Tuesday, March 31

want some cool bibs???

Well i have to say i personally know and love ashley shes a fellow navy wife and used to live a few blocks away from me and shes the greatest and i have a ton of the bibs shes made and i LOVE them all and look at my little baby boy modeling some of her bibs hes so cute let me tell ya lol!! if you click the picture it will take you to her myspace page and she has tons of pictures on there but if you don't have myspace she also has a hyena cart bippity boppity bibs & more
but i personally like the myspace page better cause there are more pictures and more bibs!!


Buy any 3 bibs get 1 bib FREE! Deal wont last long for limited tine only!

Monday, March 30

ewwww eels!!!

here's a video of an eel kyle caught at a lake by our house yesterday (3/29)

and here's a video of the eel Cody caught its bigger and yucky-er looking lol!

and here's kk just being cute and chad pretending to feed her a shrimp lol i thought it was recording when she was "catching" her baby shrimp but sadly it was not

Wednesday, March 25

please pray for baby stellan

so a few days ago i just happened to stumble across a blog called my charming kids and i just really liked it and then the next time i went on there (yesterday morning) i saw her baby was in VERY bad shape and i have been praying and crying alot for this poor little baby hes Caleb's age and it just really makes me sad so please pray for him!!

Prayers for Stellan

Thursday, March 12

silly pictures...

so as you can see i added a new picture in my blog header and while its super cute i really wish i could have gotten everyone looking at me and smiling but with 5 kids that's really to much to ask for lol here's a few out takes lol oh by the way i updated my other 2 blogs if ya care to check the out ;)

my little cutie getting so big!!

finally he smiles ;)

silly Cody and kyle!

hehehe ;)

my cuties!

silly silly...

this was a pretty good one!

i love this one of Caleb but look at kk's mad face so was so over taking pictures lol

again kk was tired of the pictures hehe

silly kyle making faces!

Tuesday, March 10

oh where oh where have i been...

well that seems to be a popular question lately i never realized anyone really cared lol! but to be honest i have been living life it used to be the first thing i would do in the morning was get up and turn the computer on mostly out of habit since chad was deployed and i wanted to check my email but now that hes been home 5 Mt's i felt i needed to break that habit of always being online cause for one my house has been looking like crap and i have not been being the best wife and mother and that's just not cool!! so i have been turning the computer one around noon after me and Cody and kk eat lunch and i check all the fun places i go real fast (yahoo, myspace, facebook) and then at about 1210 me and kk and Cody and Caleb walk to the park by Cody's school and play for a few minutes and then Cody goes to school and me and kk and Caleb go back to the park for a little bit and chill then after that its back home and the 3 of us put a movie on and lay in bed and kk and Caleb usually nap and i get a little cleaning done (or i nap to lol) and then its time to get Cheyenne and kyle (well Tuesdays and Thursdays Cheyenne goes to a Tudor) then its back home and then we walk to get Cody from school unless its a Tudor day for Cheyenne then we drive and pick Cheyenne up after we get Cody and after that its all really a blur cause the day goes fast theres homework and dinner and baths and chad playing football with the boys and bike rides etc etc etc so yeah basically just life ;) but i will still be updating 1-3 times a week when i get some extra time or just need a break ;) well i better go the laundry is calling my name later guys ;)

Wednesday, March 4

its party time...

my pretty kk at cody party ;)
silly cody!

my little cuties

hehehe hes so cute!

blowing out the candle ;)
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