Monday, April 7


well we got rid of the dog she ended up being a big pain in the butt with all the pooping and barking!!! and while the kids were a little sad they really don't care to much i guess its good we just kept her for a few days! i actually gave her to my neighbor and she is doing great with her she said she is not going potty in the house and not barking to much except outside so that's awesome good for her! and i am glad cause i would hate for have to go to yet another home!!

chads out to sea right now they left today ;( but will be back later on in the week so that's cool except he has duty Sunday the joys of the navy i suppose! but its all good cause while things are always harder when hes gone they are also easier to but we still miss him lots and that can never go away i suppose weather its one day or 6 Mt's!!! we all went to the flea market over the weekend boy its so fun to go there they are over priced on most things but its still fun to walk around and there fresh veggies are so good and cheap!! oh another thing we discovered yesterday was o'charleys lets 2 kids eat free with each paying adult so me and chad got our food and the kids food was free so 4 kids meals free and it was great food so that's our new place it was awesome!!

the kids had to go back to school today ;( kyle was pretty happy he was wanting to see his friends and all that fun stuff but Cheyenne wanted to stay home and sleep in and just chill and i would have rather slept in to lol but summer is not to far off thankfully!! it looks like its gonna be a nice day today the sun is shining and that's cool cause the past few days have been nasty raining off and on all day and stuff!! well i guess i am gonna go for now talk to you all later!

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