Wednesday, January 25

Just Thinking..

Since things have been going smooth lately i think i am going to TRY to start blogging again.. Chads on leave right now and that's been so fun its so nice having him take the kids to school in the morning and him be here most the time... hes been hunting some also, in fact that's where he is right now.. hopefully he will get a deer this time i am starting to feel bad for him lol! Speaking of chad if the navy approves the early tera retirement hes taking it!! its awesome and scary at the same time! i'll keep ya updated on that one cause i'm sure if he gets out its back to Oklahoma we go, which will be different but fun i cant wait to have a big garden and chickens and chad home every night!!! But anyways I'm going to start a diet next month and hopefully i can lose this baby weight cause i am ready for it to go!!! Well that's all for now..
Cheyenne hunting with dad :)

Cutie-Pie Kora :)

Big Spike!

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