Friday, November 28

lots and lots of pictures

kk loves daddy brushing her hair
hes such a good daddy brushing her hair and cleaning her face ;)

shes just lovin daddy brush her hair

hehe that's my baby boy Caleb right at 6 weeks old well 6 weeks and 2 days

hes getting so big i really like this one!

but then again this one is cute to ;)

as is this one hehe

and this one is ok to hehe

he looks like a newborn baby still in this one but it was taken yesterday also!

more cake pictures

hehehe we had no clean forks or spoons so kyle just used his mouth
now kk used a dirty one from a pie but since kyle made such a fun mess she needed to also haha

shes is so silly!!

hes such a cutie!!

cheyenne lookin pretty ;)

kyles birthday cake pictures

everyone posing
don't you just love the big cheesein smiles hehe

oh yeah he was ready to eat some cake!

yep kyle just turned 31 hahahahaha ok ok chad just turned 31 on the 22 and i forgot to get candles for kyle so we all thought it was pretty funny hehe

A few of kyles birthday pictures

kyle opening his gifts
yep still opening ;)

still checking stuff out!

this was his favorite

dad trying the puppet out also hehe

Wednesday, November 26

my cute baby's!!

my little cutie letting me get a few shots ;)

and little Caleb tired of that stinkin' flash hehe
daddy and Caleb looking oh so cute ;)

don't they look happy together ;)
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its gonna be a long day!!

well as usual i have waited to the last minute to get stuff so today when chad gets off work we need to go to the store to get a few things for thanksgiving and then gifts for kyles birthday i already got the DVDs and puppet he wanted off but the other toy he wanted is cheaper at walmart so i get to go there today fun fun i am sure (yeah right) so tonight me and Cheyenne are gonna make a pumpkin pie, pecan pie , sweet potato pie , and kyles birthday cake so we have a busy night hehehe and sometime today i need to make some yeast rolls and pizza crust so yeah its gonna be a busy busy day but it will be fun ;)

Tuesday, November 25

another giveaway

hey everyone there are lots of good giveaways at this blog so please go check them out i know i am entering them all ;) just click the picture

Thoughts from the Mrs.

diaper giveaway!!

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Ultimate Fluff Friday

Monday, November 24

my daybook...

FOR TODAY 11-24-08

Outside my window... the dark night sky

I am thinking... i wonder when chad and the kids will be back ( they made a quick run to the store)

I am thankful for... my wonderful family

From the learning rooms...lots of reading

From the kitchen...homemade lasagna yummy

I am wearing... shorts and a cute t-shirt and Caleb hehe

I am creating...ideas for a pillowcase dress for the girls

I am going... to the kitchen table when everyone gets back

I am reading...twilight

I am hoping... they hurry up ;)

I am hearing... drake and josh on TV

Around the house... is looking pretty good we cleaned up some today

One of my favorite things...caffeine free coke

A few plans for the rest of the week: going to the library!!!

Here is picture thought I am sharing...

to see more day books go here ;) the simple woman's daybook

oh yeah Caleb is cool!!

my little cutie don't ya just wanna pinch them chubby little cheeks!!!
i was kinda playing dress up with him and he was not to thrilled about it at all!!

but he is looking pretty pimpin' in his flaming baby legs hehehe

this was a yawn in case you were wondering ;)

see he was soooooooo not happy lol!!

Friday, November 21

my day so far and to do list for 11/21/08

well the diet just went OK yesterday i ate great but i drank 3 sodas!!! and as far as exercise goes unless cleaning house counts i got none!! i think Monday i am gonna start over and have a fresh start well maybe i should make it next Monday cause of chads and kyles birthdays and then thanksgiving!! we will see i guess! so anyways we are gonna celebrate chads birthday today since he has duty tomorrow and will not be home (tomorrow is his birthday) i will need to run to the store real fast and get some stuff to make his cake other then that i am not sure if we are gonna do anything else for his birthday he got his "gift" the other day lol he got a new electric razor he really needed a new one!! usually we all go to a movie and out to eat for birthdays so we will see i do hope we go to a movie i really want to see the new Madagascar movie!! well here's my list for the day

  • library
  • store to get cake stuff
  • finish cleaning our room
  • have kids clean there rooms before bed
  • clean stove and counters
  • dishes
  • 2 loads of laundry from start to finish
  • charge my cell phone (lol its been dead awhile)
  • hamster cage (hopefully lol)
  • get chad to take our old TV stand to the curb

Thursday, November 20

my day and to do list for 11/20/08

well day 2 of the diet went pretty good i ate well and i got a little exercise when we were walking around walmart hehe but i did drink 2 sodas again but that's OK its a lot better then what it was last week i was drinking about 4-5 then (caffeine free of course lol) but they have a ton of fat if only i liked diet but i hate it!! so anyways we got our turkey and a few other things i still have more to get but me and chad were pretty ready to go we had all 5 kiddos so that was fun hehe I'll probably go again today when everyone but the baby's are in school other then that i am just doing a little cleaning and a lot of lounging hehe anyways here's my list for the day

  • clean my room (its gotten bad) i got most of it done!!
  • dishes done!!
  • 2 loads of laundry done!!
  • counters done!!
  • library (maybe) nope!!
  • store (maybe) nope!!
  • have kids clean there room before bed done!!
  • clean toilet in my bathroom room nope maybe this weekend lol
  • have Cheyenne vacuum rugs kyle did it Cheyenne was studying for her test all night

Wednesday, November 19

our day and 11/19/08's to do list...

well yesterday was not a very good day for my "diet" lol as i had 2 cans of soda and we ordered pizza cause i am lazy and really wanted it lol! so my goal today is to eat healthy-er and to only have one can of soda and to drink at least 4 glasses of water and try to do some kinda exercise!! other then that i really don't have much going on i think when chad gets off work we may go shopping for thanksgiving day stuff to get that over with so i am gonna work on getting a list of all the stuff i need to get for that this year chad will be home so that will be fun last year it was just me and the kiddos we all dressed up and had a great time thou! well anyways here's my list for the day!

  • dishes done!!
  • counters done!!
  • 2 loads of laundry from start to finish done!!
  • list of stuff i need for thanksgiving done and i got some of it to!!
  • nag chad about the hamster cage again haha well we got all the stuff ready to do this so maybe tomorrow lol
  • clean both toilets i got the kids toilet done and that was the bad one!!
  • GO TO THE LIBARY (i have some very very over due books they were due before i had Caleb!!) sadly not!!
  • switch kk and kyle clothes out of the closet nope i totally forgot about this!!
  • finish getting the summer clothes out of the kids room and into the storage tubs nope again..
  • cut out a dress for kk and if i have time start sewing it maybe this weekend!
  • have kids clean there rooms and the play room before bed done!!

Tuesday, November 18

cute pictures of daddy and Caleb

i'm back..

well i am back we all kinda had a stomach bug i guess first chad came home sick with something and then kk got a little sick but then they were fine and then we went out to eat Saturday and got sick again but the strange thing is i went to wendy's and chad went to hardees both of us got chicken thou and both of us got really bad chicken i think cause our belly's were not happy to say the least lol but thankfully the kids were cool!! so anyways on to other cool news me and chad went garage sailing Saturday (before the bad chicken lol) and i found a couple cool things but the best thing was found on base a the thrift store i got an old singer sewing machine in the cabinet for 50 bucks and man it sews like a dream i learned to sew on one of these and they are so easy to sew on so it was awesome to find that i can't wait to start making things and sew more again i have already mended like a ton of things that had been waiting in a bag for months for me to do so i am pretty happy about the sewing machine!! well anyways here's my to do list for the day!

  • dishes done!!
  • counters i did half of them so that's a start!
  • sweep and mop kitchen floor well i did sweep!
  • nag chad some more about the hamster cage (hehe) try again tomorrow lol
  • clean the living room done!!
  • have Cheyenne vacuum all the rugs done!!
  • have kids clean rooms before bed done!!
  • sweep the toy room and hallway done!!
  • 2 loads of laundry from start to finish!! done!!

Thursday, November 13


well i have a feeling the rest of this week and probably next week is gonna be long and uncool!! chad is sick right now he came home Tuesday sick with i am not sure what i am really thinking the flu cause hes really tired and sore and has a fever etc etc and yesterday i noticed kk and Caleb were acting very fussy and now kk has thrown up twice today and just don't not look like she feels well and Caleb has a stuffy nose and he is very upset by it and he gets even more mad when i clean it with that lovely snot sucker (lol) but hopefully the kids will not get it to bad as soon as chad gets home this afternoon i am gonna make a quick stop to the store and get a some Gatorade and a few cases of water and maybe some quick and easy food cause i think cooking on top of all this would be a little to hard and time consuming right now!

other then that we have not really been up to much just the regular dailys i have a new goal everyday and thats to clean the kitchen and living room first thing in the morning and then to do at least 2 loads of clothes from start to finish my biggest problem is the finish i had like 5 loads of clothes on my couch and that was my turning point lol so far i am doing pretty good and have been putting stuff right away or having Cheyenne if shes home from school when i do the laundry also next week i am gonna start doing get the weight off blog post and post what i have eaten and is i exercised at the end of everyday and hopefully i can get rid of this "momma belly" ;) if ya wanna join in please do as it would probably be extra motivation!! well until next time later guys!

Wednesday, November 12

our day...

well we kinda changed our mind about moving well at least for now we are still gonna move but we are gonna wait until after the holidays cause it would be way to stressful trying to move right now so in about 2 or 3 months we are soooo gonna find a house to rent around here and i am cool with that it will be so nice to have carpet and a fenced yard again the only 2 things i really care about when it comes to finding a house to rent well i also care about the neighborhood but who doesn't!! i am a little upset this week as i got an email saying they were probably shutting finegan down (the kids school) and if thats the case they will go to a school i am not sure i want them to go to they are suppose to make some kinda announcement on the 21st we will see i guess here's to hoping it stays open cause its gonna suck if not!! other them that there is really not much going on we have been pretty lazy today i am hoping chad gets here soon cause he should really be home sleeping cause he is sick ;( but thats the navy for ya grrr!! well thats all i got i am gonna do a list in a few minutes thou ;)

mommy and her baby's

this was taken the day i got home from the hospital with Caleb ;)

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Dancing With Daddy

Daddy and Caleb snuggling ;)
that baby's soooo cute ;)

kk was dancing with daddy and having a good ole time see her cheesing for the camera ;)

so cute!!
for more wordless Wednesday pictures visit 5 minutes for mom

Tuesday, November 11

Monday, November 10

menu for 11/10 - 11/16

well last week i did pretty good with the menu but i did not totally follow it so this week i am gonna try super hard to follow it but we will see ;)


  • oatmeal
  • eggs and bacon
  • leftovers

TUESDAY (chads off work)

  • waffles, bacon
  • chicken, mac'n'cheese, green beans
  • fettucini w/ grilled chicken, peas, homemade yeast rolls


  • oatmeal
  • sandwich's, noodles
  • whole chicken in the crockpot w/ carrots and potato's


  • oatmeal
  • leftover chicken and some rice
  • chicken and dumplings


  • oatmeal
  • leftovers
  • beans, fried potato's, cornbread


  • pancakes, sausage
  • sandwich's and noodles
  • homemade pizza


  • eggs, bacon, biscuits
  • eat out after church
  • burritos with leftover beans

to see other menus click on the picture at the top of this post ;)

Sunday, November 9


OK i am grateful to be so blessed i am trust me, but all i can say is WOW!!! OK on to my story Friday me and chad and the baby's were driving around looking for houses that were for rent and we saw a ton of stuff on the curb of someones house and a big poster board that said free and there was a lot of nice wood furniture one being a nice furniture store type futon frame and since Cheyennes cheap walmart futon frame is messed up i was super excited so we got that and then a cool little antique night stand and then a little pine dresser all of which looked great so we get home and unload them and we were about to start cleaning them up before bringing them and and OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!! there were tiny roaches EVERYWHERE and i mean EVERYWHERE in the bed alone there were over 100 it was INSANE i have never in my life seen that many roaches and they were everywhere in all 3 things so we left and got some roach spray and used 2 cans on the 3 of them and after spraying and cleaning and taking the things apart we decided to paint the bed and we are finally almost done with it and we finally got rid of all the roaches on it so all in all i am very grateful for a free bed cause Cheyenne needed it but man i fee so sorry for the people that lived in the house this stuff came from ;(

Saturday, November 8

moby wrap

well i got my moby wrap in today and wow its gonna take some getting used to i got on you tube and got instructions for how to wear it but man its alot of work but as a plus Caleb liked it so i guess i will just have to suck it up and get used to it ;)

Thursday, November 6

Maybe Moving... I HOPE

So Tuesday we get dirty little note on the door saying our carport is unsat and we need to clean it and we have like 48 hrs to comply or else and it pissed me off cause the carport was not dirty it has bikes on it and other outside kids toys but not trash or junk etc etc and then i was like whatever and got over it and then chad came home yesterday and saw it and got pissed and wanted me to look for rentals and it got me mad again to and i found a couple awesome rentals so i think we are gonna move off base and i have to say i am pretty excited about it not only will we be saving money if we get move in the one we both loved we will have a MUCH nicer place to live and its a lot bigger and has a fireplace (something i have always wanted) and its just nice if you can't tell i am super excited about this possible move!! the only thing i worry about is how soon we will start getting our bah once we put our 30 days notice in anyone out there know???

oh and in other news my diapers made it here today and they are so cute and look great i can't even tell the that 10 are seconds and the other 5 that are gently used do not even look washed or used at all to me so that's pretty awesome so as soon as they come out of the dryer little Caleb will have enough diapers for probley 2 days so that's awesome cause washing every day was a bit stressful!!

Wednesday, November 5

cody is sooooooo cool lol!!

for more wordless Wednesday pictures visit 5 minutes for mom

And The Winner Is....

And the winner of the cloth diapers is...... Angela at Nine More Months

Thanks Everyone for for joining in on the fun and trying to win ;)

i have a feeling i'm in trouble

well last night i made a double batch of chocolate chip banana muffins and i tried a bite last night and they were good and that was that but this morning when i woke up i was so hungry and ate about 4 mini muffins and 1 large one and man they were so good it was like i could not get enough and then it dawned on me they have a ton of chocolate in them and i have not had chocolate since i gave birth to Caleb cause there is 2 things my breastfed babys can not tolerate and thats chocolate and caffeine and i just ate a ton of chocolate so i have a feeling today is gonna be a rough day for Caleb and i feel so bad about it!!!!!

Tuesday, November 4