Tuesday, April 15

4-15-08 to do list

  1. do everything i did not do on yesterdays to do list!!!
  2. clean my room done!!
  3. have the kids clean there rooms done!!
  4. bring women's clothes to Bianka done!!
  5. get my new id and stickers on my van did not get to this either but chad promised we would get it done tomorrow!
  6. watch one of the netflix movies tonight so i can mail it back tomorrow
  7. take all my vitamin's and give kids there and remind chad about his done!!
  8. save save save money (as in no eating out, no buying stuff we do not need) we were bad and went out to eat but i did good when we went shopping and did not buy stuff we did not need!!
  9. walk to get the kids from school it was to cold we had to drive!
  10. have dinner ready by 630 done we went to o'charleys ;)
  11. help the kiddos with there homework done!!

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