Wednesday, April 9

good day

well yesterday ended up being a great day i got almost everything on my to do list done it really helped that i had to post if i finished it or not i think i wore myself out thou cause i was really tired but sadly did not sleep well chad came home late (they have an inspection tomorrow) and we stayed up a little bit and then went to bed and then Cody ended up in the bed and he is a bed hog!! so we all woke up a lot i really have to get Cody to start sleeping in his bed more cause when chads home we just don't have enough room when hes gone its fine thou.. i really don't see us doing much today since i am so tired i will probably still do a to do list but mostly i think i will be chilling with kk and Cody and watching Dora till Cheyenne and kyle get home then they busy part of the day will start i suppose! (homework, dinner, cleaning, baths ect ect ect) well thats all i got right now ;)

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