his room DONE!!
  2. vacuum kyle and cody's room DONE!!
  3. make both beds
  4. help kyle clean his closet DONE!!
  5. sweep under Cody's bed and around the rug DONE!!
  6. put TV back in kyle room (maybe) DONE!!
  7. have everyone clean and organize the playroom DONE!!
  8. vacuum the playroom DONE!!
  9. clean the closet in the playroom DONE!!
  10. go thru kks clothes and get rid of the ones she has outgrown DONE!!
  11. take kids to the beach or park today we went to the beach and it was really fun i'll post some pictures later ;)
  12. have kyle and Cheyenne do a little school work DONE!!
  13. dishes DONE!!
  14. clean counters DONE!!
  15. 2 loads of laundry
  16. have dinner ready by 6:30 DONE!!
  17. vacuum living room DONE!!
  18. vacuum my room DONE!!
  19. make my bed DONE!!


well yesterday ended up being a great day i got my room all finished and it was a job but i am so happy i did it cause it looks very nice now!! i even put my curtain's back up that kk pulled down a few weeks ago we also went to the park we all got on our bikes and rode a few blocks away to the park and stayed about 45 minutes or so and it was so nice outside the wind was blowing just right and if there had not been a bunch of people there we would have probably stayed a lot longer but you really have to watch you kids super close when a bunch of brats are around lol!! i think today i am gonna tackle kyles room and Cody's room well i guess i am off to make my to do list ;)

Sunday, May 25

ha ha

so we went to church this morning and actually made it on time and as an added shocker kk went to her room and was happy usually she screams for a minute when we drop her off and i figured today would be no different cause when i told her we were going she was crying and saying NO CHURCH!!!! over and over again!! but like i said she went happily today wow wow wow so that was awesome!! after that i decided to go to cvs by the church i have never been to this one its a little out of the way for me (except after church) but anyways i really did not wanna make bread today and i had 11 bucks in ecb so i got the last 2 loves of bread they had and they had there lays chips B1G1 free and i had to burn 5 more buck so i got 2 bags of them and then 2 boxes of cheese/wheat crackers they were 2/$3.00 so i got up there to pay and it was a little over 15 bucks and i was surprised i thought it would be cheaper but i paid 11 in ecb and then 4 something in cash and left got in the car to realize Cody stole a ball so everyone had to get out of the van and go back in and i made Cody give the ball to the cashier and tell her sorry and then we were on our way again and i decided to look at my receipt cause i just did not think it should have been that much and there is was i paid for both bags of chips at 3.79 a pop so all of us had to get back out and the manager had to be called over and she was my cashier at the time and was really cool and was like that sucks well do you want a refund or just to grab 2 more bags and i thought for a second and said 2 more bags would be fine and that was that so for a little over 4 bucks i got 4 bags of lays chips 2 boxes of crackers and 2 loves of bread not to shabby!!

to do list for 5-25-08

  1. mop kitchen floor done!!
  2. wash kitchen rugs since the washer is finally empty done!!
  3. make some coffee done!!
  4. make breakfast done!!
  5. clean all the junk off my floor done!!
  6. sweep/vacuum my floor done!!
  7. clean off both dressers in my room done finally i have had this on my list for weeks lol!!
  8. clean off my desk done and it was a big job to!!
  9. make my bed done!!
  10. clean under my bed done!!
  11. clean my closet floor (scary big job lol) done and it was not too bad!!
  12. go to chruch done!!

well thats all for now if i get all this done i will post more things!!

yesterday was a good day!

well i must say i am pretty happy with what i got done yesterday in the house i did a lot of organizing in the kitchen i did not mop the floor but i will do that today i did however help Cheyenne deep clean her room and it looks great now ;) i did all the laundry all 5 or 6 loads of it!! and helped kyle clean his room so over all i am very happy with all i got done!! I'm gonna try to go to church today but it is such a pain going without help and then having to sit alone ect ect but we are always happy and in good mood when we go!! today i am debating if i should make bread or just go by a loaf i really don't feel like making it but its soooooooo much cheaper to make and it taste great and we are pretty broke right now so the smart thing to do would be to bake but i can't say i always do the smart thing ya no ;) well off to make my list!!!

Saturday, May 24

to do list for 5-24-08

  1. turn on some good music and light a candle to stay motivated well i ended up being motivated without the music and candle lol
  2. clean kitchen counters done!!
  3. sweep kitchen floor done!!
  4. wash kitchen floor mats (or at least shake them out outside)
  5. clean stove done!!
  6. clean front of fridge done!!
  7. have the kids wipe the lower cabinets down
  8. clean the microwave (this counts as 2 its a big job lol) done and it was not to bad!!
  9. organize pots and pans and get rid of ones i no longer need or use done!!
  10. organize food by expiration dates done!!
  11. start dishwasher and put dishes away right away when they are done done!!
  12. put a movie on for the kids and mop/scrub the kitchen floor done finally 8-25-08!!
  13. organize papers in the kitchen junk drawers and toss stuff i have not used in forever finished one and it was a job it took almost an hour!!! i still have 4 more wow wow wow!!! done with all 5!!!

well thats all for now if i finish all this i will start a list for my room boy i hope i can at least do this today that would be awesome

new day...

well i must say today is panning out to be a good day so far i got to sleep in till 830 and got up feeling great i made the kids some eggs and leftover ham for breakfast and did a load of laundry and washed all the b-fast dishes maybe its the coffee cause its only 857 now lol!! but today i am hoping to stay motivated and get my room and the kitchen very clean you could say inspection ready clean lol cause i am just tired of doing a half ass job and then it getting messy again so i am thinking if i can organize and clear out some clutter it will be easier for me in the long run so wish me luck i will probably need it today!!!

Friday, May 23

sad day!!

well chad left today for another deployment ;( so the next couple of weeks will be pretty sad and depressing i think the first month is always the worst but then again the last couple weeks is pretty rough also!!! but not as bad as the first!! and to make this one worse he only just got home in December and is already leaving!! and Cody keeps looking out the window and saying daddy's home daddy's home and i have to say no buddy we had to drive him remember today ;( i feel so sorry for the kids poor kk and Cody will be pretty sad and not understand and kyle and Cheyenne will be sad but i guess at least they understand Cheyenne keeps saying i wish daddy could retire now so he did not have to leave ;( but as usually we will get thru it and be fine soon enough after all this is the 5th deployment for us as a family and its chads 6th since being in the navy wow huh!!! thats a lot of time away!! i really look forward to shore duty in 2 years!!

but anyways after i dropped chad off this morning Cheyenne, kyle and Cody had Dr's. apts. for school physicals i wanted them early so i could hurry up and enroll Cheyenne and kyle in connections academy so i can insure they will be able to do that next year!!! and Cody needed his so i can get his vbk form to sign him up for half day preschool on base he really wants to go and for 3 hrs a day i guess i can let him but hes gonna be doing connections academy for kindergarten the following year he sadly had to get 4 shots thou and that really stunk i felt so bad for him he was so sad but on a brighter note hes done now so thats cool!! well i guess i should go and clean up starting tomorrow i will be doing my to do list again cause this house is a mess it seems when chad is here the house does not get cleaned cause we just chill and spend time together and cleaning is at the bottom of the list so yeah there's a lot to do since he was home a few weeks!!!

Monday, May 12

5-12-08 to do list

  1. 3 loads of laundry (hopefully more but just saying 3) done with 3 still doing more thou!!!
  2. 2 loads of dishes (one started one to go) done with both but i shockingly have another half load to put in!!!
  3. fold diapers done finally after a week (or 2) of sitting in the basket i finally folded them go me!!!
  4. vacuum living room
  5. sweep kitchen
  6. mop kitchen tonight
  7. have dinner ready by 6:30
  8. make a trip to cvs&Walgreen's
  9. make a menu with mostly stuff we have at home done i did really well to!!
  10. make a shopping list for the store done again i did really well and my list is so short i am getting better at planing and menu making i guess!!
  11. go to the store (stick to list)
  12. have kids clean there rooms
  13. tidy up both bathrooms
  14. post toys we are getting rid of on freecycle (anyone want them they are mostly rescue hero's) done and someone is on there way to get them now thank you!!! ;)


well today is starting off pretty good i was worried this was gonna be a bad day was kyle woke up at 2am and i was not able to fall back asleep till around 5am and then had to get up at 7am but so far i am good i have cleaned most the kitchen and started one load of dishes but will have to do another when that one is done!!! we were slackin' this weekend!!! i also started 1 load of laundry but i still have about 6 more to go!!! but its cool chad goes on leave today so i will have lots of help once he gets here!!! but chad going on leave is also a bad thing cause that means hes about to leave for a long time and me and the kids are pretty sad about that i think one of the things that makes me the saddest is his last weekend with us will be driving to Pensacola for one day with his family then driving back to get the kids in school so thats a really sucky weekend imo!!! and i hate to pull the kids from school next week cause they are doing lots of fun stuff with play days and stuff so i really don't know what to do i really think we should skip Pensacola cause its money we could spend on having fun together like to sea world or something cool not just sitting in a hotel room or eating fun fun but whatever.... I'm off to do the to do list!!

Friday, May 9

5-9-08 to do list!

  1. dishes done!!
  2. kitchen counters done!!
  3. clean stove done!!
  4. make apts for kids to get physical done!!
  5. sweep kitchen floor done!!
  6. mop kitchen floor
  7. sweep Cheyennes room done!!
  8. mop Cheyennes floor done!!
  9. put Cheyennes allergy mattress pad back on done!!
  10. make my bed done!!
  11. go to my Dr's. apt done!!
  12. walk or ride my bike to get the kids from school to hot!!!! its 100 out!!!!!!
  13. clean my desk
  14. clean both of my dressers off
  15. clean both bathroom toilets done!!
  16. clean both bathroom mirrors done!!
  17. sweep both bathroom floors
  18. mop both bathroom floors
  19. mop me and chads room
  20. sweep me and chads room done!!
  21. have dinner ready by 6:30

Thursday, May 8

walmart deals

so i went to walmart yesterday to get a gift for a birthday party this weekend and while i was there i got 3 of the all you magazines (for the Adidas coupon) and while i was there i got the 2 free boxes of live active cereal and i had a coupon for the Bic soleil razor i could never get the razor at cvs last week just the refills lol so i had a coupon to buy one and get a pack of refills for free so i jumped on it lol and i got another coupon in the mail for the clean teams products so here's my breakdown
2 live active cereals 2.84 each i used 2 3.00 off coupons
3 all you magazines 1.77 each
2 small gifts for cheyennes friend 11.00
2 huggies clean team baby wipes 1.64 each i had a 3.00 off 2 products so my total was like 14 cent a piece
bic razor 5.95
bic refill 6.47 (free) i had a coupon
so the total was 24.43 and with out the gift i got everything in the picture except the magazines for 13 something not to bad in my book!!

went back to cvs...

so i went back to cvs this week and used my husbands card and got a few things here my breakdown

4 packs of m&m's .50 cents each (to keep the kids happy)

1 bag of Purina kitten food 3.99 free cause i had a 4.00 off coupon ;)

1 aqua fresh toothpaste 2.99 i used a 1.00 off coupon and i received 2.99 back on my rewards card woo hoo

3 Adidas deodorant 4.99 each i had 3 free coupons for these and i got back 14.97 on my rewards card for them ;)

1 cvs kitchen trash bags 5.79 we just needed some

2 aquafina waters 1.29 each

so total was about 33 bucks or so but i used 24 in coupons so out of pocket was 10.16 and i got back 19 in rewards so this was a great trip!!!!!

Wednesday, May 7

walgreens today....

well i am gonna start off by saying my first ever shopping trip to Walgreen's was very unpleasant i left very pissed off but the 2nd one was very nice and will be the store i shop at and the other one will never have my business again there loss i must say hahahahaha here's what i got at store one
store 1
3 cascade dishwasher soap 3 x 2.50= 7.50
2 Charmin wet wipe (to use as baby wipes) 2 x 1.99= 3.98
1 downy fabric softener 3.99
1 Mr. clean wet wipes 1.79
2 Mr. clean magic erasers 2 x 2.50= 5.00
then i used 1.50 in coupons and my total was 20.76 and i had no print outs so i asked her about that and she said yeah the machine don't work i was like what??? thats the only reason i got all this junk!! so she said she would give me a gift card so i was sorta happy lol my total on this one was 22.32
then i did a second transaction there for some stupid reason and got this
2 chips ahoy 2 x 2.50= 5.00
2 oreos 2 x 2.50= 5.00
1 walgreens light bulbs 1.69 (free after rebate)
1 gillette venus razor 9.99
i used 1 4.00 off coupon for the razor so i acually got that for free hehehehe
my total here was 18.50
now here is why i am mad i still did not get a print out but she gave me a gift card for 26 for the 20 proctor and gamble thingie and then 6 for the razor but i did not get the 6 for the cookies but i am over it now and feel better but at the time i can not ever explain how annoyed i was i also tried to get the zantec with the coupon and she would not let me cause it would cause overage so i said well scale it down and she says we don't do that here and was the assent manager so i just said whatever take it off I'll go to the other Walgreen's and get it lol
2nd store
3 mr. clean magic erasers 3 x 2.50= 7.50
3 mr clean wet wipes 3 x 1.99= 5.97
3 cascade dishsoaps 3 x 2.50= 7.50
2 oreos 2 x 2.50
1 popcorn 9 packs= 5.00
total here was 32.44 but i used my gift card from the first one hehe and that was 26.00 so that brought my total down to 6 something so really i should be pleased and in a few days i am sure i will be cause i have 23.00 to spend next time in register rewards ;)

Tuesday, May 6

7 things i was tagged by Amy at memoirs of a mommy

so last night i got tagged by Amy and now i need to think of 7 things about me to post on my blog and then i will have to think of some other people to tag i already have one in mind but really most my friends do the my space blogs so i will have to think hard about it!!

  1. i joined the navy when i was 18 just to get away from all the drama and then missed the drama lol but i still had a great time in the navy even if it was just for 2 years i got out early cause i did not want to be a navy mom and have to leave my baby with nasty day cares or with my husband if i got deployed so i got out and became a SAHM some thing i really never thought i would be cause not many in my family are but i am so happy i am and thankful i am able to be!!
  2. i have became obsessed with saving money on food and shopping at cvs and Walgreen's i mean i really kinda feel like i am to the point of addict now its sad and cool all at the same time sometimes its all i talk about (hence the sad part lol) but i have a lot of fun so i guess its ok and at least i am not spending much money!!
  3. i have lived quite a few places thanks to the navy (my husbands still in) we started out in Norfolk,VA then i moved to Tyler, TX to stay with my mom for awhile after i had cheyenne (my first baby) cause chad was deployed till she was 4 Mt's old ;( then after that it was back to Norfolk,VA ha ha and then on to aransas pass, TX (around corpus Christi,TX) and i really liked it there but alas 2 years later we were on the move again this time to middle of nowhere, OK and i must say that was our worst place cause the house was horrible i had to have thyroid surgery chad was never home my wonderful dog bugar was eaten by coyotes and it just all around sucked!!!!! but one good thing did come out of Oklahoma and that's my k-bug ;) and now we are in Jacksonville, fl and i have to say i love it we live a few blocks from the beach and there is just lots to do and lots of cvs's hahaha
  4. i take 9-10 vitamin's a day yeah its true i take my super mom vits(2) then i take bee strong(4) and then i take omega 3 (2) and then 1 or 2 calcium chews and almost every time i take the super mom vits i throw up my mouth waters when i open the bottle its sad but usually i just chug it back up and am all good but sometimes i have to run to the sink to get sick fun fun huh!!!
  5. i am pretty scared about homeschooling the kids next year cause its gonna be alot of work and i am generally a lazy person but i am sure once we get started it will be great!!
  6. i was punk rock all the way back in high school i even had a Mohawk and tri hawk it was pretty awesome and sometimes i really miss those days and wonder what i would bee like if i never would have joined the navy but i am very thankful for my wonderful family so i am very glad i did join the navy!!
  7. i am very ready to quit breast feeding Kaylee but i do not see an end in sight ever i think she will be like 15 or something lol

well there ya go and i have to say that took me a long time to do i did not think it would since its just 7 things!!!

first i am gonna tag Kim because she has a real blog and i really like her even thou she always out cleans me lately lol!!

next i am gonna tag Jeni shes sweet i can not even almost picture her being mean in fact i do not even think i have seen her make an ugly face she is always smiling ahhh to be that happy ;)

the 3rd person i am gonna tag is gonna be Katina cause i really like her she has always been nice and seems very giving and she has 5 boys wow and is living in my hometown of Pensacola, fl right now

the 4th person i am gonna tag is gonna be Toni cause she takes the best pictures ever and i would like to read her 7 things!

the 5th person it gonna be Jill i just think she is awesome she has 11 kids and does the whole farm and cattle thing and just seems like she would be so fun to be around!!

and the last person i am gonna tag is gonna be another Kim this one lives in GA. i just started reading her blog and i really like it so far shes a military wife like me and really does not live that far from me so that's pretty cool!!

kryptonite humm

Monday, May 5

back to work!!! 5-5-08 to do list

well after about 4 or 5 days off i need to do some cleaning i actually did alot yesterday but just did not post it mostly just kitchen and living room work!! but its Monday and i need to get some deep cleaning done so here my list!

  1. make some coffee to get me in the cleaning mood lol!! done!!
  2. dishes done!!
  3. clean counters done!!
  4. 2 loads of laundry
  5. sweep kitchen floor
  6. mop kitchen floor (tonight)
  7. vacuum living room
  8. vacuum kyle and Cody's room, the playroom, and my room
  9. sweep Cheyenne's room
  10. mop Cheyenne's room
  11. clean kids bathroom (manly the toilet)
  12. have dinner ready by 6:30
  13. homework with the kiddos
  14. fill out paper work for enrolling the kids in connections academy next year (public home school)
  15. clean my desk
  16. clean the tops of both of my dressers
  17. make some tea

Sunday, May 4

more beach pictures

just a few more cute pictures i got of the kids yesterday

fun at the of kaylee

just some really cute shots of Kaylee at the beach yesterday ;)

CVS deal for May 4th

so today i went to cvs to check out the weekly deals and i got a few things

1 dawn dish soap (88 cents)

1 Whitman's chocolate (3.99) (i had a 2.00 coupon so this was really 1.99)

1 zephyrhills water (3.49)

1 Venus breeze razor (9.99) (i got back 5.00 bucks in rewards for next time and i had a 4.00 coupon so really this was 99 cents when you look at it that way)

so my total was 18.35 plus tax and i used a $3/15 coupon, and a 4.00 off coupon for the razor, and a 2.00 off coupon for the candy and then 9.99 in ecb (rewards card) so my total out of pocket was 2.71 and i have 5.00 in ecbs for next time woo hoo ;)

food lion steals i mean

so i went to 2 different food lions today and at the first one i got

2 packs of 12 count cookies (3.29 B1G1 free) (well i had a coupon for free 12 ct bakery cookies and with the mvp card they were B1G1 free so i thought i would give that a shot but my cashier was a big meany and only took off 1.64 so i paid 1.64 for the other box still a pretty good deal thou!)

1 tombstone pizza (3.33) (i had a 2.00 off coupon from the foodlion website so i paid 1.33 pretty good deal there to)

1 FL baby wipes (1.49) (i had a 1.50 off coupon for FL wipes from there website so i made a penny off these he he)

1 FL bacon (2.49 i think) (i had a 1.00 off coupon for this so i paid 1.49 we have not had bacon in awhile so i really wanted it lol)

1 box FL fish sticks (2.00) (i had a 1.00 off coupon also from there website or a full cups website and got them for 1.00 oh yeah my kinda deal lol)

and someones bag that was not mine and in it was 3 tomatoes 2 cucumbers and 1 bell pepper and i feel so bad about this but i was already at home when i noticed and me and the 4 kiddos were wiped out we went to 3 stores today!!! (and this of course was free good for me but bad for whoever was in front of me!!!)

so out of pocket 5.46 plus tax not to shabby ;)

store 2 ;)

2 boxes of 12 count cookies from the bakery (B1G1 free 3.29) (i got both for free this time with the free 12 ct cookie coupon woo hoo thank you food lion)

1 tombstone pizza (3.33) (i had the 2.00 off coupon so this was 1.33)

1 twin size box of au gratin potato's (1.60) (just on sale and i wanted it)

1 FL baby wipes (2.29)(i got this one to test the coupon cause the other one always has to be overrided and this one did not since it was over 1.50 so i spent 79 cents on this)

1 case of FL water (2.99)(good deal and wanted it)

1 small bag of green grapes (1.69)(kk was screaming for these and i wanted her quite lol)

so out of pocket here was higher but i got more stuff my total was 8.75 still pretty good i think

total for both stores was about 14.25 so pretty good ;)

so here are my cvs goodies i got yesterday before i lost my chance at getting them (yesterday was the last day for most things) there is also a few monthly deals in here to i ended up getting

3 refills for the Bic soleil (5.99) (i got back 3.00 a piece in rewards for each of these and i used 3 2.00 off coupons so really i paid .99 cents for these a piece)

3 Adidas deodorant (4.99) (i had 3 free Adidas deodorant coupons and then i got 4.99 in rewards for each of these so i gained 14.97 and got the deodorant for free nice huh lol)

4 choc. covered cashews (4.99 but they were B1G1 free) (well i paid about 10.00 for the 2 and then got 2 free but i used my rewards to pay for them and they are so good i wish i would have gotten more)

1 tostitos scoops (3.79) (well i think spending 3.79 for chips and salsa was a pretty good deal lol)

1 tostitos salsa (free B1G1 free)

$5.00 worth of essence of beauty stuff (i spent 5 and got 5 back so good deal)

2 aquafina waters (1.29) (they charged me for 3 thou grrrr) (this was a hidden buy 2 get a dollar back deal and we were thirsty so i figured why not but i am still mad about being charged for 3!!)

2 BC warm delights (1.99) (not sure why i got these but i paid 4.00 for 2 of them and got a 1.00 back so i guess it was not a total loss)

4 bags of m&m's (the sign said B1G1 free but that sadly was not the case and i was to annoyed to go back) (still annoyed about this one to they had B1G1 free signs up so i got 4 thinking 2 would be free but no i paid like 3.29 a piece for each but i get get 3.00 in rewards back but still not a good deal at all IMO)

3 Aquafresh toothpaste (2.99) (i got 2.99 back in rewards for these and i used 3 1.00 off coupons with them this was a good deal and a monthly one at that so there is still time for this one)

4 Colgate 360 toothbrushes (3.99) (this was also a great deal and a monthly one i got 3.99 back for each in rewards and i used a 1.00 coupon for each so i made money on this one to!!)

1 40ct pampers (13.99) (well i ran of of my lazy days stash so i used some of my rewards and got these for free)

1 BC fudge brownies (2.39) (i earned 1.oo in rewards for this one so it was an OK deal)

1 Colgate kids tooth paste (2.99) (we just needed this)

now i am missing a receipt so i will do this the best i can remember lol so i spent about 25.00 of of pocket and burned a lot of rewards not sure how much but i earned a lot to i wish i had my other receipts but oh well i will be better organized this week ;)

its been a few days..

sorry guys i have been outside alot the past few days and have not had much of a chance to blog but chads got duty today and i am pretty tired from the 3 stores i went to today i got some great deals i spent under 20 bucks to hehehehe i will post where i went and what i got and pictures later but for now i am gonna clean the kitchen and my room everything else can either wait till later or something like that ;)

Thursday, May 1

living room makeover!!! <<< after >>>

and this is our wonderful new living room we got these super nice couch's off the side of the road and there was NOTING wrong with them except a lot of cat fur which is gone now!! and the entertainment center was being thrown out by a friend of mine (thanks Michelle) so i was like i will take it its really all wood but her ex-husband made and she did not want to keep it anymore!!

living room makeover!!! <<< before >>>

here is our ugly unimpressive living room before the makeover and the next post will be what it looks like now!!

walmart freebies

so here are my deals from walmart today i printed 4 coupons for 2.00's off each and got all this cereal for free today!!!! go me!!

cvs deals this week

well here's what i have gotten so far i have not been able to get the razors yet but hopefully i will before the deal is over!! my total was 28.79 and then i used 10 dollars in cvs coupons and then 6.65 in printed or clipped coupons and that brought my total down to 13.46 and i earned 5.00 back for next time i go so woo hoo!!!

feeling better

well after i drank a sprite and coffee i felt pretty good so i printed my coupons i wanted to use today and got in the van to head to walmart and i had to pull over before i even left the base to puke on the side of the road awesome huh and it was like never ending puke some got on the side of my van but most made it outside thankfully i can not even imagine what people driving by were thinking lol but after i puked up all my sprite and coffee i was good again and was back on the road and i got some awesome deals and steals at walmart i got 4 boxes of cereal for free really they paid me 2 cents a piece to take them from there store lol and then i got a few other things we needed and i got a lot and it only ended up be 28 or 29 after coupons!!! i take a picture later and post it on here after that we went to cvs but all the things i wanted to get were still sold out but as a plus i saw them unloading a truck so i may have to go back tomorrow to see if they have restocked the shelves cause i really want to get the razors for 99 cent a piece (after coupons and ecb's) so i got Cheyenne some hair bows and some of the b1g1 free peanuts and left spending 3.08 would have been noting but Cheyenne really needed some more clips (i used 5 in rewards in case you were wondering lol) then we stopped at arby's and it was soooooooo yummy i have been craving arby's for a week we actually went there 3 days ago and i was gonna get there 5 for 5 and they quit doing it and i said never mind cause i did not wanna waste much money and i actually started crying on the way home real tears to lol (crazy huh) well i better go i HAVE TO clean the kitchen!!

very tired!!

well kk was up all night for some crazy reason and so was Cody and kyle at times so that breaks down to me getting no sleep pretty much at all and a pounding headache!! and i have soooooooo much to do today the kitchen looks like a train wreck we moved a lot of stuff out of the living room yesterday and it looks great but we did not finish the kitchen and not only is there crap from the living room in it there is also 3 meals worth of dirty dishes and the floor looks horrible so my only goal today is the kitchen and i really really hope i get it done!!