Tuesday, April 29

4-29-08 to do list

well i really i really have some crap i have to get done around here so i am gonna try real hard to stay motivated today and get it done!!

  1. dishes done!!
  2. kitchen counters
  3. sweep kitchen floor
  4. clean all the paper trash off my floor (the kids were doing crafts in here yesterday) done!!
  5. sweep my floor
  6. vacuum my rug
  7. clean the macaroni off Cody's floor (kk made a mess last night) done!!
  8. mop kitchen floor tonight
  9. 3 loads of laundry done!!
  10. make a menu for the next 2 weeks
  11. make a shopping list
  12. cancel netflix done!!
  13. get the att rebate paper mailed off before i wait to long and don't get it!!
  14. have kids clean there room when they get home
  15. help kids with there homework
  16. make some tea done!!
  17. have dinner ready by 6:30
  18. clean kitchen table done!!
  19. tidy up both bathrooms (mirrors,sinks,floors)
  20. clean my desk
  21. clean both of my dressers

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navymomx4 said...

go christy go..lol