Tuesday, April 22

4-22-08 to do list

well today is gonna be another stressful day unless chad comes home early i have a wic apt at 3:00 and thats when i get the kids from school but on the bright side its just down the road from the base so i do not have to drive out to the ghetto to go now lol so goal today get in touch with chad so he can get the kids or find someone to get them for me fun fun....

  1. dishes done!!
  2. make my bed done!!
  3. clean my dressers off
  4. clean my floor done!!
  5. vacuum my floor
  6. 3 loads of laundry done!!
  7. take all my vitamins and give kids there and remind chad about his done!!
  8. clean and clear all kitchen counters done!!
  9. have dinner ready by 6:30 done!!
  10. have kids clean there rooms done!!
  11. help the kids with there homework done!!
  12. PAY COMCAST (i keep forgetting)
  13. vacuum living room thanks cheyenne!!
  14. sit on the couch for 10 minutes or so and eat a yummy Mississippi mud ice sandwich (yummy this should be easy)
  15. either get in touch with chad or one of my friends to get Cheyenne and kyle so i don't stress out about missing my wic apt done!!
  16. sweep kitchen floor thanks cheyenne ;)

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