Tuesday, December 30

getting stuff done today

well today i am feeling very motivated so i am gonna try super hard to get this place in order cause its really a cluttered mess and i need to clear some stuff out of here and tidy up lots of hot spots and i really need to deep clean my room and the kids bathroom!!! so here's my list for today

  • deep clean kids bathroom done finally 1/3/08
  • clean my desk, and floor, and dust
  • dishes done!!
  • kitchen counters done!!
  • have Cheyenne vacuum the rugs done 1/6/09
  • have kids clean there room as needed done a few times lol!!
  • sweep and mop kitchen floor 1/8/09 done finally lol
  • 2 loads of laundry done!!

Monday, December 29

new blog

i am just getting started! But heres a link to it if ya wanna check it out ;) Bye Bye Fat

okay okay..

so its been awhile since i wrote i know i know but chads been off work so we have been chilling alot and on the go alot all at the same time!! we looked at a few trailers for sale and when we get our tax check i am pretty positive we are gonna buy one the one we like the best is so nice and the money we would save once we move off base and get our bah back would be awesome sure its a trailer and its in a trailer park but it does have a small fenced yard which is better then what we have in this pile of crap we live in now lol and its got carpet and just super duper nice so i am really hoping that come February its still for sale!! but anyways we had a great Christmas the kids got lots of cool new things i will try to post some pictures later today for everyone ;) here's my list i have tons to do today!!
  • deep clean kids bathroom finally done 1/3/09!!!
  • have kids clean there rooms done!!
  • make my bed and have kids make theres done!!
  • get my old phone mailed off so i do not get charged for it done finally 1/2/09
  • start my diet blog (more about this later) done!!
  • have Cheyenne vacuum the rugs
  • clean and clear my dressers done!!
  • 2 loads of laundry done!!
  • sweep and mop kitchen
  • do the dishes done!!
  • dust my room

Thursday, December 18

caleb is so silly...

so here i am listening to the cure and its the catchy just like heaven song so i am of course singing it out loud and little Caleb is on my lap just staring up at me and smiling and doing his silly baby laugh at me it was so cute!! hes is just the sweetest little boy around we really never get tired of talking and smiling and just staring at him he really is one of the most pampered baby's around with everyone always wanting to hold him and making sure he is clean and he gets to sleep with his mommy and daddy and eat whenever he wants well i guess scratch that yesterday we went to Wendy's and i was driving and he was very mad wanting to eat and Cheyenne's knuckle was not doing the job but thankfully that whole deal was only about 5 minutes and then he got to drink his yummy warm milk ;) well i need to get some stuff done around here so here's some cute pictures to keep you entertained while i am away lol ;)

Monday, December 15

my daybook for 12/15/08

FOR TODAY Monday, December 15, 2008

Outside my window A nice cloudy cool winter day

I am thinking that i really need to quit stalling and start cleaning this house!!

I am thankful for my wonderful husband and 5 beautiful children!!

From the learning rooms working hard with cody on his letters and reading with Cheyenne

From the kitchen not much going on in there today we are gonna have leftovers tonight ;)

I am wearing a new dark brown, light brown and white shirt from sears and also a new pair of jeans that fit and boy thats a great feeling ( i won a sears gift card online so i got a few things)

I am creating noting right now i am still trying to motivate myself to start the pillowcase dresses thou hopefully soon that will happen!!

I am going to get the kids from school soon

I am reading noting at the moment but i am gonna look on my bookshelf soon and pick something out

I am hoping when chad gets home we get motivated and get this house decluttered

I am hearing kk quietly playing with her animal toys

Around the house is very Christmas- y (is that a word lol)

One of my favorite things a good movie with a big bowl of popcorn and a caffeine free coke lol

A few plans for the rest of the week:declutter, declutter, declutter and maybe a little baking ;)

Here is picture thought I am sharing... me and my baby boy ;)

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wow.. has it really been a week???

wow i really can't believe its been a week since my last post i guess i was a little busy reading and cleaning and everything else!! so whats been going one this past week lets see i finished all 4 of the twilight books and they were really good and it got me back into reading something i have not done in years so that's cool cause i have lots of books that i need to read!! Cody went on stage with his class at the base Christmas party they had Santa there and then some very un modestly dressed elves i was a little shocked how short there skirts were i mean you could pretty much see there butt cheeks and that's not cool! but anyways Cody did great singing his song they sung 2 songs jingle bell rock and we wish you a merry Christmas and he has been singing the we wish you a merry Christmas song over and over and over and over again since the party lol!! we also went to a Christmas party at the mosh (a kids museum) it was chads command kids party and i have to say it was pretty lame but i did like that we got to go to the museum for free that was cool! and kyle and Kaylee both won 15 dollar gift cards from walmart! we did not go to chads command adult party thou cause for one they are lame and for 2 there is no way i am gonna leave my kids with there babysitters they had at the hotel in a way i do think it would have been cool to go cause they did some great giveaways but at the same time who cares cause most the people there are not people i care to spend a Friday night with hahaha so instead me and chad stayed up and watched the new batman movie and the kids watched Mary Poppins so we had a great night ;) well i guess thats about all we did this last week and this week we will be decluttering big time cause i am feeling so cramped in this house so i am gonna be going thru clothes and toys and blankets so watch out on freecycle or if you think you may want toys or blankets let me know i am not sure what clothes i am getting rid of yet but probably women's and girls (6-7) well i am gonna go i have so much to do this place is a mess later guys!

Monday, December 8

still reading

well i am still reading I'm on book 3 now so i doubt i will be blogging much i have not been getting online much just cleaning and listening to my sweet baby talk to me hes getting so big i love watching him trying to find his voice its so cute!! well anyways here's a short list just for me to try to get done if i can find the time between chapters hehehe later guys!

  • put Christmas tree directions up when chad get home (we got our tree yesterday) mostly done!
  • vacuum mess around the Christmas tree grrr I've done this a few times!!
  • 3 loads of laundry yep i have been doing laundry non stop!!
  • dinner by 630 done!!
  • clean my room still not done even a week later grrr!!
  • have kids clean there room done!
  • find the 2 lost library books!! we found one but i think the other one is in the toy box and sometime this week we will find it!!

Friday, December 5

being lazy!

so i really should be cleaning right now cause the time is just right Caleb is sleeping and Cody and kk are playing quietly together in the toy room but no here i am blogging and before this i was entering giveaways issues i tell you!! so i was wondering would it be totally selfish of me to go and see the movie twilight and take Caleb with me and then have chad at the same time take the 4 other kids to see a kids movie??? i mean i would love to go with him but its not a kids movie and i really want to see it!! but anyways i am gonna get off my lazy butt and get a little cleaning done cause i know once the ups man gets here with my books i will be getting noting done! later guys!

Thursday, December 4

pretty good week!

well i did OK yesterday with my list i still have a lot to do thou cause i was kinda in a blah like mood and did not feel like doing much but today was better and i got a few things done and i am hoping tomorrow will be even better so i get more done lol! i have been getting my Christmas shopping done this week and i am happy to say i have alot done i still need to get Cheyenne and kyle some more things Cheyenne loves arts and crafts stuff and that stuff is a lot cheaper in walmart and Joann's then it is on Amazon and i need to go to Joann's tomorrow anyways cause i am gonna make these cute little advent like stocking ( yeah yeah I'm a little late) but i got the idea from Kristin's blog at i'm not super mom and they are really cute you should go check them out! other then trying to go to the store i don't really have any plans tomorrow but that's good i like to stick to the house in case Caleb gets fussy but i did win this awesome nursing cover from http://www.raisingpeanuts.com/ (which is a cute blog) but yeah she was hosting a giveaway and i won it and its really neat and i am pretty sure i could go in public and nurse Caleb and not one person would see my boobs which is pretty cool cause i;m sure about half of Jacksonville have seen them hahaha but shes got some other giveaways going right now also so you should check her blog out and try to win some ;) and lets see i also won a 100 dollar gift card to Kmart or sears (does that mean sears owns k-mart??) so yeah i am totally pumped about that one and hope it gets here soon i am not sure what i will get with that one but i am sure it will be something awesome hehehe i won it from 5 minutes for moms which by the way is hosting another 100 dollar giveaway right now!! and lets not for get i also won one of the mommy i gotta go dolls and i have to say kk is gonna be thrilled she goes nuts for that commercial!! here's a link to Amy's blog where i won it and shes got one giveaway still going thoughts from the mrs. so yeah you can say it you hate me i would hate me to if i was someone else hahahahaha

Wednesday, December 3

its been awhile...

sorry i have not been writing much but i have been reading a new seres of books well i just finished the 1st one today and the next 3 will not be here till Friday which is good cause the 3 days it took me to read it i did pretty much noting!!! so today i have lots and lots to do!! here's my list for the day wish me luck cause i am gonna need it lol!!

  • dishes done!
  • laundry x's 5 (wow huh) done 12/4
  • sweep and mop kitchen floor
  • kitchen counters and stove done
  • have kids clean there room after homework
  • have Cheyenne vacuum all the rugs
  • tidy up Florida room
  • have Cheyenne bring free-cycle clothes to our neighbor and box up clothes to mail done!!
  • make my bed
  • clean both my dressers
  • clean my desk
  • dinner by 6 done chad cooked ;)
  • go to the store and get wic stuff
  • if chads home in time go order kyle some new glasses
  • make some yogurt (maybe)