Monday, April 7


well as most of you know i have been having zero energy and i mean zero and Friday as i was playing around on the computer i stumbled across a website called supermom (i have it in my links section) and on there i read about a product called bee strong its bee pollen and it talked about how it gave her more energy ect ect so i researched it and since i have no bee allergies its safe to take being pregnant and it came in today (fast shipping thank you very much) and i tried it and about an hr later i already had more energy and i actually even walked to get the kids from school today which i have not done for over a month now cause i am always to tired so i just wanted to let everyone know that if they need some more energy this it the vitamin for you!!!!!

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Erica Johns said...

Oh I am SO thrilled that Bee Strong worked as well for you as it does for me! That is GREAT!